How to Unlock Any SIM Card

How to unlock any SIM card – SIM cards otherwise known as Subscriber Identity Modules come with built-in security that helps stops unauthorized use of phone number. A SIM card always has a Personal Unblocking Key (PUK Code). A PUK code is a code set at the factory and is quite unique to each SIM card. You can also use this code to unlock a SIM card if you do not have a PIN.How to Unlock Any SIM Card

So let’s get started by showing you how to unlock any SIM card. We will be explaining in few simple steps, how you can unlock any SIM card of your choice without stress. So if you are ready to know how it works, let’s started with the steps and you’ll be able to unlock any SIM card in no time.

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How to Unlock Any SIM Card

We will be showing you in four (4) easy steps how to unlock any SIM card without stress. Here we go:

The first step to unlocking your SIM card, would be to contact your cell-phone carrier. This will help you in obtaining the PUK Code. The carrier who supplied the SIM card retains the PUK Code. Thus, you may find it easier calling the carrier over the phone for free or better still, register your details and SIM card at the carrier’s website to obtain the PUK code

For the second step, you should attempt to unlock the SIM card using a phone. Simply key in the sequence of four digits three times. The digits you use does not really matter. You are only prompting the SIM card to ask you for the PUK code which unlocks all SIM cards.

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The next thing you should do, is to key in the PUK code when you are prompted by the phone.

Thereafter, key in a new PIN number that you like when you see the prompt from the phone. Re-enter the PIN number to confirm your entry.

As the final stage of unlocking the SIM card, you’ll have to reboot the phone. You can do this by turning the off and turning it back on again. Once the phone comes up again, key in your new PIN number. Now your SIM has been unlocked.

Now that you know the simple process of unlocking any SIM card, unlocking any SIM card should not be an issue for you. This method cuts across all SIM networks.