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Yahoo Maps – Yahoo Maps Driving Directions – Directions

Don’t know if you know about Yahoo Maps? How easy it’s to get to your destination with Yahoo Maps Driving Directions and how using Maps and Directions makes your journey convenient, especially when visiting a place you’ve never been before.Yahoo Maps

I have been in situations where I visited a new place and had to stop at every point the road appears confusing to ask questions. Such can be time-consuming especially with the attitude that comes with approaching people you don’t know for direction. With Yahoo Maps Driving Directions all of those traveling hassles are taken care of.

What is Yahoo Map?

Yahoo Map is a digital product of Yahoo, it has been around for years now, with millions of users around the globe. Technology has simplified everything starting with our day-to-day activities and now easy route finding with Yahoo maps.

Yahoo map is an application or web platform that uses internet connection and GPS on mobile devices to pinpoint geographical locations with coordinates; longitude and latitudes. On Yahoo maps, you will be able to find places, establishments, streets, cities, businesses, apartments, hotels, churches, mosques, marketplaces, and even individuals can register any place they want to be located on a yahoo map.

Yahoo uses the internet to receive data on the direction you are headed and displays that data in the form of real-time images, local and global weather, locations, and points. If you have gotten directions before using any map, you would be conversant with Google maps, mapquest, Waze, Maps, Sygic, infix traffic, and HERE WeGo.

Features of Yahoo Maps – Yahoo Maps Driving Directions

Yahoo maps provide you with services such as Yahoo Maps Driving Directions, Maps & Directions, and street views, recently, some new functions were added to Yahoo maps to increase the accuracy of location finding and other features that makes direction & location navigation easy.

Yahoo Map Recent Features

Recently Yahoo Maps added features that make for accuracy which are; Satellite imagery, larger map sizes, my Locations for saving frequently referenced destinations, closer integration with Yahoo local, easy profitability, and the ability to send driving directions to mobile devices from the Web. All of these are the new yahoo features available for yahoo map users.

Yahoo Maps – Features & Functions

The main Yahoo Maps site offered street maps and driving directions for the United States and Canada, however, recently Yahoo India Map was launched with thousands of locations added. Here is the highlight of the features of Yahoo map and down the line the functions of each feature;

  1. Live Traffic
  2. Driving Directions
  3. Address Book
  4. Zoom & Drag
  5. Satellite Imagery
  6. Widgets
  7. Overview map
  8. International Coverage
  9. Right-click to set a waypoint
  10. Draggable markers

The features above are the features that make for easy finding of any place on earth with Yahoo maps. Provided the place is within yahoo maps app coverage.

Address Book

If you are a registered Yahoo user you can save a list of commonly used street addresses, easing the stress of typing them at each visit. If an address is saved it can be called up by selecting one from a drop-down list.

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Live Traffic

It gives Traffic incident overlay and current highway conditions and where it’s most likely bad on the map.

Find On the Map

You can find just anything on the map using the search box. You can search by business name, category, location, just anything you want to view can be typed into the “Find on the Map” box to locate it in the current map view. A list of clickable points of interest categories is also available. The results can be further refined by user rating or related categories.

Driving Directions

If you are driving or traveling to places you’ve not been before, the driving directions when accessed can be displayed on a map. It can also be in printable form. This is with optional turn-by-turn maps or as simple text.

Links to driving directions can be e-mailed. Also, text directions were sent to mobile phones and also to email addresses provided. This is helpful in case you want your family or friends to know the exact point or location you are at each point in time.

Multi-point driving directions

Take, for instance, you can head to two different places, and you want to know how if those places are connected and to x-ray the route.  You can enter multiple addresses manually to simplify complex driving directions.

Draggable maps

When you enter an address or location into yahoo maps, it shows you a large view of the location entered. So, to streamline to the particular point you want on the maps, you can manipulate the map view by dragging it with the mouse. That is if you are accessing from a computer or tapping the arrow keys. Zoom level can be controlled via the mouse scroll wheel, “Page Up”/”Page Down” keys, or the map’s zoom bar.


A widget is a pane that shows a number of functions that the map can give. A number of widgets over the map include a navigator widget, map type (map, satellite & hybrid) controller, and a zoom level control.

Satellite Imagery

This is a new feature introduced in the Yahoo map, to increase the image views of landmarks. Labeled (hybrid) and unlabeled satellite imagery is available worldwide.

Overview map

This enhances the view you get when a location is shown. A collapsible overview map provides context, with draggable grey area controlling the main map view.

International Coverage

Just recently Yahoo India was launched, but even at that, Yahoo was majorly covering only the US and Canada, but with the Yahoo Maps Beta other places in the world can be recognized on yahoo maps; city, province, and country names, and provide a small-scale map or satellite views.

Right-click to set a waypoint

This is a way of streamlining your viewpoint, and this feature can be used to get Yahoo coordinates; the longitude and latitude of an origin, destination, or midpoint which can be set by right-clicking on the desired location on the map.

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Draggable markers

The get map works just like adding a route to the yahoo maps. Any marker can be dragged to the ‘Get Map’ text entry area to add that location to a route.

How to Access Yahoo Maps Driving Direction

The Yahoo map driving direction can be accessed with a smartphone as well as with computers, laptops, or PCs so long as you have an internet connection. When you have your device connected to the internet you can visit check or find the location you are driving to.

Yahoo India Maps & Driving Direction

Yahoo! India, has introduced driving directions and community search on its existing Yahoo! India maps which can be accessed at

Users can search for directions between 179 cities, 4767 towns, and 226114 villages and also search for about 3 million points of interest marked by Internet users from around the web.

About Yahoo Map – Yahoo Maps Driving Directions

Yahoo mapping service kick-started with the web version at the time. People accessed the map and gained directions with a web browser both on computers; windows and macOS and on mobile phones. Later on, when the mobile apps started becoming rampant, the Yahoo maps app was developed and deployed to functions on Android and iOS devices; iPhone & iPad.

Though it was only popularly used in the United States and Canada, and google map was beginning to rise, a significant feature made Yahoo the best and people used it for directions, location of streets, and places they’ve not been before because of its map style designed which was built into Yahoo maps and yahoo map direction in collaboration with Certifact; a technology company based in the US.

One of the features of the new map style design is that it shows a clear shaded land surface. Another amazing feature is the sharing of data captured in the map like site’s Map through email; Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail, GMX, and other electronic mail services.

How to Use Yahoo Maps and Yahoo Maps Driving Directions – How to Get to your Destination with Directions from Yahoo Maps

Yahoo Maps works well as an exploration tool, but now a direct explanation, it also works as a tour guide. You can enter keywords, just like the web search engine (Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing), and relevant results will be revealed as markers on a map. You can search for the names of cities, states, landmarks, or even just types of businesses from broad categories, such as ‘restaurants’ or ‘hiking. Here are steps to search yahoo;

  1. Open the yahoo app or visit
  2. Navigate to the search box
  3. Key in the location, name, zip code, street name, business; whatever it’s you are looking for)
  4. Hit the search icon
  5. All the businesses bearing such names, travel locations, streets, and landmarks will popup
  6. Use the drag or zoom tool to zoom in on the particular location you are searching for

How to Get Coordinates from Yahoo Maps & Driving Directions

The Global Positioning System delivers GPS coordinates to yahoo Maps and other location-based services. Services like; (Google Maps, Maps, HERE weGo, MapQuest, Sygic, INRIX Traffic, and Waze).  On tech, devices use the existing latitude and longitude system. The latitude lines indicate the distance north or south of the equator. In same vein, longitude lines indicate the distance east or west of the prime meridian. Using a combination of latitude and longitude, any location on Earth can be uniquely pinpointed.

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More On Coordinates – Longitude & Latitude

Latitude is divided into 180 degrees. The equator is situated at 0 degrees latitude.  Therefore, the North Pole is at 90 degrees and the South Pole is at -90 degrees latitude.

Longitude is divided into 360 degrees. Thus, the prime meridian, which is in Greenwich, England, is at 0 degrees longitude. Distance between east and west is measured from this point, extending to 180 degrees east or -180 degrees west.

Minutes and seconds are smaller increments of degrees. They allow for precise positioning. Each degree is equal to 60 minutes and each minute can be divided into 60 seconds. Minutes are indicated with an apostrophe (‘) seconds with a double quotation mark (“.

How to Get GPS Coordinates from Yahoo Maps

You can Retrieve GPS coordinates from Yahoo Maps using a web browser following the below instructions;

  • Open a web browser and go to the Yahoo Maps website.
  • Use the instruction above to get the location for which you want the GPS coordinates.
  • Right-click on the location.
  • Select Waypoint. From the menu.
  • Waypoint? Is the feature in yahoo Maps
  • Look at the bottom of the screen or sideways to find the GPS coordinates.
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates in Yahoo Maps
  • Select the coordinates at the bottom of the screen to open a destination panel.
  • Informational panel for longitude and latitude in Yahoo Maps

Note: The destination panel displays the coordinates in two formats: Degrees, Minutes, Seconds (DMS), and Decimal Degrees (DD). Either can be copied and used to find that location in other mapping services or apps.


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