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Apple Care Plus – Apple Care Plus Cost – Apple Care How Much – Apple Care Plus Coverage

Apple Care How Much;- Apple care and Apple Care+ is a limited warranty coverage offered by Apple to all Apple users. Now, Apple warranty coverage might be what you need to keep up with your phone in the event of any damage. With Apple’s care and Apple card plus you get to enjoy Apple’s warranty on all their products including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, iWatch, and other apple products.Apple Care Plus

What is Apple Card & Apple Card Plus?

Apple care plus as many thinks are not the same things as Apple care. The difference is very clear and evident. Apple care plus is an add-on service that people pay to have while apple care is a warranty program or coverage introduced by apple to cover all their products if damages occur which is basically free.

Just like every other warranty program introduced by manufacturers on their products, Apple care is no different. Apple care is a set of warranties guaranteed in all products that are is expected to last for a certain period of time before it becomes faulty.

When a product doesn’t last for such a Period of time and develops faulty the Apple care warranty coverage guarantees that such products will be fixed by Apple at no cost.

Apple Care Warranty Period – Length of Apple care Warranty

Apple care last for a maximum of one year and promises to fix any fault developed within the warranty period, provided the fault developed isn’t caused by the customers, such damages and fault are probably if the battery can’t power up the phone, the phone developed software issues, etc.

Where Does Apple Care Warranty Cover – The Scope of Apple Care

Customers enjoy an Apple care warranty irrespective of where the product is bought provided the product is bought in a licensed Apple carrier or supply, or retail store. More so, the App care warranty is transferable to Apple users.

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Take, for instance, you bought new Apple products and used it for like a period of 7 months left with three months Apple care warranty, the new owner of the phone can still be assured or offered the remaining warranty.

The problem is, Apple care doesn’t cover accidental damages, let’s say you bought an Apple product; iPhone and you mistakenly smashed the phone and the screen broke, the Apple care Warranty won’t cover you on such fault of damages. You will need to now pay for Apple Care plus+ which comes with a warranty on damages and an extended 2 years period coverage.

Apple Care+ – Apple Care Plus Benefits

As earlier said, Apple care warranty coverages come with all apple products at no cost, however, it’s highly limited. To enjoy warranties such as accidental damages and an extended period of 2 years you will need to upgrade to Apple care plus. Customers on Apple care+ can get a warranty on all their Apple products included in the Apple care+ warranty coverage even if the damage is caused by the customers or owner of the phone. Like the cracked screen, spoilt USB port, etc.

Apple Care+ Pricing – Apple Care How Much

The question now is Apple Care How Much?  Though there is no fixed amount for upgrading to Apple care+ because the Apple care plus warranty service charge varies depending on the device or apple product covered. Quickly, here is what Apple care+ warranty price looks like;

  1. $169 for the iMac.
  2. $249 for the Mac Pro.
  3. $99 for the Mac Mini.
  4. $79 for Apple Watch Series 4.
  5. $49 for Apple Watch Series 3.
  6. $379 for the 15-Inch MacBook Pro.
  7. $39 for the HomePod.
  8. $29 for the Apple TV.
  9. $199 for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and X.
  10. $149 for iPhone XR, 8 Plus, and 7 Plus.
  11. $129 for the iPhone 8 and 7.
  12. $249 for the MacBook and MacBook Air.
  13. $269 for the 13-Inch MacBook Pro.
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Apple Care+ Accidental Damage Coverage

You need to know that apple care+ offers limited damage coverage and gets to pay a deductible depending on the level of the damage. However, the deductible amount is definitely lesser than paying for a new placement.

  1. HomePod: $39 for any kind of damage.
  2. iPod Touch: $29 for any kind of damage.
  3. iPhone: $29 for screen damage, $99 for any other damage.
  4. iPad: $49 for any type of damage.
  5. Mac: $99 for screen damage (or external enclosure damage), $299 for other damage.
  6. Apple Watch: $69 for any kind of damage.

AppleCare+ Lost & Theft Warranty Coverage

Apple care+ covers for a new replacement in the event that your Apple product under the Apple care+ warranty coverage got stolen or lost. However, with the Apple care+ loss and theft warranty coverages comes an additional charge different from the normal Apple care+ initial service charge. More so, the theft and lost warranty coverage are optional and there is also a deductible amount attached to a new replacement.

  1. $269 for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and X.
  2. $229 for the iPhone XR, 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6S Plus, and 6 Plus.
  3. $199 for the iPhone 8, 7, 6S, and 6.
  4. An extra $100 for the iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, 8 Plus, and 7 Plus.
  5. An extra $80 for the iPhone 8 and 7.

The above is the amount you will apple if you get your iPhone missing or stolen for a new replacement. However, that the Apple care+ lost and theft warranty coverage isn’t a significant amount compared to getting a new one doesn’t mean you should go about without a measure of care to prevent losing it or been stolen.

Who Needs AppleCare+

Sincerely, I would advise everyone to opt-in for Apple care+, however, getting apple care+ depends significantly on how you handle your apple products.

There are people that for the entire one year or two years of using their Apple products, they might not come across any auto issues or fault from the products, some might not come across any accidental damages, neither experience lost or theft.

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That been said, it’s still very important to be undercover so as to avoid stories when any of these mentioned faults or damages occur. In the long run, you are probably better off not buying AppleCare+ if you can budget accordingly and be ready to shell out $299 maybe less or more at once in case of catastrophic damage.

If you are willing to sacrifice money to limit the potential of you having to spend more at any given time, maybe AppleCare+ is alright for you.


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