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How to Get Bank Statement for Visa Application

Typically, the bank sends the account holder a monthly statement that summarizes all transactions in the account from the previous statement to the current one. You might be wondering why this statement of transactions is important. Truly, it’s important, especially for online financial institutions and loan companies. That is why the primary goal of this post is to guide you on how to get a bank statement for a visa application.Visa Application

In a nutshell, it’s the summary of all financial transactions during a particular period. It can be in paper or electronic format.

Traveling abroad often necessitates transparency and integrity, and a bank statement is one piece of evidence that demonstrates how a visa applicant has been spending his money and what he does spend it on.

Furthermore, in places like the UK and the US, the embassy ensures that you don’t have an empty bank account, so you don’t cut down on their planned economy for their citizens.

Many embassies require bank statements to prove your financial ability. Some embassies or countries may reject your visa application if your account does not show a specific amount of money.

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That is how important your bank statement is, as well as the amount of money left on your bank account.

Your bank statement comprises all transactions done with your account within a stipulated period of time. Transactions like your deposit records, withdrawal records, date of transactions, and other activities or transactions carried out by you or another person, assuming you issued a check to certain individuals,.

How to Get Bank Statement for a Visa Application

In addition to detailing the transactions conducted by the account holder, the bank statement for visa application also verifies the account holder as the rightful owner of the account being presented for visa issuance.

So, visit your bank and apply physically, or you can download the e-copy using your mobile banking app.

Information required for a visa application

Information, such as the following:

  1. The statement has bank authentication.
  2. Transaction details within 3–6 months.
  3. The visa applicant’s full name.
  4. Original printed copy.
  5. The statement will have a bio of the applicant to be sure the statement belongs to the applicant.
  6. Your salary slip.
  7. Pension slip.
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Required Documents for the Visa Application

You might be wondering if the bank statement is the only information required to apply for a visa. To clarify, a bank statement isn’t the only document required for visa issuance. The list below will show you other supporting documents you might need to attach to your bank statement.

  1. International passport.
  2. Your recent passport photograph.
  3. Birth Certificate.
  4. Support Affidavit.

A support affidavit is a declaration claiming support from a third party if the money in your bank account isn’t enough for the duration of your stay in your destination country.


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