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Integrated Microsoft Office App Now Available on iOS and Android

Integrated Microsoft Office App Now Available on iOS and Android

Microsoft Office app is the version for smartphones. It has featured just as the individual apps and promise to add more. This also means that you can now download the app both for iOS and Android smartphones.Microsoft Office App

Thus, it is out of beta. How do I know this? This app was announced last November after a long beta period.

With the help of this single app, you will be able to keep all your Microsoft documents under one roof. This means that you can now easily locate and access your Microsoft documents.

On the release of this app, Microsoft Office announced a free download on the all in one office app with your Android and iOS. This app contains all versions of Microsoft such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, just in one app. In fact, you don’t need to switch from one app to another.

For instance, you will make use of the three versions without switching from each standalone app to another. Also as well, this app consumes just a small space on your phone’s storage to be installed. In fact, it cost less to install compared to the single versions.

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Right in this app, the Lens feature allows the image to be converted into an editable Word and Excel documents, and also there is a note function.

On the app, there are three key icons at the bottom of the front page. The first icon is called the Home icon. When you click on it, it shows you the list of all your previous documents such as the aforementioned notes. The second icon which is the middle is a big Plus icon. This icon performs three activities.

In Continuation

They are Notes, Lens, and Documents. The document option will launch you with three options. These options include Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. The last icon which is the third icon is the Action option. Clicking this brings you a bunch of what you can do to your document. In other words, it is a shortcut icon. Over there, you can Transfer Files, conversion of image to Text, convert to PDF, and more.

To enjoy more storage space, Microsoft has added third-party storage services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud. In fact, with the iOS device, you can access these set of Files app as well.

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Life is a matter of choice. This means that you can still use the standalone apps of Microsoft depending on the demand you want to meet. Of course, they still perform the same activity so as the three-in-one version otherwise called Office App.

The office app will soon get more new features such as dictation for word, a card view for Excel and Outline on PowerPoint for your presentation, etc. All this is to make it come up to the system version and make you feel and the same experience you have always known.

In conclusion, the Microsoft office app which is the mobile app for Microsoft office is free to download and use. Nevertheless, you can sign up with Microsoft 365 subscription to unlock premium features.


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