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Fix Spotify application not responding – 2022/23 – Rich Guide

Spotify application not responding: Spotify is a popular streaming service where you get to listen to millions of songs, Podcasts, and watch videos. You get to enjoy the latest hit, and classic music online and you can also download these songs and listen offline.

Spotify is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and more. You can download this app for free and enjoy the free plan! But it has limited features. For you to enjoy most of the Spotify service, you have to subscribe to it.Spotify application not responding

With Spotify, you can download and listen to music for free. Discover new songs, and create nice playlists. Interesting right? Yes! But can be frustrating when faced with errors while using windows. One of the common errors is “Spotify application is not responding”.

Why is Spotify not responding?

There are various reasons why you encounter a Spotify application not responding to errors. These include:

  • Your windows do not have the least system requirements to operate Spotify
  • Your Antivirus program can not identify Spotify
  • The application has a new update
  • Your computer might have developed a driver error

Also, a hardware or software clash can result in an error when you try to open the desktop App.

How to fix the Spotify application not working

If you are experiencing a Spotify application not working, there are various methods you can use to fix it.

  1. Restart your computer

Restarting your computer is the simplest method to use to fix your Spotify error. This will help to clear out unnecessary or temporary data from hindering the app. Also, it prevents memory leaks and helps to fasten your computer work.

  1. Check your antivirus program and firewall

There are times your antivirus program might be blocking Spotify. Antivirus programs can be overprotective, not able to differentiate between a safe and bad program.

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So what you need to do is to go to your settings and unblock Spotify. Or, better still add it to the list of allowed applications.

  1. Stop application using Task Manager

The Spotify app might be running in the background because it is not responding. This occurs as a result of software leveraging on additional features such as notification, downloading data, and updating live tiles.

You can fix this by following the steps below:

  • Click on CTRL + ALT + DEL then select Task Manager. You can also open Task Manager by clicking on CTRL + SHIFT + ESC
  • Select Processes and go to spotify.exe.
  • Click on Spotify.exe and press End Process

These steps will help close the app. Try to open Spotify and if it’s not responding, move to the next steps below.

  1. Reinstall Spotify

You will have to reinstall Spotify if it’s still not working. Also, delete this folder under the path C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Spotify.


  • To Uninstall the software, Go to System > Apps
  • Click on Start – Run – type %appdata%
  • Then click on Enter
  • Delete all the Spotify folders you can locate

Once you are done with the steps above, restart your computer. Then download and reinstall Spotify.

  1. Fixing issues on iPhone or Android app

If Spotify is not working on your iPhone, Android, or computer, check if there are any updates and upgrade it. Hence, you might be facing a Spotify application not responding because your app is outdated.

Also, check if your device is suitable for the app and if it meets the least system requirements.

Update Spotify on iOS

In case you are using an iPhone or iPad, you can update Spotify on your device using the step below.

  • Go to App Store > Apple ID image >
  • Search for Spotify > Update.
  • Open the app to see if it will respond

Have this in mind, if you can’t find Spotify on the list. That means your version is the latest version.

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Also, you can turn on automatic updates so that Spotify and other apps will be updated always. To do this:

  • Go to settings
  • Click on iTunes & App Store
  • Then turn on App updates

Update Spotify on Android

To update Spotify on your Android, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Google PlayStore
  • Search for Spotify
  • Click on update

If you can’t find an update option, it means your Spotify is the latest version. Likewise, you can turn on automatic updates. To do this:

  • Go to Google PlayStore
  • Search for Spotify
  • Click on the menu, that’s the three dots at the top by the right side
  • Click on Auto-update

You can also update the Spotify app on your computer. When you search for the Spotify app, if an update is available it will show a blue dot close to the menu,by the right corner at the top. Click on Update Available. Restart Now.

  1. Check your Network Settings

Also, check your network settings when the Spotify app is not responding. You can reset your device’s network settings. This will return the settings configuration to a default setting and remove any virtual private network (VPN).

  1. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Sometimes disabling Hardware Acceleration on your computer can help make Spotify work again. Hardware acceleration is a setting on the computer that weakens the hardware to keep up with streaming.

To disable Hardware Acceleration on your windows

This hardware set is found on your Spotify app. To do this:

  • Go to Spotify on your system
  • Enter your username and click on settings
  • Click on show advanced settings
  • You will see compatibility, you will see Enable hardware acceleration under it
  • Move it to the left to disable it

Frequently asked questions

 Why is Spotify not responding on my phone?

Spotify may not be working on your Android device because there is something wrong with the app’s software. Hence, you can try uninstalling the app and redownloading it. Find the app in your app’s list and long press it. Click on Uninstall to delete the app from your phone.

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Why is Spotify not working on IOS?

At times you can’t solve software issues by just restarting your app or iPhone. The best thing to do is to uninstall and reinstall the app when this happens. Search for  Spotify, then click on the cloud icon to the right of the app to reinstall it.

Why is Spotify not working on my Android?

Try to reset (reboot the device). If that did not work, try a clean reinstall. Be sure to locate and remove any Spotify folders or cached data from your device before reinstalling again. If that doesn’t work, try to update your device’s firmware.

How do I restart my Spotify app?

If you’re using Android, head to Settings > App Manager (The name of the option varies depending on the brand of your phone, but it should be something like that). Find Spotify on the list, tap “Clear Data/Cache” and then “Uninstall”


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