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How to Turn on Your Keyboard Backlight

One of the useful features of a keyboard is its backlight which is a useful feature when you are working in an environment with low lighting. Most modern laptops are designed with backlight keyboards even though it is not a general feature with all keyboards. Even though some keyboards come with the backlight feature and illuminated numbers at some point, the light may not come up. This often poses a problem and compels laptop owners to seek solutions to this problem.How to Turn on Your Keyboard Backlight

The good news is, that we’ve got you covered. We will be helping you with details on how you can get your keyboard backlight fixed. Just let like there are different laptop products in the market, so also does their keyboard light technique differ. Here we will be listing the different laptop products that supports backlight and how you turn on your keyboard backlight.

How to Know if Your Laptop has a Keyboard Backlight

The simplest way of discovering if your laptop has a keyboard backlight or not is. Look at the keyboard itself, if you see any of symbols with illuminated lighting, you can take your cue from there and enable the backlight.

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Alternatively, you can check if a system is configured with a backlight keyboard by doing this. Check the keyboard Space button. To check if a specific model has a backlight, search for backlight in the User Guide or Hardware Maintenance Manual

How to Turn on HP Keyboard Backlight

If your laptop is an HP product, then it means you are using a keyboard that supports backlighting and have a backlight icon. The backlight icon is on the F4, F5, F9 or F11 key. On the icon, you’ll see three small vertical rectangles with glow lines coming from the left rectangle. Some models will require you clicking on the function key to turn the keyboard backlight on. However if this does not work, you can try clicking on Fn with the backlight function key. This information should help you turn on your HP keyboard backlight on.

How to Turn on Dell Keyboard Backlight

If you are using a Dell laptop, then you’ll notice that some come with a backlight keyboard while other do not. To find out if your laptop comes with one, search for the icon that looks like a glowing rectangle on the F6 or F10 function key. If your model comes with a backlight keyboard, you can turn on the backlight by pressing the function key alone or by pressing it in combination with the Fn key. If after doing the latter, the illumination icon is still not displayed on a function key, you can check the “Right Arrow” key which can be found in the lower right area of the keyboard. For some Dell model laptops, you’ll have to use the Fn key in combination with the Right Arrow key in order to turn the backlight off and on.

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ASUS Keyboard Backlight Settings

On an ASUS keyboard, the backlight key displays a tiny keyboard with glow lines. This appears on the F3 and F4 keys if the models come with backlighting. To turn the keyboard backlight on, press the Fn+F4 in order to increase the backlighting on the keyboard. To decrease backlighting and turn keyboard backlighting off, you can use Fn+F3.

How to Turn on Lenovo Keyboard Backlight

For Lenovo laptops that come with backlight keyboard, you will see a light icon displayed on the spacebar key. To turn on the keyboard backlight, press Fn+Spacebar to switch the backlight between Off, Low and High. The Lenovo ThinkPad has the ThinkLight, which is a small LED fixed at the top of the screen and points down at the keyboard. You can control this by pressing the Fn+PageUp keys.

How to Turn on Samsung Laptops Keyboard Backlight On

To turn on the keyboard backlight on a Samsung laptop, press Fn+F9 in order to turn the light on and off if the backlighting feature is available. If you are using a Samsung notebook running Windows 10, you may have to download and install the Samsung Settings app from the Microsoft Store. This app will help you identify and enable backlighting.

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These simple methods can help you easily fix your keyboard backlight for any laptop you are easy. You can do it yourself, it’s easy, fast, and reliable.




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