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How to Download Animated GIFs

Are you asking the same question of how to download animated GIFs?. If you are, then you are on the right page because I am about to answer that question in this article. Just read on to learn more.How to Download Animated GIFs


GIFs or Graphics Interchange Format offers a convenient medium of sharing expressions, instructions or information over the Internet. This can be done via a web browser or any other similar platform that supports the format type. GIFs are composed of multiple frames and thus are played sequentially, and it looks like a short animation clip.

You can creatively create your GIFs, or download them from websites that work as a full-fledged repository that contains a gigantic collection of GIFs of all categories. Also, You can share GIFs you download from these sites on almost all social media networking platforms for free through a unique link that is generated as soon as these GIFs are published.

You can also save downloaded GIFs on your PC and use them offline when the need arises.

Different Types of Popular GIF Downloads

Good Morning /Afternoon /Night GIFs

These are the kind of gifs that can be used as a startup for any kind of relationship. You can use this kind of gifs to break the ice and make friends with strangers you meet online. You can start the day by sending a good morning gifs and end the day with amazing goodnight gifs.

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Happy Birthday GIFs

Happy birthday, gifs are those commonly used by people globally to wish their loved ones well on their special day. While some GIFs come with good wishes, some portray comics that lights up the faces of the celebrants with smiles.

Thank You GIFs

You’ll see tons of thank you gifs collections online. You can use these gifs to show your gratitude. You can find both formal and informal gifs that you can use to appreciate someone.

Happy New Year GIFs

To start the new year, you can download happy new year gifs which you can use to herald the new year. Some of these gifs contain positive messages which you can use to start off the new year.

Love & Kiss GIFs

You can use love and kiss gifs, in conveying your love towards someone. This will help you better express yourself if you can’t find the right words to convey your feelings.

How Do I Download a GIF?

You can download a gif from some browsers by selecting and saving a gif of your choice to your computer.

If you are using a Google Chrome browser:

  • Place the cursor on the GIF
  • Right-click and select “Save as image”
  • From the menu displayed, choose a folder where you want to save the GIF file.
  • Make sure the file is saved as a GIF file that ends with the extension “gif”, or you may not see the animation.
  • Once you have saved the downloaded file, you should be able to open it in a web browser or in any application that supports the display of animated GIFs.
  • Where the application does not support animation, the GIF may be displayed as a static image or may not even be displayed at all.
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Note:Some GIFs are copyrighted, as such may not be lawful to use for commercial purposes.

How to Download GIFs From the Social Media

On some popular social media you’ll find that they have their own method of downloading static and animated GIFs.

On Facebook and Pinterest you can download by:

  • Clicking on the animated GIF so it can be displayed in a separate browser tab
  • From there, you can use the browser’s standard method for saving the GIF.

How to Download a GIF to Your Mobile Phone

It is also possible to download a GIF to your mobile phone as well as other mobile devices.

On iPhone and iPad:

  • Click and hold on a GIF you want to save
  • If the app you are using supports downloading GIFs you should be able to,
  • Click on the Save Image
  • The GIF will pop up as static in the Camera Roll but should animate when you display it in an app which supports animation.

On Android

For Android devices, there is no particular method of saving GIFs that works with phones manufactured by different vendors. However the GIFY can come in handy here as it offers a library of animated GIFs which can be shared in other apps or downloaded to your phone’s image storage area. You can get Giphy on the Google Play Store and iTunes Store.

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You can now express yourself better and makes your messages more colorful with animated GIFs.


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