How to Measure a Flat Panel TV

Oftentimes, the first thing that attracts you to a TV set is the screen. In as much as the idea of buying a big-sized TV screen may sound appealing, you should understand that what really matters is how far away you’ll be viewing the screen. Another important factor is the resolution of the set you are considering buying. You can easily measure a flat panel TV screen in order to find the perfect fit for your room and viewing.How to Measure a Flat Panel TV

Talking about resolution, here’s what you should know.

The Impact of Resolution

When thinking of buying a big screen TV set, understand that the resolution of the screen also affects the viewing distance because a sharper image is likely to become noticeable pixilated when you get close to it.

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Measure a TV Screen

Manufacturers employ the same method when describing TV screen size. The promoted screen is the diagonal length measured in inches. Diagonal length is measured from one corner to the opposite corner of the screen surface. However, the publicly promoted diagonal screen size does not always reflect the actual viewable screen size.

In order to combat the accusations of false advertising for flat-screen TVs, the term ‘class’ is what is used. This implies that an advertised TV may be described as a 55-inch ‘class TV’. This is because the frame/bezel needs to cover a small portion of the panel to secure it.

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To measure:

  • Get a tape measure
  • Start from one corner of the screen
  • Hold the end in place as you stretch the tape measure out diagonally to the opposite corner.
  • Read the measurement and make a note of it.
  • It is best to measure TV sizes in inches. This is because that’s how they are quoted in the industry.


View Distance and Screen Size

As earlier stated, the TV screen you are vying for, depends primarily on the distance from which you will be viewing it from. If the screen happens to be too big for your space, you are likely to start seeing some pixilation of the images, which will compromise the viewing experience. The reason behind getting a big TV screen, should be the visibility.

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Even though the ideal relationship between viewing distance and TV screen size is not explicitly determined here’s what should be ideal. It would be best to sit between 1.5 and 2.5 times the screen size away from the TV. To simplify this, you can double the screen size to find the ideal viewing distance.

There are also some other alternative formulas that you can use in working out the ideal viewing distance. According to Amazon, you are to multiply the viewing distance in feet by 7.7 in order to find the ideal TV screen size in inches.