US election 2020 – register and vote for the US November 3rd election

The US is about to face the highest decision in the history of politics. Although, this time around the battle is who will win; the seating president (Donald Trump) or the former vice president (Joe Biden). So far, the battle is Democrat against the Republican.US election 2020

That said, just recently, the presidential nominee debate held. Thus, we all knew the outcome. As the debate turned to be a battle of who will poke holes in the ass of the other. That aside.

The Election Day and The Current Battle in the US

Of the truth, the US election day which is slated 3rd of November 2020 is already at hand. It’s assumed that China is supporting the Democrat, and the Russian is supporting the Republican. Given that, just recently, Russian started propaganda to discourage several citizens not to vote.


Recently, Russian started a notion that as a U.S citizen; in and outside the United States that your vote doesn’t count. However, that to me is a mere means of getting the current leader of the US to remain in power – which might be a bad idea or a good one. Thus, I’m not campaigning for the democrat nor the republican.

I’m primarily writing this post to help you with all there is to the 2020 US election, how to register and cast your vote. As that is your primary responsibility as a US citizen.

The truth is:

Certainly, your votes still count, it counted in the past, and will still count this time around. However, all of this is not my pain point. And it’s not why I wrote this post. In other words, this post is here to help as many of the US citizens are possible to participate in the forthcoming US election. It covers things like;

  • First, why you should vote.
  • Next, how to register and vote.
  • Again, prepare yourself for November 3rd.
  • On the other hand, it hands you over useful information about voting in some states.
  • More importantly, tells voting deadlines in states
  • Also, this post points out the official sites for voting.
  • Finally, it also articulated voting procedures.

If you don’t mind, let’s begin.

2020 Current US Election Update – What you should know before the Election Day

To begin with, the 2020 presidential voting info so far-US election 2020 is something everyone has been waiting for. That said, I will talk about three important elements of the election.

  1. First, the election date– the election is scheduled to hold on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020. That is to say, eligible voters are to vote on this set day. Any voting outside the date is said to be invalid.
  2. On the second note, the process of voting– voting process talks about different means citizens can vote. However, whatever means available depends on the state voting policy and procedure. So far, you can vote in person, through the mail, and online.
  3. The third note is the eligibility of the voters– First, all United States citizens have the right to above. However, citizens below the age of 18 before the election day isn’t allowed to vote. More so, citizens who are convicted of any crime have no voting rights. Talking about migrated citizens, if you are a migrant and you have United States citizenship. Then, you are eligible to vote.
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Note: U.S citizens in the diaspora are also allowed to either vote online, come back home to vote, or mail their votes. Now you know all there is before the voting day, can we move on to how you can register as an eligible voter.

Do I need to register before I can Vote?

Of course, you will need to register to be able to vote. Although, voting day differs for every state. As such, the general official voting date is 3rd November 2020. However, in some states, one can still vote before the general official date.

Therefore, in other to help you vote, I compiled a list of some states and their voting link. Thus, all you need to do is to choose which state you live in and click on the voting link to register. Afterward, you can follow the voting guidelines on the state website to vote.

#1. State – Alabama

Voting Period – voting starts on the 19th of October.

Register and Vote link –

#2. State – Alaska.

Voting Period – Voting is currently ongoing. It started on the 4th of October. And it ends on the 3rd of November.

Register and vote link –

#3. . State – Arizona.

Voting Period – In Arizona, citizens have the right to vote through the mail, online, and in-person. However, the voting date ends on or before the 5th of October 2020.

Register and vote link –

#4: State – Arkansas

Voting Period – Also, in Arkansas, you can vote online, via mail, and in-person. However, the voting deadline is the 5th of October 2020.

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Register and Vote link –

#5. State – California.

Voting Period – Californians voting process is still ongoing. The end date is the 19th of October 2020. More so, you can vote online, in-person, or mail your vote.

Register and Vote link –

#6. State – Colorado

Voting Period – Colorado citizens can vote 8-days in person and via mail. Colorado also allows the citizens to register and vote on the day of the election. Also, online voters must vote 8 days before the election, while mail voters must vote 22 days before the deadline. However, Colorado’s general election date is on the 26th of October while the presidential election is on the 12th of October.

Register and Vote link –

#7: State – Connecticut.

Voting Period – Citizens of Connecticut can vote 7-days before the election date in person, or by mail. Allows in-person voting on Election Day. The presidential election deadline for Alaska is on the 10th of October 2020.

Register and Vote link –

#8: State – Delaware.

Voting Period – Citizens can vote 24-days before the election date in person, or by mail.

Register and Vote link –

#9: State – Florida.

Voting Period – Citizens can vote 29-days before the election date in person, or by mail.

Register and Vote link –

#10: State – Georgia.

Voting Period – Citizens can vote 28-days before the election date in person, or by mail. The presidential election deadline is on the 6th of October 2020.

Register and Vote link –

#11: State – Hawaii.

Voting Period – Citizens can vote 30-days before the election date in person, or by mail. The presidential election deadline is on the 4th of October 2020.

Register and Vote link –

#12State – Idaho.

Voting Period – Citizens can vote 25-days before the election date in person, or by mail. This state allows in-person voter registration on Election day. And if registering ahead of time, voters must be postmarked 25 days before the election day. The presidential election deadline is on the 9th of October 2020.

Register and Vote link –

#13State – Illinois.

Voting Period – Citizens can vote 27-days before the election date by mail, 16-days before election online, or till Election Day in person. The presidential election deadline for Illinois on the 6th of October 2020.

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Register and Vote link –

#13State – Indiana.

Voting Period – Citizens can vote 29-days before the election date in person, or by mail. The presidential election deadline for Indiana is on the 5th of October 2020.

Register and Vote link –

How to Vote for Citizens from other States not Mentioned Above

In case your state isn’t mentioned above, you can get direction on your state voting and registration link from the main general election voting website for the country.

  1. First, visit
  2. Select your state.
  3. When you get to your state website, click on the registration link, and follow the voting instructions. That’s all.


To cap it up, remember that voting is your primary responsibility. Your vote counts. And it’s a deciding factor as to who will become the next President of the United States of America. As such, the best you can do is to go and vote. It’s made so simple in such a way that you can vote from anywhere. But even if it has to be in-person, it is still not a reason not to vote.

A Slide Off

I can go on and on to say a lot. But only know the future of the United States is here before you. Infant, it’s in your hands. The last election against Hilary Clinton indicates that in one of the states, President Trump only won by one vote. That’s to say that the power of one vote still counts. So, what I’m saying in all is that your vote is your right. And the best way to exercise your right is to vote. If you do, can of truth be proud too that you have filled your own part by voting.

It’s Now Your Turn

To cap it all, if you read to this point, I trust the post was helpful. But, if proved otherwise. As a result, if there is a fact or info, you would want me to correct or add to the post. Maybe a question best of all, a thank you comment. It’s no big deal. Use the comment box below. I delight to hearing from you.

One more thing, if you know a friend this post will be of help. Be it on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, TikTok, etc. Don’t forget to use the share button below. Remember, when you help a friend, a whole community benefits. Thanks.


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