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Panera Bread Near Me

Panera is a fast food industry and bakery-café wildly known as Panera Bread founded in 1987 and operate in the United States and Canada which offers divers of products including several varieties of bread such as bagel and baguettes, cold sandwiches, hot Panini, salads, soups, coffee and teas, plates of pasta, espresso drinks and lot more.  With over 2,500 outlets and stores scattered nationwide. And was judged by North America’s healthiest fast-food restaurants in June 2014.Panera Bread Near Me

Panera Bread Near Me – Find it on the Map.

  • The map will open a local map based on your current location. Thus, you must turn the GPS on your cellphone ON for the map to work properly (It usually is).
  • If you are using a home computer or laptop, avoid using a Proxy or VPNs, as the Food Map will open on your local IP address’s location.
  • After the map loads, click or tap on a location for more information about this place to eat (address, average reviews, opening hours).
  • It shows all the local food places to eat with an Orange or Red (Fork+ Knife) icon. It shows bars as cocktail glass icons.
  • On mobiles/cell phones, use two fingers simultaneously to navigate the map.
  • Use the Plus and Minus icon to zoom in or out on the map. I will show more restaurants as you zoom in.

Panera Bread Locations Near me – Find Panera Bread Near to me using Google Map.

Google Map is a location finder app that is simply excellent for searching for locations and finding places. As such, you can find Panera Bread Near me Now or Panera Bread Near me Hours.

Thus, the google map can be accessed via the computer or through a mobile device that will require you first download it from the Google play store before you can enjoy its services.

More so, Google Maps will primarily use your IP address to generate the Panera Bread Near me delivery results around you. By simply typing Panera Bread Near me Now, you will be able to receive answers to your search.

On the other hand, it will display several Panera Bread locations or restaurants that you can take a look at. It usually displays the results using red pins. You can zoom in on the map to have a better view of the place.

In like manner, upon zooming in, you will see the road, street, and the lane in which I find the Panera Bread. By following the routes and letting the map be your guide, the chances you will end up in the expected place are extremely great.

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Locations and Hours of Operation

I can find Panera Bread locations in over 40 states and Canada. So, while you might not be able to find one everywhere, there is a good chance that you will find a nearby location when using Panera Bread Near Me. Generally, the hours of operation for Panera Bread locations are 7 am until 9 pm, though the hours may vary depending upon the location.

A Quick History of Panera Bread

Panera Bread will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2017; however, it didn’t start under that name. St. Louis Bread preceded Panera Bread. St. Louis Bread was founded in 1987 by Ken Rosenthal, who sold the company in 1993.

More so, the new owners changed the name to Panera Bread, which literally means “Time of Bread” in Italian. The new owners focused on expanding the Panera Bread chain and set up a new headquarters in Sunset Hills, Missouri. As of today, Panera Bread has almost 2000 locations in 40 states as well as Canada.

Panera Bread Menu

Have you never been to Panera Bread? Are you looking for a new dish to try? Here are some recommendations that you may want to give a shot at or try and make at home.

Panera Bread Soup Menu

New England Clam Chowder

While this may not be the healthiest item on the menu, at 570 calories per bowl, it is a warm and hearty soup to help fight off the winter chills.

Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

If you are looking for a healthier choice, this soup still has the nice warmth you would find in the chowder, but it comes in at only 260 calories a bowl. It flavors the creamy chicken soup with onion, celery, and carrots.

Panera Bread Broth Bowls Menu

Thai Garden Chicken Wonton

It makes this broth with ginger-chicken wontons, a low-fat vinaigrette, and some nice seasoning, including onions, cilantro, and spinach. It is rich but not too heavy. You can also feel good knowing that it is only 290 calories a bowl.

Ricotta Sacchettini with Chicken

This pasta-based broth has a lot of complexity. With a six-cheese filling in the pasta and Parmesan in the broth, you have a nice cheesy experience. This dish is a bit heavier at 460 calories a bowl.

Panera Bread Sandwiches Menu

Tuna Salad Sandwich on Honey Wheat

This lovely sandwich is a pretty standard tuna salad with red onions, tomato, salt, and pepper added to it. A good strong standby at 690 calories.

Roasted Turkey & Avocado BLT on Sourdough

The name says it all. You have a nice plump turkey with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and some avocado. What more could you ask for? Oh, maybe some mayo, but they include that. This mouth-watering sandwich is only 690 calories.

Panera Bread Salads Menu

Modern Greek Salad with Quinoa

This salad has got the works from diced cucumbers and olives to feta and almonds. If you want to have an explosion of flavors, this is a great choice. For the full salad, you are looking at 510 calories.

BBQ Chicken Salad

This nice and healthy salad has got corn and frizzled onions added into it with some nice BBQ ranch dressing on top of the chicken. At only 450 calories, it is a pleasant choice.

Panera Bread Menu List

Mac and Cheese

That is right, Panera Bread has a great and hearty mac and cheese that comes in at 960 calories per dish. So, if you are hungry, it is there for you.

Chicken Tortellini Alfredo

This creamy and cheesy dish has got a three-cheese filling for the pasta with extra Parmesan on top. At 750 calories, it will make for a good dinner if you feel like indulging.

With so many delicious and tasty things to eat, you will not go wrong visiting after you search Panera Bread Near Me.

Panera Bread Near Me Hours – Panera Bread Holiday Hours

All Panera Bread restaurants are CLOSED for Thanksgiving and on Christmas Day.

Specific holiday hours will vary from bakery-cafe to bakery-cafe. To find the hours for your neighborhood Panera Bread, please call that location.

All Panera Bread locations are OPEN (but often with limited hours) on these holidays:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day (Varies by store)
  • Christmas Eve (Closes early)
  • Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday
  • George Washington’s Birthday
  • Memorial Day
  • The Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Easter

Panera Bread Breakfast Hours

Panera serves breakfast until 10:30 AM during the week and until 11 AM on the weekends. If you want to go there for a tasteful meal, you did go within the above mentioned time.


To begin with, lots of businesses have websites that will come in handy at all times because they always provide you with the relevant information you need.

As such, taking an example of a big and well-known restaurant like Panera Bread, they have numerous locations and therefore call for them to provide a means as to how people can be able to locate Panera Bread Near to them.

As a result, the store locators have been developed and can be accessed via the websites. Thus, these store locators usually help one get the location near them by feeding the search information.

Such as; city, state, or zip code to the search box and then click the search ‘button.’  Even so, not all stores have store locators, and therefore, other methods will apply for them at all times.

Panera Bread Phone Numbers

If you need to call Panera Bread customer service, then the number below is the easiest access.

Locate Panera Bread Phone Numbers:

Panera Bread Customer Service (US): 1-314-984-1000

The Panera Bread Catering: 1-855-8-PANERA or visit

Panera Bread Fax Number (US): 1- 314-909-3300

Talk to a Human:

Press 1058 or 1000 for the extension, or wait through the first menu, and you will be connected.

Average Wait: 4 mins — Mon-Fri: 8 am-5 pm

Corporate Headquarters Phone Number: 1-203-877-4281.


Customers can send a mail to this address:

Panera Bread Corporate Headquarters, 3630 S Geyer Rd #100, St. Louis, MO 63127, United States.

Email: Panera Bread can be contacted online via their email form here:

Live Chat: The Panera Bread Live chat is open from:

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Monday – Friday: 08:00 AM – 05:00 PM CDT. Saturday – Sunday: Closed. See the link below.

Panera Bread Location Finder Apps

  1. Yelp App– The Yelp mobile app uses your phone’s GPS to find and show restaurants in your area. You can filter results based on opening hours, type of food, and costs.
  2. HappyCow App– The HappyCow app is an app for vegetarians or vegans. HappyCow I shows only healthy vegan and vegetarian food places, and you can search for options like gluten-free, juice bars, and more.
  3. Urbanspoon App– Urbanspoon’s app has a restaurant locator, and you can write/share reviews with friends.
  4. Zagat App– The Zagat app only has ratings and reviews that are curated by official Zagat editors. This means that when searching in Zagat, you are getting an expert opinion instead of just the crowd’s wisdom.
  5. Foodspotting App– The Foodspotting app lets users search and share menus and particular menu items that you like, not simply restaurants. Please take photos of the food/drink you like, add your thoughts or descriptions, upload it all, and tell people about the location. It will also show you photos of recommended menu items, near your current location, instead of just restaurants around you.

Panera Bread App Rewards and Savings

The Rewards section is the prize ribbon icon at the top right of the home screen on your app.  Just for joining, you get a free pastry or other sweet.

Thus, other possible rewards include assorted bakery-cafe items.  Panera also may offer you exclusive previews and tastings and invitations to special events.

However, rewards are earned based on “visits,” which means you must make some sort of purchase. This differs from many other restaurants where rewards points are based on the amount you spend.

So, Panera appears to be leaning more towards its regular customers, who often come in for small purchases.

On the other hand, those who put in large orders infrequently, such as the office gopher who has to pick up the catering order, don’t get as much love.  This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, but it’s worth noting.  According to Panera, rewards will show up every 3 to 6 visits.

In the End

Sincerely, I did like to ask for your feedback on Panera Bread Near to Me. As such, I would be glad if you leave a comment below if you like the content of what you have found here. Or if you would have us add a thing or two. Thanks a lot. Best of it, happy searching for the closest Panera Bread Near Me Open Now.


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