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Wells Fargo Near Me

You can browse “Wells Fargo near me” to find and locate a Wells Fargo branch or atm near you as you can also get to see their working hours, available service, driving direction & more.Wells Fargo near me

Wells Fargo is a banking services provider, mortgage, credit card, investing, personal small business, not excluding commercial, financial service.

That said, Wells Fargo was established on1st January 1870, although it’s Banking services started on 18th March 1852. Wells Fargo’s customers are served from over 9,000 locations in the 50 States and over  12,000 ATMs.

Wells Fargo Near Me – How To Locate One Close To You Using Google Map

  • Turn on the GPS location on your internet access device, your Ios device, Android, or Laptop.
  • Open any browser of your choice and grant it access to your location.
  • Input  “Wells Fargo Near me” in the search tab or your browser
  • From the list of results from your search, click on one of the closest Wells Fargo Bank branch to you on the google map to enjoy great banking services.


There are about 5913 Wells Fargo bank branch locations. Your goal now should be on how to find the closest Wells Fargo Bank near your location.

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STATE                       No of Branches

  • Alabama                135
  • Alaska.                      48
  • Arizona                   253
  • Arizona                   3
  • California               1023
  • Colorado               154
  • Connecticut            71
  • Delaware                   17
  • District of Columbia   34
  • Florida                     623
  • Georgia                 271
  • Idaho                 84
  • Illinois            21
  • Indiana          33
  • Iowa               67
  • Kansas           8
  • Maryland      83
  • Michigan        17
  • Minnesota          167
  • Mississippi     .     13
  • Montana              42
  • Nebraska             40
  • Nevada               112
  • New Jersey         287
  • The New Mexico        88
  • New York              82
  • North Carolina       294
  • North Dakota          19
  • Ohio                           1
  • Oregon                      121
  • Pennsylvania            263
  • South Carolina        137
  • South Kolkata             47
  • Tennessee                  18
  • Texas                        117
  • Utah                 273
  • Virginia           273
  • Washington        152
  • Wisconsin          51
  • Wyoming              24

Wells Fargo Near Me Now Bank

Did Wells Fargo begin as a bank?

During the California Gold push in 1852, Wells Fargo primarily offers only delivery services, and years later, they started offering banking services after acquiring several other establishments.

Was well Fargo the victim of many robberies in its early days?

During their early days, they were robbed repeatedly that their stagecoaches & trains were robbed over 340 times, which led to the death of six of their staff and 16 of the robbers. Still, the evolution and development in technology have helped them curb robbery, which poses a threat to any establishment’s growth.

Do Wells Fargo Donate To Charity?

Yes, Wells Fargo volunteers 1.23 million hours to several charities and community projects across the U.S each year and also donates funds for several community projects.

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How many customers bank with Wells Fargo online?

With HTTPS: //www.Wells, over 22 million customers can access banking services at wells Fargo bank with their smartphone or any other internet access device.

Wells Fargo Near Me – What you Need to Know

Wells Fargo is the biggest lender in the U.S.

For student loans, automobile loans mortgage and various other loans, Wells Fargo remain the surest plug as they are the biggest lender in the U.S.

So, are you in need of a loan?  You can make the first move today by browsing ” Wells Fargo Near Me.”

Warren Buffet and Wells Fargo stock shares

Warren Buffet owns a large amount of Wells Fargo stock shares of about $ 463 million U.S Dollars amongst another massive number of shareholders.


There are a few facts about Wells Fargo that you may like to get yourself acquainted with as a bank customer.

  • On March 18, 1852, Wells Fargo was established in New York.
  • Wells Fargo remains the largest lender of the loan in the U.S.
  • Third, Wells Fargo has its ATM every 2 miles in the United States.
  • Also, Wells Fargo’s current headquarters is in  San Francisco in CA.
  • Wells Fargo operates over 70 million customers in the U.S.
  • It’s assess is in the amount of $1,553,871,000,000
  • Indeed, One in every three households in the U.S  banks with Wells Fargo.
  • Wells Fargo also operates a  self-service system for almost 80  percent of their deposit – customer services.
  • Finally, Wells Fargo has helped many households in the U.S  fulfill their dreams and reach their goals.
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Start today by browsing “Wells Fargo Near me” to enjoy amazing banking services at any Well Fargo Bank closest to you.


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