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PlayStation Vue fast forward not working? fix – 2022/23 – Rich Guide

How annoying can it be when you don’t have the choice to fast-forward while using PlayStation Vue? Aside from having to stare at the screen all through, you can’t even dare rewind. In order to view a previous scene, you missed or enjoyed.PlayStation Vue

In most instances, this error occurs when you select the On-Demand version of the program instead of DVR. However, this isn’t the only issue.

One of the reasons you experience this is that you selected the On-Demand version of the program. That is, instead of selecting DVR ( Digital Video Recorder)

In this post, you’ll learn how to fix the challenge with PlayStation Vu. Afterward, you’ll enjoy a more flexible viewing experience.

Below are some solutions to enable Fast- forwarding on your PlayStation Vue.

Solutions for PlayStation Vue fast-forward issues

  1. Ensure to select the DVR option

You can fast-forward programs on PlayStation Vue only when the video provider’s contract allows it. For example, fast-forwarding is disabled in most On-Demand programs so as to ensure users view the ads.

You’ll agree with me that if you had a choice to skip ads, you wouldn’t hesitate.

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While streaming the On-demand version, you’ll notice that the fast-forward Option has been disabled.

To avoid this situation, ensure to select DVR before you start streaming your recording as it option pops up.

  1. Fast- forward to using your remote control

To attain this, don’t stress trying to fast forward on the screen as there’s a restriction on it already.

That is, you’ll have to open your desired recording and press ‘FF’  (Fast-forward)  on your remote control.

If you’re still unable to fast-forward your program, try using other devices to stream. For instance, your Roku or your PC.

  1. Ensure your PlayStation Vue is Cache free

The PlayStation Vue fast forward issues may be a result of Cache in it.

To Clear the cache on PlayStation Vue, you can turn off your device and turn it on again.

Likewise, you can force-stop the PlayStation Vue app and then restart it.

  1. Stream the On-demand version

In a case where you have a poor recording, this happens to be the only option you can employ. Although, it isn’t the best choice.  The poor recording quality could be a result of your recording towards the end of the show.

Each time you want to play the show, you’ll get what is available. That is, It will either play the On Demand version or your little recorded part.

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Here, you can either decide to stream the On-demand copy or record it.

  1. Confirm the restrictions on your DVR

Ensure that the program you’re trying to fast forward even on DVR is One that allows Fast- forwarding. So as to avoid wasting your time trying to fix it.

These channels amongst others are a no-no for fast-forwarding :

  • Fox
  • FX
  • FXX

If you must view these channels, you’ll have to utilize other streaming services void of the constraints.

Can you Fast forward ads on PlayStation Vue?

You cannot fast-forward commercials while streaming the On-Demand versions on PlayStation Vue.

Nevertheless, while Streaming the DVR version of the show, you can fast-forward. Not forgetting that there are channels in PlayStation that do not support fast forwarding.

Aside from this issue, PS Vue is a good streaming choice. It is well known among other streaming services in the market for some years now.

The only time our aforementioned solutions can’t help you fix PlayStation Vue fast forwarding issue is:

  • When the contractual agreements with the providers do not permit fast-forwarding.

Thanks for staying through to the end. Watch this Space for more problem-solving tips in your streaming experience (s).

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