The Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies

Is there a need to buy insurance for a motorcycle? I think that question is very necessary so long as you live in the United States and other countries that require all motorcyclists by law to be under insurance coverage if there must be a ride on the street and highways.

Be it as it may, I’m not here to talk about the need to have your motorcycle insured. Far from that. I’m here to help you choose the best motorcycle insurance company that meets your needs. Only keep reading.Motorcycle Insurance Companies

To start with, I did all within my professional ability (in other words, my best) after in-depth research for about three hours.

In the end, I was able to put together the top-rated Motorcycle insurance companies over various categories to help you make better choices as the quality of an Insurance coverage coupled with affordable prices and great customer service makes a good Motorcycle insurance company.

Progressive – Best Motorcycle Insurance for daily riding

This is our first choice for motorcycle riders as it has affordable coverage, free add-ons, and generally a range of discounts, and all these are included at no extra cost.

More so, its policies provide full replacement cost coverage which ensures that your motorcycle is restored to the condition to which it was before the accident without considering deduction for depreciation of the motorcycle.

Also, the fact that guarantee a replacement of your motorcycle spare parts whether original or custom parts. It is also a great choice as its premium is generally low due to its long discounts and accident forgiveness programs.

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Be it as it may, it is good that you know that after 4 years of accident-free with progressive, and then an accident happens, this first accident won’t be counted for you as long as the accident costs them more than $500.

GEICO – Best Motorcycle Insurance for low-cost coverage

Known as the cheapest motorcycle insurance company that offers lots of discounts and allows its subscribers to make payments in installments.

Further, another feature that makes GEICO stay afloat as one of the best is the fact that their newcomers with previous policies at a different insurer get an automatic discount of up to 10%, just for switching to GEICO.

More so, you can also get a discount as a customer when you renew your motorcycle insurance.

Foremost – Best Motorcycle Insurance for custom bikes

Foremost offers the best coverage for customized bikes and its insurance policies provide high optional equipment coverage limits.

That said, one of its interesting features is High OEM and custom parts limits and also the availability of accessories coverage. Some of the examples of what foremost covers include; chroming, custom paint jobs, and sidecars. It also provides $1,500 in coverage for helmet and gloves and other protective equipment.

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On the other hand, you can increase your coverage limit with Foremost from $3,500 to $15,000 with no additional cost to riders. Foremost, also do not offer insurance policies in Hawaii and Massachusetts only but everywhere.

Markel – Best Motorcycle Insurance for collectors

Markel has been in this business of motorcycle insurance for over 40 years and provides coverage for a wide array of motorcycle types by offering multiunit discounts that lower a policy holder’s quote.

But that is if they have more than one motorcycle insurance policy with the company and also having a diminishing deductible makes it a great choice.

In the same manner, Markel is the best motorcycle insurance company for Hobbyists and collectors. Examples of motorcycles Markel offers coverage to includes; Cruisers, Sportbikes, touring motorcycles, sport- touring bikes. Next, Big twins, Street bikes, Scooters, Mopeds, Dirt bikes, Trikes, and motorcycles.

Dairyland – Motorcycle Insurance Companies for occasional riding

Dairyland’s insurance provides a quote for temporary motorcycle insurance policy and so is best for international visitors, Occasional motorcycle riders. Its insurance policy is available in increments of 30, 60, and 90 days and only offers coverage for a driver and motorcycle.

United States Automobile Association (USAA) – Best Motorcycle Insurance for military veterans

This is the best motorcycle insurance company for active service members, cadets, veterans, midshipmen at service academies, and military families as they offer military-only-discounts to help reduce the premium.

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That said, its amazing features include; Military specific discounts, highly rated customer service and it offers loan financing for bikes.

USAA does not offer its services directly to its members but redirects them to Progressive, who still offer military members, veterans, and their families extra discounts and cheaper rates. USAA also offers up to 100% loan motorcycle financing.

How do I know the best-rated Motorcycle Insurance Companies?

A best-rated motorcycle insurance company is one that combines great customer service with affordability and also has the financial ability to cover claims in any situation. A.M Best and J.D power help you do the mathematics.

Motorcycle Insurance Rating by A.M Best and J.D Power

A.M Best is a prominent rating agency good in analyzing companies based on their financial strength while J.D power is an industry expert that helps determine the best-rated insurance companies for overall good customer satisfaction.

Motorcycle Insurance Company A.M. Best J.D. Power
Progressive A+ (Superior) 3
GEICO A++ (Superior) 4
Foremost A (Excellent) NR
USAA A++ (Superior) 5
Markel A (Excellent) NR
Dairyland A+ (Superior) NR