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Grocery Near Me – Grocery Store Near me that’s Open.

Grocery Near Me: Are you new in an area and wondering where to get all your food items, fresh fruits, and vegetables quickly and in a convenient place? Anyway, that shouldn’t be much of a problem or is so difficult to find. You can get all your items at a grocery store.Grocery Near Me

A grocery store is a store that sells mainly food. They typically sell fresh fruits and vegetables as well as canned goods. Search for ‘grocery stores near me’ on your search engine, and I bet you there are a lot to choose from, and you can discover easily accessible grocery stores near you.


You can find the closest grocery store close to you using Google Maps by searching online “grocery stores near me.”

  1. Turn on your location in your internet access device.
  2. Open any browser of your choice and grant it access to your location.
  3. Type in grocery stores near me in the search engine
  4. From the result of your search, click on Google map, which will guide you to the nearest grocery store in an area.

There are several other ways to locate a good grocery store from their lots in the U>S aside from using Google map. Others include,

  • Asking neighbors, friends, and colleagues who have stayed long in an area could help a great deal. They could even decide to accompany you there (my thought, though).
  • Through websites owned by these grocery stores, if possible.

How old are grocery stores

The grocery history began in the 14th century ago with a dealer also known as a purveyor who sold larger quantities of varieties of food products such as sugar, spices, cocoa, pepper, etcetera.

Because these items were usually purchased in bulk and then sold to the public, he was named grocer. The name grocer is derived from the French word ‘glossier,’ which means wholesaler.

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Grocers became well-known and widespread in 1800 when food began to be sealed into cans and could last longer in the grocers’ hands before they are put up for sale.

Thus, customers, in turn, could buy in large quantities and store up these canned foods. Refrigerators came into existence around this time, making it easier for food to be sold and stored.

Items sold in the grocery store

It is widespread for you to find dairy products, canned, frozen, and already prepared foods, fish, fruits and vegetables, chocolates, candy bars, drinks, eggs, baked items such as bread.

The list is enormous. In fact, there are always varieties of everything to choose from. You can also find non-food items at different grocery store sections, such as pharmaceutical products, household items, and electronics. You can also get your gadgets at the grocery store.

How have grocery stores changed over the years? 

There has been a tremendous change in overtime in the grocery store industry. In the early years, grocery stores operated the ‘over the counter’ system where a customer would give a list of the items she isn’t a staff member who would get the items from inventory and charge the customer.

To start with, In 1916 in Memphis, Tennesse, a store called Piggly Wiggle by Clarence Saunders was opened. And redefined what a grocery store experience could be. Piggle wiggly developed the ever self-service grocery store.

As such, customers were free to roam about in the store, picking items they needed and those that catch their interest. These items were arranged attractively, and prices were attached to the items to help customers shop smarter. And then presented to the clerks for payment.

Thus, with this development, the services of a few employers were required. Today, every grocery store operates in this manner.

The accessibility of the internet by most of the public has also led to online grocery stores. Customers select items from an online catalog at their homes’ comfort and have the items delivered to them.

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However, in some rural communities, grocery stores act as general stores, selling only dry goods, like canned foods. In contrast, perishable goods will from butchers or farmer’s markets.

Top 5 Biggest Grocery Stores in the US – Grocery Store Near Me That’s Open Now

Stop & Shop

Mostly concentrated in the northeastern United States, Stop & Shop has a generally positive rap. “[It’s a] fairly massive supermarket with a fairly decent selection of products. And fairly high prices to go with that selection,” one customer wrote on Yelp. “The meat department isn’t bad. And the deli area is large and staffed by beneficial people who will go out of their way to help you out.” Fair enough.


Safeway is pretty, uh, safe as far as grocery stores go—it’s not really super notable, but popular enough to make a list. One thing that’s interesting about Safeway, though, is the pricing. A recent review of Safeway versus Whole Foods found that Safeway was actually a bit more expensive than the store nicknamed “Whole Paycheck.” In WH’s defense, there are plenty of surprisingly cheap eats from Whole Foods!

Giant Food Stores

Another store you might not be familiar with unless you’re in the northeast, Giant Food Stores, is pretty average when it comes to all of the different survey points on the list. But fans love its focus on diversity. The stores reflect the neighborhoods it calls home and isn’t as cookie-cutter with how each store presents its products.


A gem to many Midwest folks—it’s practically a pastime to hang out in Meijer if you’re a teenager in Michigan—Meijer scores high on customer service and selection. But unlike many grocery stores, Meijer is doubling down on the “big box” stores instead of making smaller locations.

“They’re continuing to do (big-box) stores because that’s what they do best,” Jon Springer, an editor at Supermarket News, told Crain’s Chicago Business. “They have a reputation for that kind of store, and they operate them well.” The downside? Meijer typically prices its items a wee bit higher than other big boxes like Walmart.

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The overwhelming benefit of ShopRite is the value, according to customers. “You can never beat the ShopRite prices anywhere else in northern New Jersey,” a happy customer wrote on Yelp. “Stop & Shop prices [are] way too high!

Acme has bad meat, plus super-high prices. Pathmark is about as good as ShopRite, but ShopRite has their Can-Can sale, which I always stock up on all canned foods.”

Grocery Near me Delivery – Grocery store for Home & Office Delivery

The above-listed grocery stores also offer delivery services to millions of American citizens. So if you happen to place orders online, you will have them delivered to your home or office.

In the End

I would really appreciate feedback from you on grocery stores near me.  As such, I will be glad if you leave a comment below if you like today’s content and indicate what topic you would like us to write about. Thanks a lot, and best of luck with your finding.


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