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Indigo Platinum MasterCard is offering and pre-approved Application benefits to customers who would want to apply for an Indigo Platinum Credit Card at In a nutshell, customers who are eligible to apply are customers who received an email from Indigo with a link and instructions on how to

However, other customers who didn’t receive pre-approved mail application guidelines should also visit to check if they’re eligible or pre-qualified to Apply. Application on the website official website will require an invitation number and a zip code.

How to Apply for Indigo Platinum Credit Card Using Personal Invitation Number – Indigo Offer Letter Application application for a credit card is only for pre-qualified customers who were sent an offer letter application with an invitation number. If you have your sent invitation number you can follow the process or indigo apply steps below for an Indigo MasterCard.

  • With your device, launch a browser.
  • Visit
  • Enter Indigo Apply Personal Invitation Number (12-digit code on your pre-approval offer letter).
  • Key in your zip code.
  • Hit at the “Get Started” button.
  • On the next application interface, enter your;
  • Income.
  • Mortgage/rent amount.
  • Employment.
  • Fill in other required information and follow the on-screen steps to finish your Indigo Apply.
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When you are done filling the required information and submitted your application you will be sent an approval or rejection notification in 60 seconds. If by the end of the application, your application is granted, you will be extended for a credit limited, however, that will depend on your credit score history.

That been said, if you have maintained a higher credit score over the years, and have developed a good credit history, you can check out credit card company like

  1. Capital One Credit Card
  2. Amex Everyday Credit Card
  3. Harley Davidson Credit Card.
  4. Reflex Mastercard
  5. Southwest Rapid Rewards card
  6. Arrow Visa

Indigo Apply Pre Approved Offer

Applying for Indigo Platinum Credit Card is basically designed for customers whose credit card scores are below expectations of other credit card companies. So let’s assume you want to rebuild your credit score or establish a credit card history, Indigo Platinum credit card offer might be the best choice Below are the reasons why Indigo Mastercard might make you a credit score savvy.

  1. Enjoy Quick Pre-Qualification at
  2. (No Impact on your Credit Score) 60 Second Decision
  3. Choose Your Card Design – No Additional Charge for every design.
  4. Mobile Account Access 24/7
  5. Chip Card Technology – Adding an Additional Layer of Fraud Protection.
  6. 24/7 Online Support team.
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Rebuild your Credit History with Indigo – Reports to Credit Bureau

The legitimacy of rebuilding your credit card score with Indigo platinum is guaranteed, in your new credit reports, and scores are sent directly to the credit bureau. All your payment activity and balance are sent to the credit bureau, a starting point to rebuilding your credit history. Why this fair enough is that debit/prepaid card doesn’t have such advantage of reporting your credit card history, payment activity, and balance to credit bureau making your new credit card habit and score unknown.

Indigo Credit Card Reviews

The Indigo pre-qualified or pre-approved offer invitation comes with lots of benefits and protection to help in rebuilding your credit history. Such offers come alongside your personal invitation number.

  1. Identity Theft Resolutions Services
  2. Extended Warranty Coverage
  3. Price Protection
  4. A detailed guide of the Indigo terms and conditions.

Indigo Platinum Customers Support Line

In the event that you have inquiries, questions, and clarification to make, you can contact the help desk team, more so, if you lost your credit card or your indigo card and would want instant protection from any fraudulent activity call 1-888-260-4532.

Card Fee

Indigo MasterCard comes with an annual fee ranging from $0 to $99.00, however, the annual fee charge depends on individual credit score. Customers with high credit scores end up not paying an annual fee.

  • Regular APR – 23.9%
  • Max late fee – $37
  • Max over the limit fee – $37
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