10 Best Chrome extensions for Twitch

Chrome extensions for Twitch: Twitch is an interactive live streaming service for content including gaming, entertainment, sports, music,  and more.

As a Twitch user, you can live stream your content to millions of viewers everywhere and from time to time.   You enjoy watching other people’s live streams irrespective of their location.Chrome extensions for Twitch

Unfortunately, for most people, the basic Twitch platform does suit them. While the interface is okay, it lacks several essential features that would guarantee a smooth streaming experience.

However, the Twitch community has resolved this inconvenience by creating a variety of extensions.

There are some Chrome extensions you can utilize for Twitch to increase functionality when broadcasting or watching content.

How to Use Twitch Extensions?

Twitch extensions are user-friendly. You’ll have to first find the extension suitable for you by searching for it in the Chrome Web Store.

Select the extension, install it on your browser, and then go to Twitch.

On some extensions, you’ll see an icon on the browser tab, beside the URL bar. The icon helps you access the added features and also adjust its ‘performance.

While some other extensions will add features to your Twitch interface, from where you can redesign it to increase Performance.

Top 10 Chrome extensions for Twitch

Below is a list of Twitch extensions that you can utilize to Livestream on Twitch.

  1. Better Twitch TV

BetterTwitchTV (BTTV) is one of the best Chrome extensions for Twitch. BTTV offers a lot of features, which modify the Twitch interface, thereby enabling you to enjoy a morOne of the most prominent qualities of BTTV is the dark theme, which allows users to customize the interface, giving you a better streaming experience.  However, BTTV has a lot of features, some of which are mentioned below

  • Anonymous chat options
  • Showing or getting rid of deleted links and messages
  • Image and link previews by hovering the mouse
  • Instant chat message translation
  • Blacklisting or highlighting selected words and phrases
  • Split chat lines to ease reading
  • Calculated username colors
  • Extra emoticons and a lot more

BTTV is very easy to install and operate. Once installed on your browser, Log in to Twitch and start streaming.

  1. Twitch Live

Twitch Live is also one of the top twitch add-ons for Chrome browsers. It allows you to follow your favorite channels without having to go out of the Twitch network.

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The Twitch live extension comes with an icon that shows you a list of all live channels at the time. You can create your favorite channel list by importing the channels that you are following or by adding them yourself.

On Twitch Live, you also get notified whenever any of your favorite channels or those you’re following goes live.

  1. Twitch Now

Twitch Now is similar to Twitch Live, it also notifies users of their favorite channels that are live via the icon. However, instead of importing manually like in Twitch Live, Twitch Now imports your channels automatically. It also helps you track the channel you follow.

Twitch Now gives users the ability to filter the channels based on games and also browse popular channels.

4.   ReChat

ReChat extension helps to ensure that you do not miss out on chat messages which is peculiar to streams with too many users.

ReChat makes it possible to re-watch streams that you missed and also read associated chats. Isn’t that beautiful, that is, you didn’t miss it at all. With ReChat, you can’t miss any Twitch events.

Installing ReChat is simple and also easy to use. Just install it on your Chrome browser, go to Twitch, and start streaming past events as though they were living.

  1. FrankerFaceZ (FFZ)

With the FFZ Chrome extension, you can customize emotes for you and your follower even if you are not partnered with Twitch streamers. FFZ extension also allows you to share the emotes through FrankerFace’s public library.

Some of the features of FrankerFaceZ are listed below:

  • Stream uptime counter
  • Blocking unwanted features on Twitch’s interface
  • Group chats.
  • Creating custom emotes
  1. tv

Plays.tv allows users to capture highlights of top moments during a Twitch live stream, which they can then share on Plays.tv public library.

From the library, they can then share the videos on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

  1. Twitch Giveaways

 Twitch Giveaways is one of the best Twitch extensions to grow your user base, especially as new Twitch users.

This extension adds a giveaway system to all chats on your channel (both popped out and embedded).

This allows you to easily give away various prizes to the users, which will entice them to subscribe and visit your channel again.

This giveaway system attracts new users to your stream to see your content.

  1. Twitch Tracker

Just like Twitch Live, Twitch Tracker also notifies you when your favorite channel goes live. You can also choose desktop notifications, which come in handy when you need to multitask.

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Twitch Tracker is very user-friendly, as it is easy to use. It also has tight security and you can stream without ads.

9.   Twitch Favorites

It can be difficult to keep track of the users following you and also, the chat messages can become so much to pay attention to. However, with Twitch Favorites, you can be able to follow chat messages from all of your favorite users.

Twitch Favorites allows you to customize colors to your favorite users’ usernames, thereby making it easy to track their messages. You can also have their messages highlighted during the chats so that you won’t miss them.

10. Unwanted Twitch

This extension allows you to block some users from your stream. Generally, if you intend to block content you do not like, the only option is to block an entire channel/game. Unwanted Twitch is an extension that makes it easy, as you don’t have to delete the entire channel.

Here, you will only block the streams you don’t want, and you can continue with other content in the channel.

With Twitch extensions, streaming becomes more enjoyable on Twitch. As they provide major modifications which also help to make your channel more exciting and to grow faster.

These extensions will also help to give you a better viewing experience while streaming content from channels you follow.

Install and activate any of these extensions that suit you for a better streaming experience on Twitch. The top 10 Chrome extensions for Twitch listed above come highly recommended and guarantee top performance.

How to use the Twitch TV activation code on different devices

On Smart TV

Install Twitch TV on your smart TV. After installation, you will see a code on the TV screen. This is the activation code for login purposes. Now, open a web browser on your PC/iOS/Android device and create 2 tabs. Make sure that these tabs aren’t in incognito mode.

In one of these tabs, enter your Twitch username and password to log in. Your account must have a valid subscription too.

In another tab, visit twitch.com/activate and enter the activation code you got before on the TV screen.

After using the Twitch TV activation code, your Twitch account will be automatically signed in on the Twitch app of your smart TV.

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On Android TV

Search for the Twitch TV app in the Play Store of your Android TV and download it. After its installation, sign in using your credentials for your Twitch account.An activation code will be displayed on your TV screen.

Open a web browser on your PC or Smartphone and log in to the Twitch app through the browser. Make sure that the smartphone/PC and TV are connected to the same WiFi router for activating Twitch TV on your smart TV. If both aren’t on the same network, your Twitch TV account won’t be activated.

Further, open twitch.tv/activate and enter the activation code. After entering the activation code, you would be able to stream Twitch TV smoothly on your smart TV

On Amazon Firestick

Connect your smart TV with the Firestick. Make sure that the internet connectivity is strong.

Open the ‘Application Store’ on Firestick and search for the Twitch TV app. After its installation, launch it on your smart TV and login into your Twitch account. Note down the activation code displayed on the screen.

Open a web browser on your smartphone or PC and navigate to twitch.tv/activate for activation purposes. Use your Twitch TV credentials to log in. When you see the activation field on your TV screen, enter the activation code. You will now be able to watch Twitch TV.

 On Roku

Before connecting Roku to your smart TV, you must ensure that your smart TV is connected to the internet.

For installing Twitch TV, use the menu button on the remote for navigating to the ‘Streaming Channels’ menu. In this menu, find Twitch TV through the search bar and add it to the streaming list.

Launch the Twitch TV app on the smart TV and note down the activation code displayed on the screen.

Further, open a web browser on your PC or Smartphone and navigate to twitch.tv. Use your Twitch credentials to log in and open twitch.tv/activate in a new tab for activation purposes.

Enter the activation code. When the screen refreshes, you will be able to watch Twitch TV on your Roku

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