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My Magic Photos 2024 –

Today, MyMagicPhotos allows you to view your photos online, captured from any MagicMemories tourist location, right from your smartphone. Therefore, you can view it on the website at Therefore, with the “View My Memories” button on the platform, you can access all photos taken during a tourist visit.My Magic Photos

However, to view your photos, you will need to create an account on the platform. Visit the site with the official URL. Aside from that, one can also view magic memories without creating an account on the platform. However, you will need to provide the photo code that you want to view.

Login to your account or sign up for a new account

However, the account sign-up process is quite simple and convenient. That is to say, just a few pieces of personal information are required to create a MagicMemories account for my magic photos. As a result, enter details like your first name, last name, email address, and password.

  1. Visit the official web portal.
  2. Tap on the signup button.
  3. Also, enter your first name and last name.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Remember, enter a password.
  6. Slide the terms and conditions button to the right.
  7. Tap on the continue button.
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View No Account Access: How to View Photos Without an Account

Going forward, there is a need for an account. However, if you don’t want to create an account, you can view your captured images without an account or sign up on the website; all you need is a photo code.

  • Go to the official URL.
  • Get your photo code at the tourist location where the pictures were captured.
  • Next, tap on the “View My Memories” button.
  • Next, the system will display your photos.

After saving your photos on the portal, you can also give your photo code to anyone. Anyone who requests a tour or wants to experience what the environment has to offer can view it.

How to upload photos from the camera to My Magic Account: To upload an image, use the scan QR code.

As a result, you can upload photos from the camera using the site’s Scan QR Code feature on the site. In other words, doing that is astonishingly simple and easy. A computer connected to the Internet is necessary. Also, you need a USB cord compatible with your camera. Finally, the instructions below will be helpful:

  1. Go to the official URL.
  2. Navigate to and tap on the Scan QR Code feature or link.
  3. A pop-up prompt will appear, such as “ wants to use your camera” will appear.”Next,
  4. Tap on the “allow” button.
  5. Also, connect your camera to your computer via a USB cord.
  6. Navigate to the picture you want to upload.
  7. Tap on the picture to select.
  8. Click “Upload picture”My Magic Photos
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Password Recovery: How to Reset Your Password: Password Recovery

For example, let’s say you lost sight of your password or couldn’t remember it and want to recover or reset it. It’s very easy and simple. Thus, the process will end up sending a password reset email to the email account you used to register your account on the website.

  1. Go to the homepage.
  2. Tap on the sign-in button.
  3. Also, on the sign-in interface, click on the forgotten password.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Tap on “Send password reset email.”.
  6. We will send you an email. Follow the reset instructions on the email to reset your account password, follow the email reset instructions.My Magic Photos


Is the media not available?

Ensure that you properly enter all the characters from your photo code in the space provided for those who go through this kind of challenge.

Also, remember that the code comprises a mix of letters and numbers, depending on when you registered. Hence, there are lots of instances when people mix up “0” and “1” with the letter “i” or “o.”.

Remember that good things come to those who wait.

We will want to deliver your job immediately, so leave it to us. But there might be a delay sometimes. Indeed, that is why some venues upload in an hour while others do the same at the end of the day.

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However, the company owes you an apology for any delay you might go through. Thus, please do ensure to check back.

Still need assistance?

Moving forward, if you would prefer an agent to handle your concern, there are members of the support team on the ground. Feel free to contact any of them by clicking here.

My Magic Photos

Magic Memories

Te Nuku Building, Level 2
43 Ballarat Street, Queenstown, 9300 New Zealand, 9300

North America: +1 407-270-1300
UK and Europe: +44 330 223 2857, Ext. 5016
Australia and New Zealand: +64 3 450 2170


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