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Best Twitch communities for new streamers

Twitch communities were created to help users find new streamers. A Twitch streaming community helps the viewing audience to share their content.

Within the community, a user can follow a broadcaster, a specific game, genre, location, game style, and team.

That is, the Twitch community can help you to connect to important Twitch users. Moreover, a community can help you locate streams that suit your interests.Twitch communities

Twitch is a popular platform for live streaming. You can also play games, showcase your lifestyle, share and watch live stories, and make crafts.

Twitch engages millions of live streamers each month, and the number grows every year.

With your phone or game dashboard, you can share your events or activities with your friends or other Twitch streamers.

As a content creator on Twitch, you may be experiencing a visibility issue. You may be streaming content for people who may not exist or aren’t interested.

The way out is to join one of the fast-growing Twitch communities, in other to locate new streamers.

How to join a Twitch community

Follow the steps below to locate and join a Twitch community.

  • Go to the Twitch homepage
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on  dashboard
  • Go to the stream information tab
  •  locate Communities
  • Search for a community on the Communities search bar
  • Press enter or click on update

Have in mind that you can only add up to three communities on Twitch. If you love the community, you can follow it by clicking on the like button.

Ensure to select communities that are most important to you as earlier mention, since you have just limited communities to stream on.

Likewise, do not broadcast to the most popular community because the big names will make you irrelevant. Search for a community that stands out or one that will make you become a relevant broadcaster in the community.

10 Best Twitch communities for new streamers

Here are some communities you can join to get new streamers:

  1. StreamCode Community

StreamCode community is made up of gamers and broadcasters who are trying to get familiar with Twitch.

Their goal is to focus on the growth and improvement of their fellow members or streamers and the community at large.

If you are new to broadcasting and you need help in perfecting your stream, the members are willing to assist. They can even provide you with general streaming tips.

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StreamCode is one of the best communities on Twitch as they do not have any requirements to join.

  1. Young Streamers Community

The peculiarity of Young Streamers over other communities is that they encourage anybody to be part of their community. Their trademark is to get young people involved and support their growth.

Young Streamers Community as the name implies focuses on young users. That is teens, children, and young adults, who normally are ignored as they lack experience.

These are the people Young Streamers Community targets, not minding their lack of experience. They give you the liberty to stream your dream. You can do what you have a passion for.

  1. Linux Gamers Community

This community consists of gamers who use Linux. Occupants have access to free and open-source application games.

The major requirement to be in the Linux Gamers Community is that you must be a Linux gamer, as the name implies. That is you must be gaming on Linux.

  1. XGN Community

XGN is one of the biggest online gaming platforms, and is the sponsor of the XGN community, making it famous on Twitch.

The members in this community are over 70,000, which rates them as one of the largest communities on Twitch.

XGN always seek young and professional broadcasters who can stream at least once a week on their shared channel.

As a new user, you have the privilege of joining an already influential streaming network. They encourage teamwork in order to grow the channel.

  1. Truck Stop Community

TruckStop is a community for Twitch broadcasters who stream, or want to stream trucking games.

The community requests professional truck drivers who like streaming their events while on transit.

Join, if you’re looking for where to get enlightened or display your skill in the trucking sector and gaming.

  1. RPGs Community

The RPGs community is straightforward. It is for any streamer who loves role-playing games. RPGs are for broadcasters whose interest is imitation or story-based games.

If you enjoy and you would like to be part of a community on Twitch, RPGs are where you belong.

The community is the best for newcomers who love player-driven games and want to get exposure on Twitch.

  1. Vanilla Minecraft Community

This community is for Vanilla Minecraft lovers. You will be given access to join this community only when you play the unmodified version of the game.

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You must also identify yourself as an OG player who does not need mods to play the game then you can have fun streaming Minecraft.

  1. Gameoverse

This community is for gaming gurus, having nerds, streamers, techies, and gamers, as members.

Their members are committed to their individual interests and gaming. They are observed to stream all types of content.

They discuss the by and large of gaming, from its history to its development, etc. You’ll have access to the different sectors in the gaming industry and how to get ahead in it. You will also get to know trending games or new releases.

  1. Small Twitch Streamers

Small Twitch Streamers make smaller channels come together. They assist these smaller channels to develop together and support themselves.

You will only be allowed into this community if you have less than fifty consistent viewers.

  1. GamerFitness

GamerFitness is a community for gamers who have an interest in keeping fit and Health. It is also for streamers who add their gaming and fitness into their broadcasting.

There are no restrictions to joining this community.

You can also create your own twitch community so that others can join. However, yours may take time to grow. It’s advisable to join already existing communities so as to get followers quickly. This is because other members of the community will stream your content and also follow you.

To remain in the community, make sure you stream other members’ content and follow them. That’s the essence of being in a community.

Tips for being in a Twitch Community

  • Look at who else is active in the Community, why not join their chat and become friends?
  • You can host them after your stream, or set them as auto hosts within your settings
  • You could even be sneaky and raid them during your streams
  • Do they have a Discord channel that you can join and interact with?
  • Follow their Twitter, and fellow community members, and engage with them


As a streamer, how many Communities can I participate in?

In order to best connect to the audience most relevant to the content you are producing, you can only stream to one Community at a time. Have in mind that you can only add up to three communities on Twitch.

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What happens to the Games Directory and Creative Directory?

They’re not going away! Communities are a separate, more targeted way to discover new broadcasts and stream to the most relevant audience.

Why are some translations missing in my local language?

In Twitch’s initial launch of the Communities beta, they do not have full support for non-English language Communities. They are working to change this, and translations will become available as soon as possible.

Why can’t I select a Community name that uses non-English characters? And why can’t I filter the list of Communities by language?

In Twitch’s initial launch of the Communities beta, they do not have full support for non-English language Communities. Twitch is working to change this, and they will support both non-English characters in Community titles and language filtering options as soon as they can.

How can I find Communities in the Twitch mobile apps?

Currently, Twitch does not support Communities in our mobile apps. We plan to do so soon!

How is Twitch planning to handle Communities that violate our Terms of Service?

Communities must adhere to Twitch Terms of Service and Community Guidelines without exception. As Communities evolve, Twitch looks into whether they need to expand its moderation tools.

I’m a developer, is there an API for Communities?

Yes! See the Twitch developer blog post for more information on what endpoints are available and how to get started.


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