Ways to Lock a PC Keyboard

Leaving your computer keyboard unlocked especially in an environment where you have people who can tamper with it can cause you more harm than good. Apart from adjusting the settings of your computer, leaving your computer keyboard unlocked can lead to people erasing important information of your system.Ways to Lock a PC Keyboard

There are various ways of locking your PC keyboard. You can use these methods to securely lock your keyboard instead of taking the risk of leaving it open for whoever to fiddle with. Let’s get started and show you some of the methods you can use in looking your PC keyboard with ease. It is easy, fast and something you can do all by yourself.

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Press Ctrl + Alt + Del

Even though the Ctrl +Alt +Del is known as as an old-fashioned shortcut of interrupting Windows and rebooting a computer, its purpose has changed over the years. Currently, you can use these three keys shortcuts for a variety of functions including locking your keyboard.

To lock your PC keyboard:

  • Click on Ctrl, Alt, and Del keys at the same time.
  • A screen of options will be displayed
  • Once it comes up click on ‘Lock’.

Press the Windows Key + L

There’s also another even faster method of locking your PC keyboard. With this method, you can lock your keyboard using a single keystroke.

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To lock using this method:

  • Press the Windows and L let’s simultaneously
  • Your Keyboard should lock instantly.

Auto-Lock Via Screensaver

You can also set your screen to lock automatically once the screen saver pops up.

To auto-lock through screensaver

  • Scroll over to Control Panel > Appearance & Personalization >Change Screen Saver.
  • Then check the box that reads ‘On resume, display logon screen’.
  • You can also set a time for how long your PC should wait before starting the screen saver.
  • If you exit out of the screen saver, you’ll have to key in your system password to get access again.


Lock Your PC keyboard via the Start Button

To lock your PC keyboard via the Start Button do this:

  • Click on the ‘Start’ button which is at the bottom-left corner.
  • Click User Icon
  • Select Lock
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You now know the various ways of locking your PC keyboard. You can leverage on these methods to keep your computer and information safe. Once you are able to lock your keyboard, no one will be able to access your device except you unlock it.