What Is a Climate Map?

Have you ever wondered what a climate map is but can’t come up with the right definition? Well get this – a climate map is a depiction of prevailing weather patterns over time in a particular area. It normally consists of a conventional map overlaid with colors that represent climate zones. The map’s legend enables you to identify each zone.What Is a Climate Map?

This brings us to the next question which is what is climate?

The term “climate”, refers to dominant as well as recurring weather patterns over a long period of time. The information you come across in most climate maps has been compiled from readings that have been taken for decades.

What Do Climate Maps Map?

Climate maps are designed to represent the climates of a region, continent or even the entire world. They make use of a combination of precipitation, temperature, seasonal variations, and geographic features in identifying climate zones.

You may be wondering, what is a climate zone?

What is a Climate Zone?

The Koeppen-Geiger climate classification system, it identifies 31 climate zones. This depends on five main climate types namely – equatorial, arid, warm-temperature, snow and polar. Apart from using colors, a Koeppen-Geiger map, makes use of letter code in specifying differences among zones.

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Global Warming

Another useful feature of climate maps is that it helps scientists in tracking, measuring and illustrating climate change. The British government in Oct 22, 2009, released a climate map based on computer models which depict the possible effects of global warming by 2060.

Interactive Climate Maps

Currently, interactive climate maps are available on the internet. With it, you can find specific climate information about cities as well as towns in the United States as well as around the globe.

If your studies or your work requires you to get a climate map, I hope you now know where to get one.

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