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How to Find a WPA Key on a Wireless Network

What is WPA

First, let’s start by getting to know what a WPA actually means. A WPA key is a password that you can use in connecting to a wireless network. It is an acronym for Wi-Fi protected access. That said, you can get the WPA password from the person running the network. Sometimes, a default WPA passphrase or password may be printed on a wireless router when you get it. Where you are unable to determine the password on your router, you may be able to reset it.How to Find a WPA Key on a Wireless Network

This takes us to the next question which is, how does a WPA key work? Here let’s see how it works:

How a WPA Key Works

You already know that WPA is an acronym for Wi-Fi-protected access. As such, there are three versions of the standard, which replaced an earlier, less secure system known as wired equivalent privacy, or WEP. For whichever version your device is using, you’ll generally be needing a password in order to get access to a wireless network. Immediately you have access, your communications will be encrypted to avoid eavesdropping.

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The latest version which is the WPA3 offers the most security, including on public networks.

Reset a Password

Password is the key that you would use to connect to your wireless network’s password. Without it, you won’t be able to connect. However, the good news is, you can reset the password on your router if you forget or lose the password.

You’ll find a button you can tap on your router to restore it to factory settings, including its default password. You’ll find the default password either in online manuals or printed on the device itself. You have to read your router’s documentation or contact the manufacturer for instructions. Where the default is the same across all units of your router model, you will have to change the password because someone else may easily guess it.

You should also understand that if you reset the router’s password, any devices that have the password saved, will also have to be reprogrammed. This includes computers, smartphones as well as devices like smart TVs. Set a password that you can easily remember but one that cannot be easily guessed by another person. Thereafter, reset any devices that need to connect to the router.

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How to Find WPA Keys

You can find the WPA keys by contacting your system support person. The person who set up your network usually keeps the WPA key. Thus, if your wireless network was set up by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you may find the information contained in the documentation they offer.

You can also see the documentation that came with your access point (wireless router). In case your access point is using the default settings, you can find the information contained in the documentation.

Alternatively, you can view the security settings on the access point. To do this:

  • Click open a web browser
  • Type in the IP address of the access point in the address field
  • Tap ‘Enter’

To get the IP address of the access point, you are to see the documentation that came with it or contact your system support person.

In a situation where you are using a proxy server, you have to temporarily disable it to load the Web page accurately.

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