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Google Maps Directions – Current Location – walking

Google Maps – Google Maps Directions – Gain directions with walking

Why stop by to ask for directions while Google Maps and Google Maps Directions at www. Maps. Google is available and accessible from all devices. This includes desktop computers; personal computers, laptops; windows and macOS, Linux and Chromebook, Mobile devices; Android and iOS; iPhone & iPad, iPod and iWatch, tablets, and every other device that can install Google maps app. You can as well use any device that has a web browser installed which can be used to visit Maps. Google.Google Maps Directions

That said, we are going to look into what Google Maps and Google Map directions are and how it can help to make your journey, travel, and movement from one location to another easy and with no stress of having to ask around or speculate or assume and end up in the wrong route. You can also check out our article on – 2022/23 – Rich Guide here.

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is one of the most popular and leading traffic navigation web-based apps. Google maps started with a basic turn-by-turn service to the warning of traffic events and predict what time you should leave to hit that meeting on your Google Calendar.

Currently, there are about 10 million downloads in the Android app store alone, added to other millions of downloads on the iOS store, it sure deserves consideration as the best navigation tool for your travel or journey.

What is Outstanding in Google Maps Driving Directions?

Imagine when driving and you are busy looking at a map for directions, that’s too much of a risk. With Google maps Voice command, you can simply get the route direction without looking at the map view on your driving device.

The Google Maps app lets you plan and recalibrate your route in real-time and gives step-by-step voice directions, particularly useful when you’re driving and it’s not safe to glance at a map every few minutes. You can also check out our article on Yahoo Maps – Get Yahoo Maps Driving Directions – Maps & Directions here.

How Do Google Maps And Google Maps Driving Directions Work?

So far, Google Maps is the best free online driving directions tool. You can use it by typing in your keywords, just like the web search engine, and relevant results will be revealed as markers on a map. You can search for the names of cities, states, and landmarks, on the app or website. Then, click “Street View” for street-level visuals that can help you to effectively pinpoint landmarks and locations.

You can plot a route from Point A to Point B, and Google will tell you the best driving route, public transit options, flight times, and in some cases, walking distance.

How to Access Google Maps and Google Maps Directions

As you already know, Google Maps is Google’s search engine for locations and directions. It brings real help if you truly want to save time while traveling or walking from one distance to another, though they’re still other maps such as MapQuest, Yahoo Maps, Maps, Waze, HERE we go, INRIX traffic, Sygic, Apple Maps, AAA Driving Directions, Rand McNally Online Driving Directions, and others, but when you talk about Google, it’s sure the best for navigating through your route.

To access google maps directions on your mobile device or computer or your car device visit Or open the google map app, the app comes as a default app for Android devices, other OS can download it from Google Play Store or other app stores

How to download Google Map App

The app is available for download in most app stores; Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Amazon app store. You can also download the APK file from a third-party site and install it into your device. To download from app stores follow the below guide;

  1. Open your app store
  2. Use the search box and locate Google maps
  3. Click on the app and tap download/install
  4. Wai for the app to install
  5. Log in with your Google account
  6. And start navigating to your destination by entering the direction or address. You can also check out our article on Mapquest With Driving Directions Map Quest App here.

Options Maps Tools

Most of the optional navigation or direction map view is free and offer location, street, landmarks and other points you did want to find using maps tools

  • MapQuest
  • Yahoo maps
  • Maps
  • Waze,
  • HERE we
  • INRIX traffic
  • Sygic
  • Apple Maps
  • AAA Driving Directions
  • Rand McNally Online Driving Directions

Google Maps Features &Google Maps Recent Features

There are always new features introduced in google maps each now and then to help increase the accuracy of direction and a better location search. That is the basics for google maps updates; adding new maps features to serve you more efficiently and accurately.

Google Mashup

Google allows third-party developers to use the Google Maps interface and customize it with their content. These are called Google Maps mashups. Mashups include sightseeing tours with movies and audio files, social location services like FourSquare and Gowalla, and even Google’s Summer of Green.

Recently, Google updated its map with JavaScript which helped in pinpointing a location by recalibrating the Red direction pin on Google maps and a new tool; JSON which is used to transfer captured maps data to any device or emails address; yahoo, Gmail, Yandex, AOL, Randdifff, and other emailing services. Other features are;

  • Ajax interface buildup
  • MapsGL
  • Google Street View.
  • Offline Guidance
  • Search box
  • Multiple Views (Widgets)
  • Car Dock Mode
  • Walking & Transit.
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These and many others are unique features that Google maps bring to the table that make it extremely different and outstanding from other mapping tools. I will discuss the features in detail down the line;

Map:This button puts Google Maps in the “map” view, which is the default view. This view is similar to a street map. It has a gray background. Small roads are colored white, larger roads are yellow, and major highways and interstates are orange.

Satellite: This button paints Google Maps with a Satellite overlay which allows you to see the area as it is seen from above. In this mode, you can zoom in until you can make out individual houses.

Terrain: This button highlights differences in terrain. It can be used to determine whether an area is flat or rocky. This can also give an interesting view when zooming into a mountainous area.

Traffic: The traffic button is very handy for those who have a commute that is often delayed because of slow-moving traffic. This view is for zooming into a street-level view so that you can see how traffic is doing. Roads that are moving well are highlighted in green, while roads that are experiencing traffic issues are highlighted in red.

Street View: This is a very interesting and even entertaining way to use Google Maps, but it is a little more difficult to navigate. This view will give you a view of the street as if you were standing in the middle of it. This is accomplished by zooming into a street-level view and then using drag-and-drop to move the little man to the street you want to see.

Search Google Maps – Discover New Cafes, Restaurants, and Places with Google Maps

There is more to Google, in addition to giving directions, Google Maps is also a powerful business directory that can be used to find places near and far. To use the business directory;

  • Open the Google Maps app
  • Tap on a category from the floating menu at the top of the screen
  • All the nearby businesses within that category and a listing with basic info and photos will be populated
  • To get more information on each business, tap on its map pin (Red pinpoint) or name from the list.
  • The address and contact information will be displayed
  • Also, photos and reviews posted by other users will as well display

Note that you can post your review and photos of any business on Google Maps but you’ll need to be signed in to your Google account.

What Is Unique about Google Maps Over Yahoo Maps and MapQuest

Google Maps is the best choice for exploring because of its global coverage and detailed map views. Yahoo Maps and MapQuest are both very useful for finding specific driving directions to and from a known address. However, both require that you enter an address or search path before you see a map and both have interfaces with a lot of extra visual distraction.

Google Maps opens with a map of the U.S. unless you’ve saved your default location. You can start by searching for keywords, or just explore. The simple, uncluttered Google interface is also a strong point for Google Maps.

Google Maps for Mobile devices – Google Maps Web

As the use of mobile apps increased google maps app was introduced for mobile devices, at first on JAVA-enabled mobile phones as the web-based version is still in use with a web browser. As when Google maps were deployed on Java, the team of Google developers was still gathering the features that will make the app available for Android and iOS users in better ways and functions more so, is the release of Google maps on Windows, macOS, and Nintendo, that made Google map accessed with all device either by downloading the app from app stores or using a web browser to access

How to Get Google Maps Directions

You can use the Google Maps website and apps to get directions to any location you are headed to, how long it will take to get there, what transport options are available, the time for leaving, and an estimate of arrival time. That’s why Google is used by all; it’s accurate. Here is how to get a location on Google maps direction. Google Maps driving directions use your device’s GPS to track your location which can drain your device’s battery. If possible, connect your smartphone or tablet to a power source during a long trip.

  • Open the Google Maps app on your iOS or Android device or visit with your browser
  • Click on the Search here.
  • Key in your destination or direction you are headed to
  • A list will be populated
  • Tap on the direction you’re looking for.
  • The map should load showing the location of the place you’re after with some basic information at the bottom of the screen. (If you have a specific route you want to take that isn’t shown, you can create a Google Maps custom route).
  • Click Directions.
  • The Google Maps driving directions will display first by default.
  • Tap Start to begin real-time Google Maps driving directions that will guide you each step of the way.

How to get Train Directions, Flight, Car, Bike and Walking Direction with Google Maps

After performing instruction (7) above, you can locate just any direction from the google map by clicking any of the below icons.

For specific directions, like transport you can click on the train icon as well as the person icon to view Google Maps walking directions, also click the hailing icon to view Google directions for car services such as Uber, you can click on the bicycle icon to view Google bike directions for cyclists, click the airplane icon to Google directions that will likely involve flying.

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Rate & Review Cities Using Google Maps Directions

When a direction and a location appears on Google maps, it comes with rating and reviews from other google mappers who have contributed their views about that location. You can join and review and as well rate cities and locations on Google Maps. Here is how;

  • Launch google map app or visit with your browser
  • Pinpoint a location using the red arrow
  • To view more details about that location
  • Zoom and by the side, you can see reviews of others, and an option to add your review.
  • But be sure you are logged in with your Google account

Google Maps Domain – Countries & their Google Maps Domain (Websites)

As earlier noted, Google maps cover the globe, it provides maps views in almost every location in the world, but different countries have their google domain used to access locations, streets, landmarks, and driving directions peculiar to their country. There is a list of Google Maps domains and top-level country domains for every country Google maps is covering.

Note that Google Maps automatically takes you to a country domain you are accessing google maps from (the Google Maps URL address in your browser) and map view based on your location. Google Maps works with many country domains, like .de or .jp. Hence you can identify your Google maps country domain extension you can add it and visit it (.ca, .uk, .us, etc)

List of Regions and continent Google Maps Covers

  • America
  • Europe
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Australia and Oceania
  • Antarctica
  • Asia

If your domain is wrong or you want to go to .com, you can change it in your settings. Below is the list of google maps country domains.

Country                                     Email Domain

Google Map Argentina    

Google Map Australia           

Google Map Austria            

Google Map Belgium (French)

Google Map Belgium (Dutch)   

Google Map Brazil               

Google Map Canada (English)  

Google Map Canada (French)            www.qc.

Google Map Colombia            

Google Map Croatia             

Google Map Czech Republic

Google Map Denmark

Google Map Finland

Google Map France

Google Map Germany

Google Map Greece

Google Map Hong Kong

Google Map Hungary

Google Map India

Google Map Indonesia  

Google Map Ireland

Google Map Israel

Google Map Italy

Google Map Japan

Google Map Malaysia         

Google Map Mexico

Google Map Middle East

Google Map Netherlands

Google Map New Zealand

Google Map Norway

Google Map Philippines

Google Map Poland

Google Map Portugal    

Google Map Romania    

Google Map Russia

Google Map Singapore 

Google Map South Africa

Google Map Spain

Google Map Sweden

Google Map Switzerland (French)

Google Map Switzerland (German) www.

Google Map Taiwan

Google Map Thailand    

Google Map Turkey

Google Map United Kingdom www.

Google Map United States www

Google Map Vietnam www.maps.

If your country domain is not included in the list, do well to drop your country and the domain using the comment box, we will be glad to hear from you.

Additional Country Domain List with (Dots come) (.) Extensions

  • .US – United States
  • .AU – Australia
  • .AQ – Antarctica
  • .AR – Argentina
  • .UM – United States Minor Outlying Islands
  • .BR – Brasil
  • .UY – Uruguay
  • .PY – Paraguay
  • .BO – Bolivia
  • .PE – Peru
  • .CL – Chile
  • .VE – Venezuela
  • .EC – Ecuador
  • .CO – Colombia
  • .GY – Guyana
  • .GF – French Guiana
  • .SR – Suriname
  • .FK – Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
  • .GS – South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
  • .GT – Guatemala
  • .DE – Germany
  • .ES – Spain
  • .DK – Denmark
  • .BE – Belgium
  • .NL – Netherlands
  • .LU – Luxembourg
  • .AT – Austria
  • .IE – Ireland
  • .IS – Iceland
  • .GL – Greenland
  • .GR – Greece
  • .IT – Italy
  • .VA – Holy See (Vatican City State)
  • .FR – France
  • .SI – Slovenia
  • .CH – Switzerland
  • .LI – Liechtenstein
  • .PT – Portugal
  • .MX Mexico
  • .HN – Honduras
  • .BZ – Belize
  • .SV El Salvador
  • .NI – Nicaragua
  • .CR – Costa Rica
  • .PA – Panama
  • .JM – Jamaica
  • .BS – Bahamas
  • .BM – Bermuda
  • .CU – Cuba
  • .DO – Dominican Republic
  • .HT – Haiti
  • .PR – Puerto Rico
  • .BB – Barbados
  • .AG – Antigua and Barbuda
  • .AI – Anguilla
  • .AW – Aruba
  • .AN – Netherlands Antilles
  • .KY – Cayman Islands
  • .TT – Trinidad and Tobago
  • .GD – Grenada
  • .CA – Canada
  • .DM – Dominica
  • .VC – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • .LC – Saint Lucia
  • .VG – Virgin Islands, British
  • .VI – Virgin Islands, U.S.
  • .MS – Montserrat
  • .MQ – Martinique
  • .GP – Guadeloupe
  • .KN – Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • .PM – Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  • .ML – Mali
  • .NE – Niger
  • .MR – Mauritania
  • ,MA – Morocco
  • .DZ – Algeria
  • .LY – Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
  • .TN – Tunisia
  • .EG – Egypt
  • .CI – Cote d’Ivoire
  • .BF – Burkina Faso
  • .BJ – Benin
  • .GN – Guinea
  • .GW – Guinea-Bissau
  • .GH – Ghana
  • .EQ – Equatorial Guinea
  • .TG – Togo
  • .TD – Chad
  • .LR – Liberia
  • .SN – Senegal
  • .SO – Somalia
  • .SL – Sierra Leone
  • .GM – Gambia
  • .CV – Cape Verde
  • .NG – Nigeria
  • .CM – Cameroon
  • .CF – Central African Republic
  • .CD – Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
  • .SD – Sudan
  • .ET – Ethiopia
  • .ER – Eritrea
  • .DJ – Djibouti
  • .KE – Kenya
  • .UG – Uganda
  • .TZ – Tanzania, United Republic of
  • .RW – Rwanda
  • .BI – Burundi
  • .CG – Congo
  • .GA – Gabon
  • .MG – Madagascar
  • .MZ – Mozambique
  • .ZW – Zimbabwe
  • .ZM – Zambia
  • .ZA – South Africa
  • .SZ – Swaziland
  • .LS – Lesotho
  • .BW – Botswana
  • .NA – Namibia
  • .AO – Angola
  • .NZ – New Zealand
  • .FJ – Fiji
  • .TO – Tonga
  • .WS – Samoa
  • .AS – American Samoa
  • .CK – Cook Islands
  • .PF – French Polynesia
  • .MH – Marshall Islands
  • .FM – Micronesia, Federated States of
  • .GU – Guam
  • .MP – Northern Mariana Islands
  • .PW – Palau
  • .PG – Papua New Guinea
  • .TV – Tuvalu
  • .TK – Tokelau
  • .KI – Kiribati
  • .NC – New Caledonia
  • .VU – Vanuatu
  • .WF – Wallis and Futuna
  • .SB – Solomon Islands
  • .PN – Pitcairn
  • .ID – Indonesia
  • .MY – Malaysia
  • .BN – Brunei Darussalam
  • .VN – Vietnam
  • .TH – Thailand
  • .KH – Cambodia
  • .LA – Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  • .MM – Myanmar
  • .BD – Bangladesh
  • .BT – Bhutan
  • .NP – Nepal
  • .IN – India
  • .PK – Pakistan
  • .CN – China
  • .MN – Mongolia
  • .RU – Russian Federation
  • .TW – Taiwan
  • .HK – Hong Kong
  • .SG – Singapore
  • .PH – Philippines
  • .JP – Japan
  • .KR – Korea, Republic of
  • .KP – Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of
  • .KZ – Kazakhstan
  • .AF – Afghanistan
  • .IR – Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • .IQ – Iraq
  • .KW – Kuwait
  • .YE – Yemen
  • .OM – Oman
  • .QA – Qatar
  • .AE – United Arab Emirates
  • .SA – Saudi Arabia
  • .IL – Israel
  • .SY – Syrian Arab Republic
  • .LB – Lebanon
  • .JO – Jordan
  • .KG – Kyrgyzstan
  • .UZ – Uzbekistan
  • .TM – Turkmenistan
  • .TJ – Tajikistan
  • .AZ – Azerbaijan
  • .AM – Armenia
  • .GE – Georgia
  • .UA – Ukraine
  • .RO – Romania
  • .MD – Moldova, Republic of
  • .PL – Poland
  • .LT – Lithuania
  • .BY – Belarus
  • .LV – Latvia
  • .EE – Estonia
  • .SK – Slovakia
  • .RS – Serbia
  • .HU – Hungary
  • .CZ – Czech Republic
  • .NO – Norway
  • .SE – Sweden
  • .UK – United Kingdom
  • .GB – United Kingdom
  • .TR – Turkey
  • .BA – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • .HR – Croatia
  • .FI – Finland
  • .CY – Cyprus
  • .AL – Albania
  • .MT – Malta
  • .EH – Western Sahara
  • .BH – Bahrain
  • .IM – Isle of Man
  • .HM – Heard Island and McDonald Islands
  • .GI – Gibraltar
  • .SC – Seychelles
  • .SH – Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
  • .ST – Sao Tome and Principe
  • .MW – Malawi
  • .NF – Norfolk Island
  • .AC – Ascension Island
  • .TC – Turks and Caicos Islands
  • .LK – Sri Lanka
  • .MV – Maldives
  • .AX – Aland Islands
  • .IM – Isle of Man
  • .BG – Bulgaria
  • .ME – Montenegro
  • .MK – Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
  • .GI – Gibraltar
  • .AD – Andorra
  • .MT – Malta
  • .TF – French Southern Territories
  • .RE – Reunion
  • .MU – Mauritius
  • .KM – Comoros
  • ,YT – Mayotte
  • .SU – Soviet Union (being phased out)
  • .CX – Christmas Island
  • .CC – Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  • .FO – Faroe Islands
  • .GG – Guernsey
  • .JE – Jersey
  • .MC – Monaco
  • .SM – San Marino
  • .TL – Timor-Leste
  • .BL – Saint Barthelemy
  • .BV – Bouvet Island
  • .IO – British Indian Ocean Territory
  • .NU – Niue
  • .NR – Nauru
  • .MO – Macao
  • .SJ – Svalbard and Jan Mayen
  • .PS – Palestinian Territory, Occupied
  • .MF – Saint Martin
  • .مصر‎
  • .рф – Russia
  • .السعودية‎
  • .امارات‎
  • .中国 – China
  • .中國 – China
  • .台湾 – Taiwan
  • .台灣 – Taiwan
  • .香港 – Hong Kong
  • .TP – Portuguese
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Google Maps offers four different map views; four types of widgets. Google Maps is a visual display of streets, city names, and landmarks. A satellite is a satellite view that works with commercial satellite photos. The satellite view doesn’t provide any geographic labels, just the raw image.

Hybrid is a combination of satellite imagery with an overlay of streets, city names, and landmarks. This is similar to turning on the roads, borders, and populated places labels on Google Earth. Street view offers a panoramic view of the area from street level. Google periodically updates the street view using a car with a special camera attached to the top.

In sum, Google maps work almost the same with MapQuest and yahoo maps, but delivers more results, in that, Google maps provides satellite imagery, destination street maps, an overview of the street with a feature; 360° panoramic street view, accurate real-time traffic conditions of your destination.

Our opinion of Google maps and Google Maps Directions; with all, we have said and the function google map brings to the table, it makes sense to say that google maps are the best navigation tool that gets you to your destination safely.


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