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Twitch extensions not working? How to fix 2022/23 – Rich Guide

I know you are aware of Twitch. But in case you are not. Twitch is one of the popular streaming services. It is best for live videos and broadcasts. In addition, it gives you the platform to reveal your hobbies and skills. Enjoy the gameplay, cooking shows, sports, and many more.

The cool part of this is that you get to watch other streamers. Also, it has extensions for donations via stream labs. Where twitch broadcasters set up donations or a fundraising process.Twitch extensions

However, if you are a Twitch user, you will be aware by now that it can develop some issues. One of the major ones is Twitch extensions not working.

What causes Twitch Extensions not to work?

Twitch extension not working is based on the following factors:

  • Due to connectivity issue of Faulty network
  • Your browser is not compatible
  • The Twitch app is not updated
  • Corrupt Data or Cache file
  • Extension is Faulty
  • Other applications are interfering

Quick fixes to Twitch extensions not working issue

To fix your Twitch extension. Below are solutions that can guide you, when you have issues with your extensions.

  1. Log out and then back into your Twitch account

Your extension is likely facing a temporary problem. That requires you to refresh the session to get the job done.

All you need to do is log in, and close your app and browser. Wait for a few minutes and open them again.

  1. Make sure your browser/app is not out of date

If your app or browser is not updated. It’s one of the reasons why you are having issues with your extensions. You have to upgrade your app. Also, check out the list of top browsers for streaming on Twitch here.

  1. Disable other extensions

Turn off third-party interference. There are some app extensions that hinder the streaming of Twitch. Some of these include Firefox and Chrome extensions. Also BBTV and other browser add-ons.

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To resolve this, you have to disconnect all extensions on twitch or the browser. Identify the one causing the interference, remove it, and reconnect others.

  1. Clear cache data

Browsers store cache or cookies over time on your devices. This fix causes Twitch extension issues. Go to the twitch app and clear all the data. You can do the same if you are using a PC. Go to your browser’s web. Clear the cache and you can also clear cookies and history.

Likewise, for game devices. Go to the settings. Locate twitch’s saved data and clear it out.

  1. Remove and install extensions afresh

In case you have issues with just one extension. You can uninstall it and reinstall it. This can eliminate temporary errors causing the issue.

Furthermore, apart from the twitch extension not working. Twitch users also have times when their chats refuse to work. The chat option is one of the features of twitch. Users get to interact at the same time stream games.

But, there are times this chat will not load or just stop working. This could be due to some errors.

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 To fix Twitch chat not  working

Your twitch chat not working, disappearing, or not loading, could be due to cache and browser extension.  You can fix it following the steps below:

Disable your browser extensions

As mentioned earlier, browser extensions could be the cause of twitch chat not working. To fix this issue:

  • Select the menu icon on the right side of your browser
  • Click on extensions on the list and click on the button next to it to disconnect
  • After disabling all extensions. Restart your browse

If these steps did not resolve the issue. You can try using a different browser.

 Clear your browser cache

To clear your browser cache:

  • Select the Menu Options on your browser and click on the settings button
  • Go to clear browsing data. Select the time range as All time and clear the data

Disable ad-blocks

  • Select the Menu button and click on the tools option
  • Select extensions options from the list
  • Pick on your Ad-blocker and click on the button next to it to disable it.
  • Restart the browser

Use the incognito mode on your browser

  • Click on your browser Menu
  • the New incognito window
  • Use the New incognito mode to access your Twitch after closing the previous window.

Change your browser

You have to restart your browser and clear your browser’s data. But the issue still persists. Try using another browser.

Download a new browser for your Twitch. It will fix errors like snob chat.

Disable your proxy

Though, the proxy is used to protect your online privacy. But at times, it can affect your twitch chat. You might have to disable it to see if it solves the problem.  To do this:

  • Press the window key +1 to open the app settings
  • Go to the network and internet section and click on proxy on the left panel
  • Disable all proxy options on the right side of the panel.
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The steps above will guide you on how to fix errors related to Twitch chat. Also, you check your internet connection and your router. Make sure it is free from trouble.


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