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Android SmartWatch 2024: Wear on your wrist Android Watch

Best Android SmartWatch 2024: what to wear on your wrist if you have an Android

The best Android smartwatch should have the best features and look pleasing to the eye. Since we now know the most popular product on the market, we can decide which one stands out.

Here, we have the five best on the list based on price, design, performance, and how they integrate with Android apps.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Series

  • The Galaxy Watch 6 is the standard model. It comes in two sizes (40mm and 44mm) with a focus on health, wellness, and everyday fitness tracking.
  • The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic features the iconic rotating bezel for navigation. Offers a slightly more premium, traditional watch look. It is available in a 47mm size.


The Galaxy Watch6 series presents a strong refinement of Samsung’s smartwatches. Advancements include:

  • Enhanced health tracking: improved biometric sensors for detailed sleep insights, body composition analysis, and more accurate heart rate monitoring.
  • Faster performance: A new processor makes navigation snappier, and app load times feel quicker.
  • Durable design: Both models are tougher and feature scratch-resistant sapphire crystal displays.
  • Wear OS with One UI Watch: Access to Google’s app ecosystem as well as the familiar feel of Samsung’s interface.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

  • Built for outdoor adventurers: ultra-tough titanium construction, the largest battery in a Galaxy Watch, and advanced GPS tracking features designed for hiking and exploration.
  • Wear OS with One UI Watch: a similar software experience to the Watch6 series.


The Galaxy Watch5 Pro caters to the serious outdoor enthusiast. Key advantages are:

  • Extended Battery Life: It lasts multiple days, making it ideal for longer trips away from a charger.
  • Route Workout: To use turn-by-turn navigation on your wrist, import GPX route files.
  • Track Back: A feature to help you trace your steps back to your starting point.

Which one to choose

  • The Galaxy Watch 6: is the best all-around everyday smartwatch for most people.
  • The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic: is ideal if you enjoy the physical rotating bezel and a classic watch aesthetic.
  • Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: Built specifically for adventurers and those who prioritize durability and battery life above all else.
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Visiting a SmartWatch store can be overwhelming due to the many varieties to choose from. This is because there are many varieties to choose from.

The higher the cost, the greater the function. For instance, most smartwatches carry fitness features like step counting and tracking of walks and runs. But in higher grades, you will find functions like a heart rate sensor, GPS, NFC (for your mobile payments), and long-lasting battery life. In conclusion, it depends on what you want from a smartwatch that gives it value.

When purchasing one, it is better to go for the one with straps because it can serve multiple purposes. Also, check out the watch review to see what it has to offer you.

On the list, we have the top choice for Android, which will also work with an iPhone. Read on for more reviews.

The best Android smartwatch

  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: The Best


OS:Tizen OS, Compatibility:Android, iOS, Display:1.2″ or 1.4″ 360 x 360 Super AMOLED.Charging method:wireless, Processor:dual-core 1.15GHz, band sizes:22mm or 20mm, onboard storage:8GB.Battery duration:3 days on 45mm or less on 41mm; IP rating:IP68; Connectivity:Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE (for extra)

This is the best Android smartwatch that anyone can buy. It has fully packaged features. Now, there are only two sizes of its kind.

This watch has an excellent and modern design, as well as top fitness features like GPS and multisport tacking.

This watch has the disadvantage that it is a one-day battery watch, not an Apple Watch Series 5. Excellent software equips this watch with top-notch fitness functions that justify its high price.

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Check out the price on Amazon.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2


OS:Tizen OS, Compatibility:Android, iOS, Display:1.2″ or 1.4″ 360 x 360 Super AMOLED. Processor:dual-core 1.15GHz; band sizes:20mm; onboard storage:4GB; battery life:approximately 2 days. Charging method:wireless, IP rating:50m, Connectivity:Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the latest Active model for Active. It has a great battery life, and it has introduced touch features that were not available in the previous model,.

From the name “Active,” it shows a sense of workout and fitness tracking, unlike the normal Galaxy Watch. It is waterproof, which makes it suitable for sports such as running, swimming, and other activities. When it is charged, it effectively manages notifications when charged.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3


OS:Tizen OS, Compatibility:Android, iOS, Display:1.2″ or 1.4″ 360 x 360 Super AMOLED. Processor:dual-core 1.15GHz; band sizes:22mm or 20mm; onboard storage:8GB; Battery duration:3 days for 45mm or less for 41mm Charging method: wireless,IP rating:IP68, Connectivity:Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE (for extra)

This is the updated version of the Galaxy Watch. It also has the same swim tracking experience, in addition to the rotating feature that is easy to use. You can easily operate this watch in a pool.

Even though this does not have the most advanced features, knowing the features it has gives you the joy of a good smartwatch.

  1. Fitbit Versa 2


OS:Fitbit OS, Display:TBC, 1000 nits, Processor:dual-core 1.0GHz; onboard storage:2.5GB; battery duration:5 days. Charging method:proprietary charger, IP rating:50M water-resistant. Connectivity:Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Before Amazon bought this company, it produced this watch as its final SmartWatch. Afterward, Amazon purchased this company. With its features, it can still track your day-to-day health, just like other Fitbit products.

With the lesser features it possesses, its battery life lasts for at least four to five days, even on consistent use.

  1. Fossil Sport


OS:Wear OS, Display:1.2-inch 390 x 390 AMOLED, Processor:Quad-core 1.2GHz | Band sizes:22mm straps, Onboard storage:4GB, Battery duration:two days.Charging method: proprietary,IP rating:IP68, Connectivity:Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS

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Eventually, this is the first of many watches that have Wear OS software on board. It is lightweight and makes you feel free when you wear it for a variety of exercises. It also features an accurate heart rate monitor and GPS fitness.


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