– Best Buy Learning Network – Best Buy Learning Lounge

Best Buy made provision for employees who would want to take advantage of their online learning platform created for all Best Buy customers nationwide known before as Best Buy Learning Lounge but was later moved onto a new platform or URL with the new name Best Buy learning network. The old URL was accessible when employees Visit, however, the new URL can be accessed at Buy Learning Network

Employees can easily have access to the online material made available on the portal with just their login credentials; password and username and have the best learning experience crafted for just Best Buy vendors and employees.

About Best Buy Learning Network – Employees

The primary reason a central learning network was created for all, best buy employees is to make sure every employee are well informed on the products available for sell with every learning means possible ranging from educational videos, explanatory audios, blog posts, and other information platforms such as social media, message boards and lots more.

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BBY employees are provided with a monthly paid hours used in the learning on the network which is controlled by the store managers as well as their job position and training required for personal development and improvement.

Best Buy Learning Lounge Login

With the BBY employees login credentials keyed in the login page of the BBY portal, employees can access courses allotted to them by their store managers according to the number of paid hours signed to them.

BBY Employees Login

To access your Best Buy network learning account, you will need to provide your account username when you visit the login page.

  1. Visit
  2. On the login page, enter your User ID.
  3. Key in your password.
  4. Hit on the Next button.

The login page and learning can be done using any device connected to the internet; smartphone, personal computer from anywhere; work, or home.

Best Buy Employees Rewards – Employees Discounts

The Best Buy learning network program also provides employees with discounts as they learn. More so BBY employees can also win prizes made available for BBY employees by Brands that sell their products on BBY stores nationwide.

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Though not all brands participate in the employee’s reward program, however, all participating brands are listed on the Best Buy learning network lounge website and can be accessed when an employee signs in to their account using their username and password at the Best Buy learning center using the official learning program URL at


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