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Ulta Credit Card Login Ultamate Rewards MasterCard – App

Is an Ulta credit card good for me? Keep reading to find out. Ulta credit card is issued by Comenity capital bank. It is majorly used in Ulta. Ulta is a popular cosmetic beauty store in the United States. it is a chain of beauty stores with onsite salons. You can get your cosmetics, hair products, and skincare products at Ulta Beauty stores.Ulta Credit Card

This credit card is best for customers that want to earn rewards for beauty products. So if cosmetics is not your thing, you may not have any business with Ulta credit cards.

Ulta offers two credit cards: The ultimate Rewardscredit card and theUltamate

Rewards MasterCard.Let’s briefly compare these credit cards.

Ultamate Rewards credit card vs Ultamate Rewards MasterCard

Ultamate Rewards credit card

This credit card can only be used at Ulta Beauty stores or online at You get to earn two points for every $1 you spend at Ulta Beauty stores or at It gives 20% off your first purchase and service. Also, you get to redeem your pile-up points, beginning with 100 points which are similar to $3. There is no annual fee.

Ultamate Rewards MasterCard

Ultamate rewards MasterCard is an Ulta credit card that offers all you can get with ultimate rewards credit cards and more.  You can use it at Ulta Beauty stores and anywhere outside Ulta where MasterCard is used. You earn 1 point for every $3 spent outside Ulta Beauty stores and you get to enjoy 500 bonus points when you spend $500 in the first 90 days outside Ulta Beauty. Also, there’s no annual fee.

How do I get an Ulta credit card to get started?

If you have decided to get an Ulta credit card. There are other things you have to keep in mind, one of which is your credit score. Ulta credit card is not for customers with bad or no credit history. If you have poor or no credit history, you may want to consider an Indigo Credit card. It’s the best option for you. Hence, you need a good credit score to get an Ulta credit card.

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If you want to get Ulta rewards Mastercard, you will need a 700+ credit score to get approval. But if you don’t have up to that, you can go for Ulta rewards credit card which requires a 640+ credit score. Both cards are issued by Comenity capital bank.

You can apply for the Ultimate rewards MasterCard at the nearest Ulta Beauty store or online at

To apply for Ultamate Credit Card

To apply for Ultamate credit card is simple. Follow the side below to do this.

Create Ultamate Credit Card

Once you are able to apply for an Ulta credit card, the next thing to do is to activate your credit card. You do this by creating an online account and making payments. To create your Ultamate credit card account, follow the steps below to get it done.

  • Go to
  • Select register to access
  • Enter all your credit card details and follow the prompts on the screen
  • After your account has been identified, you can set up your account online
  • Give answers to the questions asked and set up your account

If an account is not available, you can activate your card by contacting 1-866-489-3455

Ulta Credit Card Login

Since you have your account now, you can go ahead and log in to enjoy the services. To do this:

  • Go to
  • Select your Ulta credit card
  • Enter your username and password
  • Then, click on sign-in to access your portal

In case you forgot your password or username. Follow the step below to resolve the issue:

  • Click on FORGOT PASSWORD to reset your password
  • Enter your account number and other requirements like zip code, SSN
  • Click on the type of identification you want and fill the space provided
  • Then, click on Find my account
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How to Pay Ultamate Credit Card?

There are various ways in which you can pay your Ulta credit card bills. These include:


The online method is the easiest method to make a credit card payment. You can do this on your mobile phone.

  • Call 866-257-9195
  • Follow the prompts to make your payment


You can also make payment through the mail but you have to do this on time to be able to meet up with the due date.

  • Send a check or a money order to Comenity Capital Bank Ultamate Rewards Mastercard or Ultamate Rewards credit card for the amount you want to pay
  • Pay at least a minimum payment. To avoid extra charges for the late fee of $41,
  • Use the address below to Mail your Ulta payment and pay the full amount of your last statement balance.
  • Mail your Ulta payment to the following address:

Comenity Capital Bank — Ultamate Rewards Mastercard or Ultamate Rewards

Credit Card

PO Box: OH – 659820

San Antonio TX, 78265-9120

Mobile App:

Apart from online and mail payments, you can also make payments using the Mobile App. Below is how to get it done.

  • Download and install the Ulta Mobile App from the App Store
  • Open the app and click on More at the bottom of the screen
  • Then, select “Ultimate Rewards Credit Card” and click on the “Manage Account” button
  • Select your credit card
  • Then, sign in with your username and password
  • Then, follow the prompt on the screen to complete the payment

Credit Card Payment Address

Ulta Credit Card

P.O Box 659820

San Antonio, TX 78265-9120

Customer Service

Ulta MasterCard phone number: 1-866-271-2680

Ulta Rewards Credit Card: 1-866-254-9971

Customer Service Hours

Comenity Capital Bank customer services are one of the best in terms of schedule, as they’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Frequently Asked Question

  • How do I apply for the Ultamate Rewards MasterCard?

There are two ways you can apply, visit your nearest Ulta Beauty store and apply at checkout or online at If approved, you’ll receive a credit card welcome kit in the mail within 7-10 business days.

  • If I don’t have my Ultamate Rewards Mastercard or Credit Card, is there a way to look up/obtain my credit card number so that I can make a purchase?

Yes! When checking out in-store at Ulta Beauty, just tell the Ulta Beauty associate that you would like to pay using your Ultimate Rewards Mastercard or Credit Card and would like to look up your account. You will be asked to show a valid form of identification and enter some information on the pin pad to confirm that it’s you! For online purchases, you will need your physical card to check out. If you can’t find your card, please contact Comenity Capital Bank by calling 866-257-9195, TDD/TTY: 888-819-1918.

  • Can I Use My Ulta Credit Card Anywhere?

You cannot use your Rewards credit card outside of Ulta beauty and the Ulta website. However, you can indeed use the Ulta Mastercard to pay anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

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