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What is the Meaning of PM in Facebook?

Simply put, “PM” is an acronym for “Personal Message”. So when next someone tells you to PM him/her, it simply means sending the person a personal message. You’ll also come across another term which is “DM”. DM is an acronym for “Direct Message”.What is the Meaning of PM in Facebook?

What Does PM Mean

When someone asks you to send them a PM on Facebook, they are simply asking you to send them an exclusive message and also not comment straight on an article or on a picture. This is to make the conversation exclusive and also unidentified to the public since the conversation cannot be seen by all. You can easily send a PM to a friend on Facebook via Messenger.

Facebook users most often use the term “PM” when they are having a wall-to-wall conversation that they wish to keep private.

How to send a private message to a Facebook page

To send a private message to a Facebook page, you must understand that you can only send a private message to pages that have turned on messaging.

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To send a private message to a Facebook page:

  • Click on the “three line” icon at the right of Facebook
  • Click on “Pages”
  • Visit the page you want to message
  • Underneath the page’s cover photo, click on the Message icon.
  • Type in your message and click on “Send”

If you are unable to see the option to message a Page, it means the Page has turned off this feature. To contact a Page with messages turned off, you may be able to post on the page.


You can also send a personal message on the Facebook platform via the “Chat” option. All you have to do is:

  • Click on the “Chat” symbol under the right side of the display
  • Click on the name of the friend
  • Type a message
  • Once you see an eco-friendly dot close to the friend’s name it means the friend is currently online.
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As a Facebook user, Facebook gives you the liberty to fully customize your account’s privacy settings. Thus you may from time to time find a friend who has set up their account such that no one can send them a private message. Some users are also known to limit their availability to certain friends on the Chat application.

So when next you see a message with the phrase sending you a PM or send me a PM, you should know it is about sending a personal message which is not to be viewed by everybody.


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