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How to Troubleshoot an LCD TV With Dead Pixels

Do you own an LCD TV?, then you need to understand this. Stuck pixels on your LCD TV can distort your viewing experience. What are stuck pixels? Stuck pixels shine like luminous blemishes on the face of your entertainment. Stuck pixels are brightly lit and can either be repaired by software or a good poke Dead pixels on the other hand are where the entire pixel fails and turns black.

Preparing for Repair – How to Troubleshoot an LCD TV With Dead Pixels

Before you start preparing to fix a stuck pixel on your LCD TV, you have to confirm that the problem is with the screen. To do this, gently clean your screen using a soft cloth and screen cleaner. You have to be conscious to spray the cleaner on the cloth and not on the screen itself. You can then test the screen with various input media like your computer, video games and television service. If you find out that the stuck pixels are consistent, then it means the problem is with the screen. However, if the problem changes with the media, the issue may actually be with the input media or due to a faulty connection.

UDPixel and JScreenFix

If you are experiencing a stuck screen with your LCD TV, there are two ways of solving this issue. For these two options, you don’t necessarily have to touch the screen. The first is using a UDPixel which is a free software utility that locates stuck pixels. It causes all the pixels around them to rapidly cycle via different colors. After a few hours, you will have a solution to a stuck pixel. The second option is using JScreenFix, which is a Web-based program that turns all screen pixels on and off roughly 60 times per second. You can also use this option in solving a stuck pixel problem after some time.

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Factory Reset – How to Troubleshoot an LCD TV With Dead Pixels

To fix a stuck pixel issue, you can also attempt to reset your television to factory defaults. However, the steps in using this option actually varies from one manufacturer and one model to the other. As such, you will need to consult your owner’s manual for further details. Where the manual does not include this information, your television manufacturer’s technical support staff should be able to walk you through the entire process to fix a stuck pixel issue.

Using Manual Repair Methods

You can also attempt using a manual repair method if the screen still has stuck pixels. However, before you attempt manual repair, note that you risk damaging the screen, breaking more pixels and even voiding your warranty. In using the manual repair method, there are three methods you can choose from to fix stuck pixels. They are pressure, rubbing and tapping.

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Pressure –To use the pressure method:

  • You are to find a ballpoint pen or a dull pencil and a washcloth.
  • Fold the washcloth over
  • Turn off your television
  • Put the cloth over the affected pixel and apply light pressure only to that area using the pen.

Rubbing –For the rubbing method:

  • Gently rub at the pixel with a finger until it resets.

Tapping –The tapping method will require you to:

  • Turn on the television
  • Turn it to a black display to make locating the pixel easier.
  • Gently tap at it with a ballpoint pen or other small, dull object.

If any of these methods work, you will be able to see the stuck pixels functioning properly again.

On the other hand, if these methods fail to work, then you have very limited options. In a situation where your television is still under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer to see about the repair or replacement. Note that even if it is, the manufacturer may refuse to take action unless the pixel problem reaches a certain threshold. This is based on the number of dead pixels and their location. (however bad pixels in the center of the screen are considered more serious) Where it is not, the cost of professional repair for the dead pixel may be prohibitive in these instances. The only choice you may have, may be to make do with the stuck pixels, or better still replace the television set.

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