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How To Set Up WOW! E-Mail

How To Set Up WOW! E-Mail, Are you confused about how to go about setting up WOW email? You don’t have to be. Why?, because we are here to offer you the help you need on your fingertips. So if you are ready, let’s get down to it right away.How To Set Up WOW! E-Mail

WOW is an acronym for Wide Open West. If you have internet service from WOW, you can get up to five WOW email addresses with your account on the company’s WowWay email domain. You can set this up when you activate your account or by contacting WOW customer service. This will help you get help in setting up your addresses. Immediately after your addresses are activated, you can configure your computer or smartphone in order to access the accounts or connect to them via your browser.

How WOW Email Works

WOW, or Wide Open West is a cable phone as well as an internet service provider. The company has services in various places around the United States. If you are a WOW internet customer, then you can get up to five email accounts. This is included with the cable account, each with up to a gigabyte in email storage. For those with a WOW business account, there is a separate process for help if they want to set up and configure their email.

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Customers can access their WOW email via the WOW website or by using an email program on their computer or smartphone. On the Wide Open West website or by calling customer service, you can get the details of how to configure your devices in order to access your email account. You have to understand that if you don’t use your WOW email account for more than three months, it may be deleted, according to the company.

How To Set Up WOW! E-Mail

Are you ready to learn how to set up WOW email?, let’s show you how:

You can set up an email program on your phone or computer in order to access your WOW email accounts:

  • Key in your email address and password when you are prompted to.
  • In case you are not sure what your username and password are, you can contact WOW customer service for help.
  • You can configure your incoming and outgoing email server to
  • Indicate that the server needs authentication in sending email and disable the secure socket layer and secure password authentication settings.
  • Then set the outgoing mail port to port 587.
  • You can either use the POP or IMAP email protocols in connecting to Wide Open West based on what your system supports.
  • IMAP is a new, more flexible service that allows you to keep your email on the mail server and access it from multiple devices. As such it is more likely you should choose IMAP except your system does not support it.
  • If you are using IMAP, you have to set the incoming mail server port to port 143. If you are using POP, you have to use port 110.
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Wide Open West also offers some detailed instructions on how you can set up your account with a variety of popular email programs. These programs include – Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail. You can check the WOW website to check if there are instructions for your preferred app. On the other hand, you can also access your email via the WOW webmail client. Simply contact WOW technical support if you experience any difficulties.

Using Other Email With WOW – How To Set Up WOW! E-Mail

It is very possible to use your WOW account to connect to other email providers. These include webmail services like Microsoft’s Outlook, Google’s Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or another email service you are provided with through your employer or school. For email service provided for you either by your employer or school, you can work with the company or institution that issued the account. This will help you get information on how to connect and what sorts of server settings you should use. Normally, your choice of internet provider will not affect how you connect to third-party mail services.

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Having Issues? – How To Set Up WOW! E-Mail

In case you are encountering trouble while trying to connect to your email or other services via WOW, and the services do not appear to be down, you can contact WOW. This will help you know if there is a problem with your internet connection. You can also troubleshoot your connection by simply restarting your modem and router and spotting if all sites and apps, or only some sites are inaccessible.



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