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Access My Plates For Getting Customized Vehicle’s Plate

Are you living in Texas?, Do you want to get access to uniquely designed customized motor plates of whatever design?. The good news is that you can get one. Yes you heard right. You can get fun designs on your motor plate online. Be it supporting the sports team you love or promoting a charitable cause, you can now have a plate that tells your story.Access My Plates For Getting Customized Vehicle’s Plate

My Plates (TxDMM) stands as a Texas-based company. It is actually the Texas Department of Motor Vehicle whose basic function is to serve the people living in Texas by marketing, selling, and designing of Motor vehicle plates and their licenses. This company offers special creative designs with unique and varied designs of plates including sports teams, colleges, universities, color, the theme of Texas in charities, and many more.

For each plate that is being purchased, the State General Revenue receives some amount from the buyer. This in turn will help the company create the fun-designed plate that you want.

Those living in Texas can take advantage of the unique offers from this company to get any plate of their choice. Those who are having issues in the process of getting a plate can reach the company by calling the customer service number at 888-769-7528.

However, before you can get access to the company website to have your fun designed plated crafted out for you, you have to visit the website to check the designs on offer on the website.

How to Checkout Designs on the Website

To explore the website and checkout the designs already on display, here are the steps you are required to take:

  • You have to take the first step which is visiting the My Plates official website at from your favorite web browser.
  • Once you get access to the website, you can start exploring the main webpage to see the different options for creating a plate via online process.
  • If you would rather go with your own idea, and want to see the combination, you have to click on the appropriate option on the right wing of the homepage.
  • In the field provided, you have to key in your plate combination which you want to see on the plate.
  • Then click on the “Check Availability”.
  • If your combination is available, you’ll be able to create your own plate by following the on-screen instructions carefully to the latter.
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