How to Contact the Seller on Amazon

You can learn how to contact the seller on Amazon to help you easily contact one when you need it. Third-party sellers are those who handle customer service for orders shipped directly from them except the order is eligible for Amazon Prime.

We are going to show you one or two ways you can use to contact the seller on Amazon with ease. Let’s get started.

Contact the Seller Before Placing an Order

Below are the steps you can use to contact the seller before you even make a purchase.

  • Visit the product detail page
  • Choose the name of the seller
  • On the next page you are directed to, choose ‘Ask a question. Occasionally, you’ll notice that the same product will be sold by different sellers. If this is the case, choose ‘New and Used’ on the product listing page to check the list of available sellers.
  • Thereafter, choose the rating of the seller you want to contact to access the seller’s profile page and choose ‘Ask a question.
  • Then choose the appropriate options in the ‘Seller Messaging Assistant’ chat or fill out the contact form.
  • Your message will be sent to the seller through the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service.
  • The seller will respond to you by email within two business days.
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Contact the Seller After Placing an Order With Them

Here are the steps you can use to contact the seller after placing an order with them:

  • Visit Your Orders page
  • Look for your order in the list
  • Choose ‘Problem with order’
  • Select your topic from the displayed list.
  • Then choose ‘Contact Seller

Things to Note

Here’s what you should note before and after contacting the seller on Amazon.

You have to give two days for the seller to respond. Sometimes, you’ll get a reply sooner.

Most orders placed with sellers are covered by Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee. I don’t get feedback from the seller within two days, visit the A-to-Z Guarantee to check if you qualify.

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If the seller’s listing is eligible for Amazon Prime, Amazon customer service will handle any issues that is related to the order.

If the tracking number begins with “TBA”, or your order is shipped with “AMZL_US”, go check ‘Deliveries from Amazon Logistics”.

Now that you know what to do, if you have already purchased an item, you can contact the seller to clear up any issues about your order through the Amazon Orders panel.