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Discord not picking up mic? How to fix!

With the Discord app, users have access to audio and text chat with their friends while gaming. Discord has helped so many gamers, especially those who seek gaming-focused chatting apps as alternatives to other apps. Some of which are TeamSpeak and Skype.Discord not picking up mic?

However, as it is with other apps, users sometimes encounter issues while using Discord. One common complaint is that Discord not picking up the mic. When this occurs, it becomes impossible for one gamer to hear the other.

This issue is usually due to a recent windows privacy update. In this case, users must authorize applications to use their microphones and cameras manually.

Hence, we have provided in this guide how to fix this issue. Luckily, the fixes are easy and straightforward.

Aside from the update issue, another cause of this error could be a lagging program. Also, it could be due to an error in the voice settings. This also contributes to Discord not picking up the mic issue.

With the possible causes of this issue being established above, let’s now show you how to fix this issue. Let’s get right into it.

Some easy you haven’t, go ahead and give them a try –you can be surprised how simple solutions can solve such a problem. If the mic is still not working, follow the steps outlined below carefully.

How to fix a Discord mic that isn’t working

Some easy fixes to try out to resolve this issue are:

  • Restarting the Discord app
  • Restarting your device

However, if these fixes above don’t work, then proceed to apply the fixes below.

Fix #1. Update Windows Privacy settings

A recent update in Windows OS requires that you grant access to apps that use your camera or microphone, manually.

Although this update helps to hinder hackers from accessing your stream, however, it could cause this issue.

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Hence, you will have to add an exception to the Windows privacy setting to resolve this issue.

As a Windows user, follow these steps below to get it done.

  • Press the Windows Start button and click Settings (gear icon)
  • Click Privacy on the window that appears
  • On the left, scroll down to App Permissions
  • Click Camera and toggle Allow apps to access your camera to the on

Afterward, return to the Discord app. Unplug all hardware and restart the app. You may also restart your device altogether.

For MacBook users, follow these steps below:

  • Go to Menu > System Preferences on your Mac
  • Open Security and Privacy
  • Click Privacy and select Microphone
  • Locate Discord and make sure it is checked

By checking Discord, you are instructing your Mac to give the app access to your Mic. Hence, Discord should pick up your mic now. If this isn’t the case, then consider applying the next fix below.

Fix #2. Change ‘Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity’ settings

You might encounter this issue due to some voice settings you enabled.

Follow these steps to revert the input sensitivity settings:

  • Open Discord and click User Settings (gear icon at the bottom left)
  • Scroll to App Settings and select Voice & Video
  • Scroll to Input Sensitivity and set the toggle OFF next to Automatically determine input sensitivity.
  • Move the manual slider to the middle and ensure that it is showing some movements when you are talking.

Once this is in place, the issue with your mic should be fixed already.

However, there are still other fixes below you can try out if this did not fix the issue for you.

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Fix #3. Reset Voice Settings

A simple reset on your Discord app can be your way out of this frustrating issue.

To reset voice settings, follow the steps below.

  • Go to your Discord app
  • Click the Settings gear icon
  • Click on Voice & Video
  • Scroll down and select Reset Voice Settings

This fix should restore your Discord app and mike would respond now.

Fix #4. Toggle Input Volume

Have you thought of the input volume being the cause of the Discord not picking up the mic issue? Naturally, if the input device volume is low or is not properly connected, you’ll encounter this issue.

Follow these steps to fix Discord mic settings for input devices:

  • Close Discord completely then right-click its icon on your desktop screen
  • Select Run as Administrator and choose Yes on the popup that appears
  • Go to User Settings and select Voice & Video, just under App Settings
  • Confirm that you’ve selected the correct Input and Output Device
  •  Set the Input Volume to a very high point
  • Return to Discord and confirm that the mic is working well. To do this, go to Mic Test andclick on Let’s Checkjust beneath it.

Once the mic is restored, you can now return to using the Discord mic as you would. However, if Discord still won’t pick the mic, scroll down to Input Mode and ensure Voice Activity is checked.

Fix #5. Ensure your audio device is working

At this point, we recommend that you check your attached device for any faults. Your mic or headphone may be faulty.

To confirm this, try using them on another device entirely.  If the error still occurs, then ensure to switch to a new Mic or headphones.

Fix #6: Change your voice server channel location

Usually, audio channels are rerouted to a voice server you selected on Discord.

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Try changing your audio channels to the exact location. This will help Discord in picking your mic.

To do this, consider the steps below.

  • Click the menu icon
  • Select Server Settings
  • On the  next page, select Overview
  • Select Server Region
  • Then, click on Change
  • Here, various locations will appear, ensure to select one that is nearest to yours.

Wait a little while for the audio channel to successfully migrate to the new server.


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