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How to Contact a Live Person at Facebook

Have issues with your Facebook account or want to know more about the workings of Facebook? It is very possible to contact a live person on Facebook. Facebook allows you to connect with others around the globe in real-time through a live chat or via posting messages on members’ walls. You can access this service free of charge and it offers an array of “Help” and “Technical Support” information for when a problem comes up. You can have access to contact and speak with a live person on Facebook. Be it about a law enforcement issue, business development/advertising, marketing, and employee verification. However, you can’t contact Facebook live person for technical support.How to Contact a Live Person at Facebook

So how do you contact a live person on Facebook?

  • Start by calling 650-543-4800 and press “2” for law enforcement, “3” for business development and advertising. “4” for marketing, “5” for press/editorial issues, “6” for employee verification. Or “7” to leave a message about an issue relating to a none technical issue.
  • Then speak with a representative about the issue you are having. You can also speak to request additional information from the specific department you are calling.
  • Then write down any information the representative gives you on a piece of paper for referencing later if needed.
  • Click “0” to speak to Facebook’s corporate operator if you happen to have an issue or problem not linked to the other departments or you don’t want to leave a message.
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So you now see that contacting a live person on Facebook for any issues you may be having is not difficult. At any point where you feel you need to speak to a live person on Facebook, you can use the above-listed steps to get the help you need.

It is that easy and uncomplicated to contact a live person on Facebook.


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