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How to Bring the Windows 10 Experience to iOS and Android


Currently, we no longer struggle to create apps to get the same experience we have in windows 10 on our mobile phones, Rather, Windows 10 can be used directly on your Android and iOS devices. How can this be possible? Read on for more details.Windows 10

Note: You should be ready to apply this on your Smartphone no matter the “Make” of your smartphone. Thus, it could be Google, Apple, Samsung, and more.

Phone Companion

With phone companion, your phone can always be sync with your Microsoft account. Thus, this is currently known as “The Your Phone app for windows 10”.  On the process of installing this, some other apps should be present on your Android or iPhone. They include:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Photos
  • OneDrive
  • Outlook
  • Skype

However, the above set of apps must be downloaded and installed on your phone in order to sync the Window Your phone app with your mobile phone. It could be from the Google Play Store or Apple app store, depending on the class of the phone you have. Afterward, you should continue with the below steps.

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Micro-soft OneDrive for iOS and Android

Because the Microsoft OneDrive app can store your windows 10 documents, photos, and other files to the cloud, you can easily access them on your device.

Even as tiny as notes made with OneNote will appear on your phone and guess what, any correction or changes made on your phone will be synced across anywhere you can access your account. You can store up your pictures by uploading them to your OneDrive. Afterward, you can view them on your computer.

Trust me, your OneDrive account comes with 5G of free storage space. There is also a way to buy up for more space. The Microsoft 365 gives you that opportunity; you get 1TB of storage for up to five users.

Cortana Integration for iOS and Android

With the Cortana app, reminders saved up on your PC can be accessed on your Smartphone using the Cortana digital assistant. Here, you need to pair up your phone app with the system. Cortana can help you out in the following ways:

  • It figures out answers to your questions on the web.
  • Find out set appointments and reminders in your Outlook calendar.
  • Send text messages and make calls from your computer.
  • Receive mobile app notifications on your computer.
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In conclusion, Microsoft has revealed that they will not support the Cortana mobile app because they want to promote integrating Cortina’s functionally into specific Microsoft programs like Outlook and Office. But you will be able to use Cortana for selected apps, rather than becoming the default voice assistant alternative to Siri or Google Assistant.



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