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Spotify not playing sound? Here’s the fix – 2022/23 – Rich Guide

Spotify not playing sound: Heard of Spotify! Spotify is a well-known streaming service where you get to listen to songs, Podcasts and watch videos from any artist across the globe. What’s your choice of music? Spotify got you covered. You get access to recent hits, old classic songs, and more. Also, you can download these songs and listen offline.

You can access free content on Spotify when you sign in with your e-mail address or when you connect with Facebook. This however has limited features. It’s just for you to get started and test it. You can get this free version on your mobile phone and laptop.Spotify not playing sound

But for you to get the most out of the Spotify service. You have to subscribe to the service. Spotify has a subscription level that includes premium families, premium students, and more.

Like every other streaming service, you could also encounter errors while playing on Spotify. One of the most common errors is not getting a sound when you hit play on the application. I know! It can be frustrating. But, this article contains what to do to fix the issue.

Why songs are playing but there is no sound on Spotify

When you are in a situation where you hit play, and could not hear a sound. You might want to adjust your device volume. But that may not be the solution. Let me explain why you face this error and what to do to fix it.

  • Poor internet connection
  • Outdated app
  • Overloaded RAM
  • Either your device or Spotify has technical issues
  • Overuse of your device CPU

How to fix Spotify not playing sound

From the listed problem above, identify the one that applies to you. This will help you know the solution step to take. Below is a list of possible solutions.

  1. Restart the app

Your app may be misbehaving. This could be due to overloaded RAM, viruses, or overuse of the CPU. To fix this, restart Spotify or you could log out and log in again.

  1. Turn off Bluetooth

It could be that the error occurs because you are using multiple audio devices at the same time. The Audio device includes  Bluetooth and laptop headphones or speakers.

You will have to turn off your Bluetooth when you want to playback through headphones. If it’s not playing through headphones, disconnect it and play with the device speaker.

  1. Mute then un-mute Spotify

To fix this no sound on the Spotify web player. You could follow the same steps used to fix Windows 7 problems

Here is the step:

  • Select the speaker icon at the bottom right screen
  • Then, click on Mixer
  • Go ahead to Mute and then un-mute Spotify
  • After you unmute. Restart the service.
  1. Use a different device

When you are faced with technical issues and you have tried to fix it. You can try to use a different Device. Sometimes, you will find out that the same song that was not playing on your mobile phone, will play so well on your computer.

  1. Update the Spotify app to the latest version

The error may occur because your app is out of date. So, you need an upgrade!. Update the app to the latest version and play music.

  1. Uninstall and reinstall Spotify

Your app might be corrupted or a file contains a virus. Consider clearing the app data. Though you will lose your music file it can help resolve the error.  If that did not resolve the issue. Try to install your Spotify app and reinstall it.

  1. Free the RAM

We mentioned above that overloaded RAM is one of the causes of this error. Also, if your RAM storage space is small or below 20%. It could cause this error. What you need to do is go to your RAM storage and free up space. You can also delete or install the apps you are not using.

  1. Switch to another browser

Spotify Web Player cannot work well on all browsers. For instance, it does not work on Safari again. So, you might have to try out other browsers like Opera, Chrome, etc. Also, you could try updating your browser to the latest version.

  1. Clear cache and cookies

Cache and cookies help the browser remember important information. But they can affect the work of Spotify Web players. So clear them out for your Spotify to work smoothly.

  1. OFF ad blockers

Ad-blocker could also cause Spotify Web Player no sound issues. So you have to turn it off. You can do that by clicking on the toolbar icon.

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