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Reviews For Freedom Debt Relief – login – Phone Number

Freedom Debt Relief – Freedom Debt Relief login – Phone Number – Customer service – client dashboard

We did a Review Of Freedom Debt Relief and found out the following;- Freedom Debt Relief is a Reputable Debt Settlement Company. And it’s one of the most reputable and largest debt settlement companies in the U.S. But exactly do they do? Freedom Debt Relief helps you negotiate with creditors to lower your outstanding unsecured debt balance.Freedom Debt Relief

That said, it makes sense, facts, and your best interest to recommend Freedom Debt Relief as a last resort option for your debt problems. Although, Freedom Debt Relief does not offer additional services like credit counseling.

In other words, my candid advice remains that you consider all of your options before partnering with a debt settlement company. Why? The gist is, never be too quick to act or choose until you make your research and compare as there may be better solutions due to the high cost, and potential negative impact on your credit. And no guarantee of a resolution associated with partnering with a debt settlement company.

Reviews For Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief offers debt relief services for unsecured debt which includes; personal loans, medical bills, credit card balances, and some private loans. Freedom Debt Relief does not offer debt settlement for secured debts such as a car loan or mortgage.

To qualify, you must have at least $7,500 of outstanding unsecured debt.

If you are unable to make payments or suffering from hardship and have more than $7,500 of unsecured debt, this will be tempting for Freedom Debt Relief to consider.

If you’ve already chosen to partner with a debt settlement company, we’d recommend Freedom Debt Relief largely because it is a reputable debt settling company and with the high number of scams in the debt settlement space, it is best to go with a reputable company like Freedom Debt Relief.

What you Need to Know

It is very interesting to know that Freedom Debt Relief also offers support for situations where creditors may continue to contact you or even increase their efforts to gain resolutions or seek legal action for repayment.

But the truth is that you may still be at risk of ending up in a worse situation than you were before partnering with any debt settlement company to settle your debts.

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Despite Freedom Debt Relief’s relatively strong reputation, it is far from perfect. For example, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed a lawsuit against Freedom Debt Relief in 2017 citing a variety of allegations.

How Does Freedom Debt Relief Work?

This is a question often entertained by consumers who want to purchase Freedom debt relief products. Never mind, at this point, I will make it clear, how the company works. Reviews For Freedom Debt Relief showed that it offers a debt relief and settlement program to millions of customers across the United States.


It’s simple, in that you don’t have to do anything. Agent and trained personnel help you through the processes till the finish line. In other words, trained debt professionals work on your behalf to negotiate your debt with creditors. Be it as it may, there are some things required of you.


  • First, you’ll have a phone call with one of the Company’s certified debt Consultants where the Consultant will go over your finances and assess possible solutions.
  • Second, if you decide to move forward with this debt settlement payment, they will help you create a tailored debt repayment plan.
  • Third, usually, at this point, you will stop making payments on your debt and instead make payments to a dedicated account under your control.
  • Once your account has sufficient funds, Freedom Debt Relief will start the debt negotiation process with your creditors, meaning that they will ask your creditors to accept a lower payment for the debt you owe.
  • The risk here is that you’re stopping payments on your existing debt for an uncertain amount of time, which can damage your credit score.
  • If Freedom Debt Relief reaches an agreement with your creditors, you will be asked to approve the settlement amount.
  • Then, the funds from your dedicated account will be transferred to the creditor as payment for your debt. This practice will repeat until all debt balances are cleared.
  • Freedom Debt Relief says the process typically takes 24-28 months but individual time frames may vary.
  • Freedom Debt Relief does not charge an upfront fee for debt settlement. However, they charge between 15-25% of the total settled debt. According to the company, the amount varies depending on your state of residence. For example, if you had $7,500 of outstanding debt and the company was able to settle $4,000 of the debt, you would owe between $600 and $1,000 for this service.


Also, keep in mind that the IRS considers all forgiven debt to be taxable income unless you are insolvent. Being insolvent means your total debt exceeds your total assets. It’s wise to meet with a tax professional to see if you are considered insolvent.

But even if you don’t qualify, paying taxes on the amount of forgiven debt may still be less than paying the total amount you originally owed. This is another important consideration when determining if debt relief is right for you.

Freedom Debt Relief Pros and Cons

While Freedom Debt Relief may help you get rid of your debt for good, it also comes with some risks. Here is how that balances out.


    1. First, lower debt
    2. Can be a useful last-resort option
    3. A reputable name and the Largest debt settlement company in the U.S
    4. Last, standard debt settlement fees


    1. First, has landed in hot water with Regulations in the past
    2. No additional services like Credit Counseling
    3. Last, no guarantee that debt can be settled or lowered.

How Does Freedom Debt Relief Compare To Other Services

In comparison to other debt relief companies, Freedom Debt Relief may not offer as much as much transparency or customer satisfaction as others.

In regards to cost, Freedom Debt Relief’s fees are pretty standard across the industry. Also, Freedom Debt Relief offers its services directly to customers.

While Freedom Debt Relief tends to focus on its debt Settlement program, other debt relief companies may offer a wider variety of services, which includes:

Credit and debt Counseling – Counsellors offer counseling services to help solve your money problems through the use of various tools and resources.

Debt Consolidation –Consolidating your debt may help lower your monthly payments and reduce the amount of debt you owe.

Bankruptcy Counselling –Filing for bankruptcy is a process that helps you sell your assets to pay your debts or assists you in making a repayment plan to move towards debt freedom.

Freedom Debt Relief vs Greenpath Financial Wellness

A nonprofit organization that offers a variety of debt management services. This plan will not settle your outstanding debt but will lower your interest rate and accelerate your debt repayment by consolidation.

Freedom Debt Relief vs National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief is also one of the largest U.S debt settlement companies that center on unsecured debts, similarly, you must owe more than $7,500 to pursue debt settlement with them. They also charge 15-25% of the amount of enrolled debt.

Freedom Debt Relief vs National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC)

The NFCC which is a non-profit organization helps connect consumers with credit and debt counseling agencies. Unlike Freedom Debt Relief, this organization doesn’t offer services directly to consumers.

Freedom Debt Relief vs Financial Counseling Association Of America (FCAA)

FCAA is an association of agencies that represent debt management and counseling services. Similar to the NFCC, the FCAA doesn’t provide services directly; they connect you to one of their agencies.

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Freedom debt relief login

If you want to access your account, file a claim,, or speak to an online agent. Simply open your browser and visit the official website. Locate the login button and click on it. Next, enter your username and password and click on the sign-in button to log on.

Freedom debt relief phone number

If you want to talk to a customer representative, you can contact the customer care service through the phone number on the official website contact us page. The Phone number is 800-910-0065

Freedom debt relief client dashboard

To access your client dashboard, you must sign in with your login credentials through the official site at Freedom debt relief client and click on the client dashboard to key in your login info.

In the End

To cap it all, if you read to this point, I trust the post was helpful. But, if proved otherwise. As a result, if there is a fact or info you would want me to correct or add to the post. Maybe a question, or best of all, a thank you comment. It’s no big deal, use the comment box below. I am delighted to hear from you.

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