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15 Best Reddit Personal Finance Communities

Reddit personal finance known as subreddits most times finds its way to the top 10 lists of what’s trending online. This is because they’re so popular and can even help in boosting your business. However, Reddit also attracts people who are looking to learn about specific topics like Reddit for business owners. personal finance is quite a vast topic. Reddit is quite popular, in fact, it’s listed itself as the #7 website in terms of traffic by category with almost 8 billion monthly page views. Its communities cover everything from funny videos, news, science, and much more.

In managing finances, entrepreneurs may eventually want something extra than just getting tips. This is where Reddit communities come into the rescue. These communities offer information and advice on managing money specific to entrepreneurs. Reddit personal finance communities cover everything from investment advice to financial strategies for business owners. Redditors in Reddit’s personal finance community offer answers on everything from where to invest your money (and how much of it) to the best credit cards.

Reddit for debt Redditors on the other hand shares their stories about overcoming debt via Reddit communities. Debt Redditors offer tips and tricks and encouragement for other Redditors looking to get out of debt.

What is Subreddit?

First, let’s understand what a Subreddit is. Subreddit is a Reddit community for Redditors around the globe. They share thoughts on a particular topic. Reddit has tons of subreddits that cover everything from funny videos, to news, science, finance, etc. Subreddit is Reddit’s medium of letting people with the same interests come together to chat and share stories online.

With Reddit, you will get access to thousands of financial subreddits designed for Reddit business owners and entrepreneurs.

Reddit’s 15 Best Personal Finance Subreddits

R/financial independenceMembers

Reddit financial independence stands as a Reddit community for Redditors who are looking to become financially free. Financial Independence stands as one of Reddit’s top-rated personal finance communities with almost a million Reddit subscribers. Here, Redditors share their personal journey to becoming financially independent depending on a Reddit post or question.

Reddit financial independence Reddit community is a great way to start if you are looking for advice on how to reach your money goals wisely. In this community, Redditors share stories as well as tips that they have learned from their journey.

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r/BogleheadsMembers – 79.5K

Redditers in Reddit’s Boglehead community keep tabs on the investment theory of Jack Bogle, who happens to be the founder of Vanguard Group. This community is a Reddit community forum for investing. Here, Redditors share their knowledge on topics like mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Index funds, and stocks.

This community stands as Reddit’s best community for promoting “the Boglehead approach to investing”. This is one must-see Reddit community for any Redditor who is looking to invest in stocks, bonds, or other forms of investments.

r/PersonalFinanceMembers –

Reddit Personal Finance is Reddit’s top-rated investment community. This community has over fourteen million Reddit subscribers. Here you will find thousands of Redditors who share their stories, post questions and offer advice on investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. If you are looking for an ideal place for advice, tips, and tricks on managing personal finance effectively, this is the right place for you. Millions of Redditors are subscribed to this Reddit community. They post ideas about earning money, saving money as well as improving your credit score. They also share among other topics like savings goals and eliminating debt.

r/FinancialPlanningMembers 235K

Reddit financial planning Reddit community stands as a Reddit forum for Redditors who want to plan their finances based on their income and monthly expenses. In this community, Redditors post questions discussing ideas about saving money and investing effectively. This Reddit community also has an active Reddit thread. With this, Reddit users can discuss the best financial planning apps Redditors use in managing their finances.


r/CreditCardsMembers – 450K

The CreditCard Reddit community stands as Reddit’s top Reddit community. It is for Redditors who want to learn how to manage their credit card debt effectively. On this Reddit forum, Reddit users, have the platform to share and discuss ideas about improving the following. Credit scores, getting out of debt, and how to pay off credit cards quickly.

Reddit’s CreditCard Reddit community offers a platform where Redditors can learn about saving money and eliminating debt.


r/BudgetMembers –

Reddit’s Budgeting Reddit community stands as a Reddit forum. It is designed for Redditors who are looking to manage their budgets and reduce expenses depending on their income. This Reddit platform offers advice on how to get out of debt, save money and live an affordable lifestyle. On this platform, Reddit users can share tips they have learned on how to manage their personal finances effectively.

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r/fatFIREMembers – 175K

Reddit’s fatFIRE Reddit community is a Reddit forum where Redditors who want to live an extravagant lifestyle with their retirement funds meet. On this platform, personal success stories about Redditors who have become financially independent and retired early are shared. Here, Redditors share their story of how they were able to retire early. They also share what Reddit community Redditors can follow to become financially free.


r/FrugalMembers –

On the Frugal Reddit community, you find Redditors who are looking to live an affordable and frugal life. This happens to be one of Reddit’s top Reddit forum. Redditors in this category, follow Dave Ramsey who encourages people to save money and eliminate debt. On the Frugal Reddit forum, Reddit users share tips and ideas about Redditors who live a frugal lifestyle. Here, Reddit users spend their time sharing stories of how Redditors were able to save money and eliminate debt.

r/BankingMembers –

The Reddit banking Reddit community is Reddit’s top Reddit forum. Here, you find Redditors who want to learn about banks and how banks operate. On this platform, Reddit users discuss their thoughts on what online banks are the best. They compare bank statements and review fees that come with certain types of banking transactions.

Reddit banking Reddit community helps Redditors in learning about financial topics as well as how banks influence the economy. It also offers a Reddit forum for Redditors to learn about saving money when dealing with banks.


r/ShoestringMembers 1.2m

On this Reddit community, you find a forum of Redditors discussing traveling on a budget and avoiding expensive vacations. This is a platform for those who want to talk about traveling on a budget. Here, you can easily learn about the different ways of traveling. Additionally, you can share your own tips on traveling cheaply, and share where you have found inexpensive destinations or places to stay.


r/InvestingMembers 1.9m

This is a Reddit investing community, where Redditors who want to invest in stocks meet. This is Reddit’s top forum when it comes to investing in stocks. This platform offers an active Reddit thread where Reddit users can discuss their favorite stocks and investment strategies that are successful. In this community, Reddit users are connected with each other. They share stories about the best stocks to buy, and how oil companies run their business. They also tell you why it’s important that you invest in Canadian companies when buying stocks.

r/realestateinvestingMembers – 81 1K

This is the Reddit Real Estate investing community. It is Reddit’s forum for Redditors who are looking to learn more about investing in property. This Reddit community is designed for people who want to learn about investing in property. It is for people who are interested in real estate investing.

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In this community, people share their thoughts and what they have learned and also give advice when someone has a question. Here, people also talk about different types of real estate investing like flipping/rehabbing, wholesaling, lending, land, and commercial real estate.


r/MiddleClassFinanceMembers 22.9K

This is a Reddit community for middle-class people to talk about money, problems, tips, and ideas. The Reddit users here are middle-class Redditors who share their Reddit stories and answer questions asked by Redditors.


r/SchwabMembers – 7.1K

On the Reddit Schwab community, you find a place where you can go for investing assistance. Apart from being a great platform for beginners it also accommodates seasoned investors also. All thanks to its community of members with its diverse levels of knowledge and experience in the field

The Charles Schwab company has been around since 1974. The company strives to provide its customers with the best possible service. They have lots of resources available on their website including educational videos about investing for beginners or seasoned professionals alike.


r/PFtoolsMembers – 8.3K

Reddit PFtools community is a forum where Redditors who want to learn about personal finance tools meet. On this platform, Reddit users share knowledge and discuss money topics as a part of the Reddit PFtools Reddit community. Reddit “PF”, is an acronym for Personal Finance.

Since personal finance is a time-consuming endeavor, many tools are provided for different types of budgeting, saving, and investing. These tools can help you manage your finances much more efficiently.



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