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Columns Vs. Rows in Excel

Excel consists of two important features which are columns and rows. These two features enable any Excel user to apply any formula or store as well as manage any data in excel. Anytime data is collected in bulk and assembled by the researcher, the next thing to do, is to arrange the data in a concise and logical format known as tabulation.

These are sets of facts and figures which are presented in an organized format of rows and columns. Rows and meant to run horizontally, while columns are vertically drawn. However, people always mix up the two as they are used in the matrix, spreadsheets, and classroom settings also. But in the actual sense, rows are different from columns and this is what we want to discuss here.

What is a Row?

When you come across the term ‘row’, it represents an arrangement, where people, objects, numbers or any other thing lie next to each other facing the same direction.

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What is a Column?

A column is an arrangement of facts, figures, words, and so on. Columns are placed one after another in a sequence. In a table, columns are divided from each other by lines that enhance their readability and attractiveness. This helps in comparing two columns by placing them side by side.

Cell Location

For each cell in an Excel spreadsheet, the small square that houses the data, is in one row and one column. Excel users can spot each individual cells by using the column letter as well as the row number. While the upper left-most cell is in column A and row 1, and is being identified as cell A1, a cell that is located five rows down in a third column is known as C5.


The number of rows and columns on an Excel spreadsheet is limited by Microsoft. For excel versions of 2007 and later models, they support up to 16,384 columns and 1,048,576 rows.

What is the Key Difference Between Rows & Columns?

  • While rows go across from left to right, columns on the other hand, are arranged from up to down.
  • Row places people, objects, or figures in a straight line. A column is a vertical division of facts, figures, or any other details based on category.
  • On a table, there are four parts known as caption, box-head, stub, and body. The top-most section of the table that represents the column is known as a caption. The left part of the table against the table, describes the rows.
  • For spreadsheets like Lotus or MS Excel, the row heading is indicated by numbers and the column headings are denoted with the use of letters.
  • While the total of columns is displayed at the bottom, the total of rows is placed in the extreme right corner of the respective row.
  • A matrix is made up of numbers, letters or symbols. While the horizontal arrays are the rows, the vertical arrays are columns.
  • For database management, systems like MS Access or FoxPro rows go by the name record, which contains fields. However, columns are known as fields, which is a collections of characters.
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