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The US Bank National Association that issue a Prepaid gift card to all Visa Gift Card holders and Mastercard gift card users has made it possible for prepaid gift card users to check their card balance, track purchases and also keep tab with other useful financial information relating to your prepaid gift cards at the card website at

Prepaid Gift Card Registration – Prepaid Gift Balance Register Card – Card Registration Procedures

The card registration process is quite easy and can be done with a few clicks away. All you need to do is to head straight to the website with your Visa gift card online card number. But before we proceed to register your card, let’s talk about why you need to register your Visa prepaid gift card balance on

Prepaid Gift Card Balance Registration – Why do you need to Register your Card

If you are still seeing no sense in registering your card then this part of the post will help you see the reasons you need to register your Visa balance card.

  1. When your Visa card balance is registered, you are guaranteed a replacement if the card is lost. Though when you lose your card you will be charged a replacement fee of $5.95 with your remaining balanced moved to a new card you will be issued provided you are able to provide the card number of the lost card.
  2. If your card isn’t registered, purchasing becomes stressful, ‘cos at every purchase point with your Visa gift card, you will have to present your plastic card or a copy of your card or a purchase receipt to verify the cardholder’s identity.
  3. If your card isn’t registered, you won’t be able to make an online purchase on any website that accepts Visa gift cards, no will make a purchase by mail or through your mobile phone on any device.
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Note that there is a need to register your prepaid gift card if it’s your first of using the card. The below instructions will help register your card;

  1. Go to the official page of the site at with your browser.
  2. Navigate to the first-time login interface.
  3. Key in your 16-digit card online account number.
  4. Hit on the “Enter” button.

Alternatively, you can register your prepaid gift balance card as a new user by calling the customer’s cardholder services or support line at 1-888-853-9536.

Done registering your account the next is to do a prepaid gift balance online account login using your card account number and your login details.

Prepaid Gift Balance Login

The login process is as easy as ABC. With your login details visit the official site URL and key in your login info.

  • Visit the URL at
  • Key in your card number.
  • Hit on the login button.

Prepaid Gift Card Balance Customer Services – Card Support Service

You can contact customer service for assistance or inquires with the customers’ support line/cardholder’s service line at 1-888-853-9536.

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Customers Service Mail Box

PO Box 551667


FL 32255

How to Fix Card transaction Error

Let us say you are experiencing challenges making transactions with your card, you can write to the cardholder support mailbox, however, in other for your mail to be responded to quickly and with a solution to why you wrote it, make sure you write with your name and card number including transaction date and the amount and error faced described with few words.

Costumers Service Inquiry

Here are few things that when it happens, you can write or contact the customer’s service support line for help or assistance; stolen card or lost card, when transactions fail, when your card date of expiration is approaching, when you want to change your PIN, and when you want to enquire on how to make transactions with your card.

Visa Debit Card – What Cardholders must Know

  1. At the point of purchase of Visa debit card, your card Transaction PIN is included in your purchase pack, in the event you want to change your transaction PIN you can place a call to the Toll-Free line at 1-888-853-9536.
  2. Your Visa debit card is not reloadable.
  3. The card cannot be used at the ATM point for cash withdrawal.
  4. The gift card is only valid for use in the United State.
  5. Your Card comes with the value loaded on it at the point of purchase.
  6. You can’t receive a transfer from another card to your card.
  7. Your card expires when the balances are zero.
  8. After the date, the card is meant to last the card becomes invalid with the balance left on it.
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