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Hiring Graphic Designer For a Job in USA – Graphicdesigner Jobs

Graphic designer job in USA: Are you a graphic designer and want to move to USA? If yes, then you are on the right page.

A graphic designer job in USA is a great way to begin your career in USA.

Hence in this article, we will be giving you every info you need to immigrate to the USA as a graphic designer

However, be sure to read through this article to get every info you need

Now, without delay let’s get startedGraphic designer

Who is a graphic designer?

A graphic designer is a professional who puts together images, typography, or motion graphics to create a piece of design using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers.

Types of graphic designer

Below are some graphic designer jobs to consider:

  • Brand identity graphic designer

A Brand identity graphic designer specializes in visual identity graphic design combined with brand stakeholders to create effects like logos, typography, color palettes, and image collections that represent a brand’s identity.

Hence, below are the basic job duties of a Brand identity graphic designer, they include:

  • Design or redesign an identity for a product, service, or organization
  • Create visual identities (logos, colors, fonts), print media, out-of-home-media, packaging, online campaigns, websites, applications, and much more
  • Developing ideas and strategies that show insight and innovation
  • Researching clients and their commercial environment, objectives, and the subjects at hand
  • Contributing to pitches, new business, and farming efforts
  • Marketing & advertising graphic designer

Marketing & advertising graphic designer works with company owners, directors, managers, or marketing professionals to create marketing tactics.

They specialize in a specific type of media and create a wide variety of collateral for print, digital, and more.

Hence, below are the basic job duties of a Marketing & advertising graphic designer, they include:

  • Create graphics in a very technical environment
  • Maintain brand standards and style
  • Design marketing materials, brochures, flyers, posters, email headers, trade show banners
  • Maintain and improve web graphics
  • Coordinate any third-party marketing services
  • Manage execution of materials at vendors
  • Review and execute SEO/SEM strategies
  • Manage AdWords campaigns
  • Design, build and maintain a social media presence
  • Support Product Managers in various marketing projects
  • Conduct market research; Update and analyze data
  • Maintain Customer Relationship Management tool
  • Print & Publication Designer

Print & Publication Designer specializes in publications works with editors and publishers to create layouts with selected typography and associated artwork, which includes photography, graphics, and illustrations.

Hence, below are the basic job duties of a Print & Publication designer, they include:

  • Researching concepts, designs, reference material, and similar work.
  • Rendering and presenting design mockups for revision and feedback.
  • Implementing feedback revision and creating final designs for printing.
  • Reviewing and proofreading designs to ensure that copy, layout, and dimensions are print-ready.
  • Overseeing the printing process to ensure color quality and consistency.
  • Managing the timelines and workflow of print design projects.
  • Communicating updates, feedback, and issues with the clients, managers, and the creative team.
  • Maintaining the brand’s consistency across all designs and printed materials.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest design trends, techniques, and printing standards.
  • Packaging graphic designer

Packaging designers create concepts, develop mockups and create print-ready files for a product.

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Hence, below are the basic job duties of a Packaging graphic designer, they include:

  • Leads the design process for packaging materials for products, including brainstorming, sketching, and creating prototypes
  • Works with clients to understand their needs
  • Evaluates consumer and market trends for packaging materials
  • Collaborates with marketing and creative teams, especially graphic designers and copywriters, to create eye-catching designs
  • Presents designs to clients and stakeholders using sketches and design software; ensures successful representation of clients’ brands
  • Redesigns prototypes based on feedback from clients, engineers, and consumer safety groups

Motion graphic designer

Motion graphic designer focuses on creating illustrations for commercial and editorial purposes, as well as illustrations that live on web designs and social media.

They are mainly reserved for TV and film.

Hence, below are essential job duties of a Packaging graphic designer, they include:

  • Creating and delivering motion graphics for various media
  • Working with art and creative teams to select audio, video, colors, animation, etc. for graphic design
  • Editing video footage and adding effects/elements to enhance motion graphics
  • Staying up to date on the latest graphic design techniques

Advantages of being a graphic designer

Below are some advantages of being a graphic designer:

  • A good pay
  • Use of Creative and Analytical Brain Parts
  • Appreciation for your Work
  • Highly Coveted Skills
  • Steady Demand
  • Ability to Work from Home
  • Creativity
  • Can Work for Many Companies
  • Can be Self-Employed
  • Good Life Balance
  • Can get benefits from Social Sites
  • less Physical Work
  • Good Job Prospects
  • Secured Future

The disadvantage of being a graphic designer

Below are some disadvantages of being a graphic designer:

  • Design is Subjective
  • Everyone thinks it’s an Easy Job
  • Competitive Job
  • Criticism and Demanding Clients
  • Working All Day on Computer
  • Jobs May Outsourced
  • Need Degree for Job
  • Some Designers Struggles to Pay Student Loan
  • Limited Promotions
  • Health Effects
  • Results Take Time

Requirements to Get a Graphic designer job in the USA

There are certain requirements you must meet up with to get a graphic designer job in the USA.

Hence, before applying for a visa and getting your visa approved, you must have a job offer letter as an immigrant.

However, below are some basic requirements you need to get a graphic designer job in USA:

  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or related field.
  • Experience as a graphic designer or in a related field.
  • Demonstrable graphic design skills with a strong portfolio.
  • Proficiency with required desktop publishing tools, including Photoshop, InDesign Quark, and Illustrator.
  • Must be good at visual composition.
  • Effective time management skills and the ability to meet deadlines.
  • Able to give and receive constructive criticism.
  • Understanding of marketing, production, website design, corporate identity, product packaging, advertisements, and multimedia design.
  • Experience with computer-aided design.
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Hence, if you meet up with the above, mentioned requirements, you can apply for the job of graphic designer.

However, it is important to display your skills during your interview process.

How to apply for Graphic designer Jobs in the USA

Follow these steps below to apply for a Graphic designer job in the USA:

  • First, lay out a CV and a good formal letter that will please your sponsor.
  • You can utilize the internet and social media platform to connect to most US employers or companies.
  • Submit your CV and application letter to any company of your choice, then wait for their interview.
  • Once, you’ve been accepted for the job, your potential employer will then determine your payment rate.
  • This is done by a formal discussion between you and your potential employer.
  • After that, your sponsor will now notify the US workforce.
  • Next, the labor condition application will be submitted to DOL for accreditation.
  • When all this is done, your employer will then register the USCIB for the Annual H-1B lottery and wait for the selection to be made.
  • This can only be done when an appeal has been made already for a visa sponsorship on your behalf.
  • Then, submit complete forms 1-129 to the USCIS for selection of beneficiaries.
  • When that is achieved, the employer will now inform you to apply for a visa in your home country.
  • Note: you will undergo an interview at the embassy you applied for a visa.
  • Also, you must also promise to return to your country once your contract is over

Responsibility of a Graphic designer in USA

If you’ve been employed already, then you must know the responsibility of a Graphic designer in the USA.

However, below are some duties of a graphic designer, they are:

  • Study design briefs and determine requirements
  • plan projects and define budget restraints
  • see visuals based on requirements
  • Prepare rough drafts and present ideas
  • Develop illustrations, logos, and other designs using software or by hand
  • Use the right colors and layouts for each graphic
  • Work with copywriters and creative director to produce the final design
  • Test graphics on various media
  • Amend designs after feedback
  • Ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and on-brand

Skills of Graphic designer Jobs in the USA

There are certain skills a graphic designer must possess to be regarded as a professional graphic designer.

Hence, below are some of these Skills, they include:

  • A keen eye for aesthetics and details
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work methodically and meet deadlines
  • Problem-solving
  • Must be a strategic thinker
  • Computer fluency in Mac and PC
  • Knowledge of design techniques, tools, and principles
  • Typography knowledge
  • Multimedia content development
  • Media production, communication, and dissemination techniques
  • Understanding browser capabilities
  • Creativity and originality
  • Fluency of ideas
  • Adaptability, flexibility
  • Teamwork
  • Organization, ability to multi-task
  • Self-directed
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The graphic designer suggested software proficiency

Below are suggested software abilities:

  • Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop
  • Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator
  • Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign
  • Adobe Freehand
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Autodesk
  • AutoCAD Software
  • CAAD Software
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Visto
  • QuarkXPress
  • Corel and CorelDraw Graphic Suite
  • Apple Final Cut Pro

The benefit of graphic designer Jobs in the USA

Below are some benefits of being a graphic designer in the USA

  • Freedom to express your imagination
  • Chance to meet new designers
  • Learning new techniques and skills
  • Improve your social skills
  • Opportunity to work with reputable companies
  • Stable income
  • Better access to resources
  • Employment in any industry
  • Work from any part of the world as a freelancer

Job opportunities for graphic designers in the USA

  • Graphic Designer


United States


  • Graphic Designer

AW Labor Solutions

San Marcos, TX, USA


  • Graphic Designer


Minneapolis, MN, USA


  • Senior Graphic Designer

Vitamin T

United States


  • Graphic Designer

Resorts World Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV, USA



Do graphic designers make good money?

An average graphic designer’s salary in 2020 was $53,380 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Do you need a degree to be a graphic designer?

Most companies hire entry-level designers based mainly on their portfolio and experience, rather than if they have a degree.

Is graphic designer a good career?

Graphic design is a great career option for people who are creative thinkers and enjoy art, technology, and communication.

Is graphic design in demand in USA?

About 23,900 openings for graphic designers are proposed each year, on average, over the years.

How do I become a graphic designer in USA?

Follow these easy steps to become a Graphic Designer:

  • Learn graphic design principles.
  • Enroll in a graphic design course.
  • Learn key graphic design tools.
  • Work on your own projects to develop your graphic design skills.
  • Develop a portfolio to showcase your graphic design work.


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