www.hy-veeperks.com – Activate New Card Now Online – Card Login

If you just got your new card at a local Hy-Vee or Hy-Vee Gas store, you can simply activate it online by visiting www.hy-veeperks.com and save money on gas, earn exclusive deals, and access digital coupons with your Hy-Vee Fuel Saver Perks card. All these benefits become available to only customers or users whose card is activated on the Hy-VeePerks site at www.hy-veeperks.com.www.hy-veeperks.com

More so, you can sign up on the platform to consistently check accrued reward balances, perks, and other deals and coupons made available for all card users as well as special discounts and purchases for you.

Card Activation Process – Hy-veeperks.com Activate New Card Now

If you have gotten your card in any of the local Hy-Vee or Hy-Vee Gas stores, the next thing is to activate it at the online portal so you start using your card for online purchases and enjoy customers’ rewards and other benefits. Follow the instruction below to activate your card;

  1. Visit hy-veeperks.com.
  2. Tap on the red activates my card button.
  3. You will be prompted to log in to your Hy-Vee Account or sign up.
  4. If it’s your first visit to the site, click on the sign-up now.
  5. You will be required to enter registration details such as your;
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When you are done entering the required details, tap on the creates account button.

However, if you have signed up with Hy-Vee before, you will need to click on the sign-in/log-in button and provide your login email and password, then click the login button to access your account.

Activate My Card

After you have successfully created a Hy-Vee account or have logged in successfully, you will need to follow the activation process displayed on your account dashboard to activate your card. In the event that you encountered any challenges logging into your account or during the activation process, you can refer to the activation tips located at the bottom middle of the Hy-veeperks.com activate new card page, there also is a video to assist you with the activation process.

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Card Activation info required

  • Home or office address.
  • Your city.
  • State.
  • Zip code.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Gender.
  • Phone number.
  • 11-digit card number.
  • You will be requested to select your preferred Hy-Vee store.
  • Also to sign up to receive digital receipts and
  • To sign up for email alerts on expiring rewards.

Old Card Users of Hy-Vee Card – Fuel Sever

The fuel server + Perks program started in January 2020, so, if you have A Hy-Veecard before the mentioned date which you were a member of the fuel server, you will need to get a new card and activate it on the site to upgrade to the new program (fuel server + perks) and by activating their new card it will link to their old Fuel Saver card number.

Hy-veeperks.com Activate Card Benefits

A card activated on Hy-veeperks.com makes users eligible to earn and redeem fuel discounts, special offers, digital deals at the user’s shopping list, surprise savings, a chance for random rewards, vacation packages, or even car offers. These benefits and offers are loaded onto users’ card

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Fuel Discounts – Redeeming Fuel Discounts

You can redeem your fuel discounts on the platform and as well view your furl discounts loaded into your card from your receipt, from your online Hy-Vee Perks account, hy-veeperks.com activate card website, or by calling the helpline at 1-800-232-2580.

How to Redeem Fuel Discounts

Here are simple ways to redeem your fuel discounts;

  1. Visit any of the participating shells or PDQ stations or any Hy-Vee Gas, Casey’s.
  2. Swipe your card before pumping gas.
  3. After pumping the price rolls back to your card.