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Free International Calls Apps – Free International Call

Looking for free international call apps? This is your best ground. Distance is no more a barrier again. Thus, with the best voice and video calls app you can connect to family and friends anywhere at any time.Free International Calls Apps

Apps to make calls are now available. That is to say, you can now communicate with friends around the world spending less.  In most cases, you can call abroad for free with these apps.

Am too sure that all of these apps in our listing support free international calls to at least one country or even more. In fact, some of them have chat features where you can easily message your partner or friend. More mind-blowing apps will give you all these features and allow you to share photos and videos. Read on for the five best apps to make international calls.

Free International Calls Apps

  • WhatsApp –The safest app

WhatsApp is a platform for messaging. But it didn’t end there, it has voice call features and video call features as well. And this app can be used in Android phones and as well as iOS series. This app makes use of data to link you and your friends across chat, video calls, and voice calls.

WhatsApp added end-to-end encryption to all messages and calls made with the app. this makes it a more secure place and app to use. This platform has a web and desktop version, which means that there is no excuse for not using their platform. But there is something you need to know. You cannot call emergency services with this app. for example, 911 emergency numbers in the U.S.

Features for call services

  • You can make free voice and video calls.
  • There is room for a Group calls.
  • Your communication is secured over end-to-end encryption. Thus, this can affect when both parties are making use of the recent version of the app.
  • Note that when you stay too long on the app, it could result in data overage.
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Skype –best for making Group calls.

Skype has been since 2003 and it is a VoIP service. It has an easy way to connect you with friends within and abroad. This app can be used for voice and video calls. The most important part is that you can form a group of 10 while making calls with the app.

Here, you will only be charged when you are calling someone who does not make use of Skype. But the packages you will enjoy it more than what you may lose.

Skype is also a platform that can make use of data and as well will not permit you to contact emergency services. This app can be used on Android and iOS respectively and also can be used on PC or Mac computers, in a web browser, and in Xbox.

Features for call services

  • You can make free calls with Skype users only.
  • You can always stay connected to your friend by sending video or voice messages when they miss your calls.
  • But this app does not encrypt your information. Thus, it is risky.
  • It can consume a lot of data when used long.

 Facetime-Best iOS video call app

Facetime is a free voice and video call app designed for the iOS series. These series include iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. It makes use of data to make this happen. Also, it allows you to make calls even when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Here, your Apple ID is needed to set up an account. This makes it strictly an app for the Apple family. With your iPhone, your phone number will be registered on its own to the Facetime app. But this is not so in other iOS series apart from iPhone. This means you may have to register an email to the facetime app.

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Facetime requires a phone number or email associated with your Apple ID to enable you to contact your friends.

Features for call services

  • This allows you to make calls over Wi-Fi.
  • It is secured to use. Thus, it has end-to-end encryption.
  • But, this app is not for android users.

Google VoiceThe best app for U.S. and Canada-based clients.

Google Voice is a VoIP service that offers free calls to Canadian and U.S based users. With the app, you can receive emails or text messages with transcripts of your voicemails. However, you can add up to six numbers to your account. You can also forward a voice mail but only when you have called and there was no response. This can be used on Android and iOS devices as well as a desktop app.

This app is the best for those in the U.S. and Canada. This is because it offers free calls most time. Therefore, your country will be charged for calls depending on what the Google price list says.

Features for call services

  • Firstly, you can at ones forward up to six numbers to your account.
  • You will get a free voicemail transcription
  • You can also record your incoming calls.
  • This app to free to use only in the U.S. and Canada. Therefore, if you stay outside this landmark, you will often be charged for calls.
  • You can only call Google voice numbers.
  • You can only make outgoing calls from the U.S.

Viber-VoIP App

Viber is also another VoIP service offering free voice and video calls to users. At cheap rates, you can call landlines and mobile phones, unlike Google Voice. You just need a registered phone number so that your contacts can use it to find you on the app.

This app is available for Android and iOS devices and as well as a browser version. This is a popular European app for calls just like WhatsApp is common with us in the U.S. You can share photos and personal media files with this app.

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Features for call services

  • You can make free calls with other Viber users.
  • You need to sign up with a phone number so that other users will find you over the app.
  • But, your calls and text are not encrypted. Thus, information shared on this platform is risky.
  • This is a data usage app.


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