Paychex Employee Login – – Self Service – Paychex Employee Self Service Login – Paychex eService

Paychex Employee self-service is a platform created for all Paychex employees for the sole aim of giving them access to their own payroll information. The Paychex eService is easily accessible through the Paychex web portal at with a browser on any device; mobile device and from desktop or personal computer. However, before employees can access their payroll information such as;Paychex Employee Login

  1. Paystub
  2. Timesheets.
  3. Deductions
  4. Employees Benefits; insurance, health benefits, and lots more.
  5. Employee Personal information.
  6. Employees work information.

They will have to do Paychex Employee eService login using their account credentials when they visit the Paychex employee website at

Employees of companies who utilize the Paychex eServices (Employee Self Services) can access the online web portal at

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Paychex eService Login – Paychex Employees Online Access

Before we can show you how to do Paychex employee self-service login using the Paychex employees payroll portal at we would want to help people who are registering for the first time do their eService account registration. To do Paychex eService login, visit the login site at and enter your;

  • Username.
  • Password.
  • Click on the login button.

First Time Employee Registration

The following instruction will help you register at your first visit to Paychex eService website. With your browser and an internet-enabled device go to and follow the below instructions;

  1. Key in your 8-digit Company ID.
  2. Input your Username starting with the first letter of your first name and the last name.
  3. Enter your password this way; the first initial of your first name combined with the first initial of your last name and the last four digits of your social security number
  4. Tap on the Secure Login.
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In the event that you have challenges registering your account for the first time, you might need to contact your HR department at your company for assistance.

Paychex eService – Paystub – Employees Information

With the eService login, employees can view their Paystub information, payroll information, and as well make changes. Employees can also view their stub images online, check their payment history with dates of payments.

The employee paystub for a particular date shows on the information related to that pay date which always comes in PDF copy or file. Paystub information such as pay date worked hours, earnings, pay rate, YTD hours, contact information, deductions, PTO numbers, direct deposit information, etc.

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Employees Tax Payment

With the eService available for Paychex employees, when it’s the time of the year to file taxes, Paychex employees can easily log in to the Paychex eService portal with their login credentials. Make use of the Print Tax Forms feature which allows employees to print out their W-2 or 1099-MISC forms and file their taxes.