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What Is the Latest Version of Windows 10 – Check If you have the Latest Version – How to Update to the Latest Version of Windows 10 (May 2020)

What Is the Latest Version of Windows 10 – Check If you have the Latest Version – How to Update to the Latest Version of Windows 10 (May 2020)

Question:What Is the Latest Version of Windows 10?

Microsoft’s latest version of windows 10 is May 2020 Update, Version 2004, released on May 27, 2020, which is available for update from the windows update page in the system settings.

Question: How to check if you have the Latest Version of Windows 10 – How to check if you have the May 2020 Windows 10 Update

To check you have windows 10 may 2020 version 2004 running on your computer, go to the windows settings, navigate to the windows update settings or update and security to see if your windows are the latest version of Windows 10.What Is the Latest Version of Windows 10

Question: How Do I Update to the latest version of Windows 10? – How to Install the Windows 10 May 2020 Update

To install the May 2020 Update, navigate to system settings, update and security, and then to Windows update, if the May 2020 update is available, click on the download button and wait for the download and install process to finish.

If you didn’t see the download button, click on the check update button and wait for windows to search for update, after searching and may update is found, you will be prompted to download the update, accept and wait for the update process to finish.

Microsoft Windows Update Pattern

Microsoft Windows is a software or an operating system that does not build its own hardware, so it depends on the hardware built by other hardware companies to run its operating software. Because of the technical process and testing needed it takes about 6 months for a new version of windows to be released. As the May 2020 version of windows is rolled out, expect to see another new version rolled out around October, November, or even in December 2020.

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What is New in the May 2020 Windows 10 Update?

Every new update done by Microsoft is for improvement and fixing of the previous bugs found in the previous update of windows. The May 2020 update version 2004 is no different. Lots of things changed, lots of things were improved while others were fixed. The May update came along amazing features that make it more compelling and attractive for updates. Below are some of the features in the update;

  1. FPU Counter In the Xbox Game Bar
  2. Make your System Passwordless
  3. Rename your Virtual Desktop
  4. Improved Network Status Information
  5. Built-in Support for Network Cameras
  6. Full control over Optional Updates
  7. Improved Cortana Experience with Typing
  8. Cloud Download for Reinstalling Windows
  9. Bandwidth Limit for Downloading Windows Update
  10. Windows Search Experience made more Faster
  11. Disk Type Display in the Disk Task Manager
  12. Windows Subsystem for Linux
  13. GPU Temperature Display in the Task Manager and lots more.

How to Update to the Latest Version – May 2020, Update

As earlier mentioned, with the fact that Microsoft is only a software-based manufacturer, it takes the company time to test newly released windows in all the different hardware manufacturing companies that run on windows operating system.

So May 2020, the update might not have found its way to all the hardware products there is that runs on Windows OS. And if your system hasn’t prompted you to install or download the latest update, it might be that your hardware isn’t deemed compatible with the May 2020 update.

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Be it as it may, you can install the May 2020 update manually if you’re not prompted for auto-update. In the end, if you are experiencing challenges with your system functionality or driver’s performance, you can easily downgrade it back to the previous version you were running on.

Update to Windows 10 Latest Version through Settings

To update to the latest version, you will first need to be connected to the internet as the update download will require an internet connection to download the update files. Then go to settings, navigate to the Update & security, on the windows update panel, click on the download button if the update is available or tap on the check update button, wait for the search to complete and click on the download and install button wait for the process to finish.

Update Windows 10 through the Update Assistant Tool

In the event that you didn’t see the update after the system finished checking for the latest update, you can use the windows 10 update assistant tool available for download at the Microsoft Windows 10 update page ( When you download the tool, open to run, and follow the download instructions and the tool will install the latest windows update in your system.

Can’t Install/upgrade to Windows 10 May 2020 Update

In the event, you have tried the above and the windows 10 May 2020 update refuses to install in your system, it’s either the May update isn’t released in your current hardware or the May 2020 update of Windows 10 isn’t compatible with your system configurations such RAM size, Disk space, Processor speed, and other system configuration, in that case, you might need to upgrade your system configuration like RAM, disk and other upgradable hardware components.

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