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Frozen Yogurt Near Me

if you are a lover of a frozen dessert made with yogurt and a low-fat alternative to Ice cream, you can get one from any closest yogurt place to you by making the first move which is browsing ” Frozen yogurt near me.”Frozen Yogurt Near Me

We know frozen yogurt for its characteristic sour taste and low-fat evidence, and the old names for yogurt include; Froyo, Frogurt, Humphreez yogurt, and Danny, so do not be confused if you hear any of these words as they all mean Yogurt.

This fresh and lighter dessert is rich in vitamins and riboflavin and has lots of other health benefits compared to sugary ice cream, but it is sold at quite a high price as they sometimes contain dairy or nondairy products.

Frozen yogurt Places Near Me – How to locate one of the Frozen yogurts places closest to you using the aid of a Google map.

  1. Turn on your GPS location in your internet access device.
  2. Open any browser of your choice and grant it access to your location.
  3. Type in “Yogurt places near me” in the search tab of your browser
  4. Quite a large options will show from your search, click on the section bearing the google map and zoom in to see Yogurt places close to you.
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Frozen Yogurt Near Me Open Now

As you are checking out some close Yogurt place to you, you might ponder over lots of questions about yogurts. This post will serve in helping you settle out some of these questions.

Frozen Yogurt Or Ice Cream – A Brief History

Although yogurt’s exact origin is quite unknown, history has it that yogurt dates back to 5000 BC in Mesopotamia. We believe it that it gets the good bacteria used in its fermentation from the surface of plants.

To tell you how old this creamy dessert has been into existence, the Persians believed that Abraham of the Bible is a high consumer of Yogurt, which is clear in his longevity and fertility. Yogurt also dates back to the Ancient Greek kingdom, where they have a meal similar to yogurt known as Oxygala.

Where did the name yogurt originate from?

We derived yogurt from the Turkish word “Yogurt,” which means to thicken or curdle. Some people pronounce yogurt as Yoghurt.

When was Yogurt first Frozen?

This dates back to the late 1900s, as people wanted to eat a healthier creamy dessert apart from ice cream.

How is Frozen yogurt prepared?

To begin with, we prepare yogurt from cow milk by introducing bacteria that ferment the lactose in milk, giving yogurt its characteristic sour taste and thickened nature from the lactic acid produced from lactose fermentation. And then, it is put inside a refrigerator to freeze.

How Popular Is Frozen Yogurt?

It all started with a popular American frozen yogurt chain named The Country’s Best Yogurt (TCBY) that opened in an area in Arkansas called Little Rick in 1981, and they have their yogurt dispensed from a yogurt dispensing machine, which is different from what is practiced in other Yogurt places. TCBY later became the largest yogurt Franchise in the 1980s. Upcoming yogurt companies later adopted Their trend.

Frozen Yogurt Near me – Health Benefits of Yogurt

  • First, Yogurt is rich in Vitamins, Calcium, and Riboflavin
  • Second, Frozen Yogurt is alive and contains good bacteria.
  • Third, frozen yogurt helps boost immunity.
  • The bacteria in frozen yogurt helps to prevent bad breath as it is good for the digestive system.
  • Next, Yogurt lowers cholesterol and aids in weight loss.
  • Also, Yogurt prevents certain yeast infections.
  • Finally, Yogurt assists in Lactose intolerance and milk protein digestion.

Frozen Yogurt Near Me – More facts on Frozen yogurts

  1. Sakura was the first-ever black Froyo Flavour, which is a cherry blossom .flavor
  2. They nicknamed justice Elena Megan the frozen Yogurt Justice, and due to her influence, it introduced a frozen Yogurt machine in the supreme court cafeteria.
  3. Did you know that Frozen Yogurt was made before as a powdered form of real Yogurt?
  4. Did you also know TCBY offers mothers in America free frozen Yogurt on mother’s day and free frozen yogurt to fathers on Father’s day?
  5. We know the month of June as the National Frozen Yogurt Month, and this started in 1993. And yogurt places offer a discount in June.
  6. We also know February 6th as Yogurt day, and Yogurt places offer discounts in the U.S.

Ice Cream Frozen Yogurt Near Me

Frozen yogurt is also different from ice cream because in making ice cream, there is the cream, while for frozen yogurt, low-fat milk is used. Frozen yogurts are also sweeter than ice cream and normal yogurts.

Is frozen yogurt and ice cream the same thing?

Frozen yogurt differs slightly from ice cream, as it’s made from cultured milk instead of cream. There’s no minimum fat requirement for frozen yogurt, and there’s often more sugar in frozen yogurt than in ice cream. … The biggest nutritional difference between frozen yogurt and ice cream is the fat content.

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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Near Me Now Recipes

We make frozen yogurt pretty much like ice cream, only that the content is different. The recipe for making frozen yogurt includes milk and products of milk.


The milk fat will always depend on the person making the frozen yogurt. It can be low-fat, non-fat, or a regular type of frozen yogurt, and it is usually 5-6% of all the ingredients.

Milk solids that are not fat make up 8-14% of the total ingredients. It made the milk solids that are not fat up of 55% sugar, 37% proteins, and the last 8% are many minerals. The proteins make the frozen yogurt smoother, viscous, and compact in nature, causing it to be resistant to melting.


Sugar makes up 15-17% of the frozen yogurt as it serves to add sweetness to the end product. Thus you can also use different sweeteners for the same results.


Indeed, you can add Egg solid to the frozen yogurt so that it can help in minimizing the time required to freeze it.


Stabilizers help the frozen yogurt be consistent in its smooth nature. They also serve to reduce any water present from crystallizing and prevent the melting process from taking place. They make the frozen yogurt stable.


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