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Bothered about a poor Credit account? Hooked up with credit debt and a poor record? Okay, we have a solution for you. Why don’t you register with Boost Platinum to help you out of that mess? As the name implies, Boost Platinum will help swell your credit level.Boost Platinum Card

Moreover, you don’t need a card history or a good one at all to help you get started. Besides, Boost Platinum is for those who don’t have one at all. Don’t be left out of this offer if you are not gainfully employed, as Boost Platinum Card will not demand your status for approval. All you need is to get started with the Boost Platinum now.

However, as much as Boost Platinum offers much, you are to use this card for purchases only at the Horizon Outlet Shopping Website. An exclusive shopping store for you.

Getting Started with Boost Platinum Card

Do you wish to unravel the Boost Platinum great offers? You can do that when you register to get approved. Let’s begin.

  • Visit
  • Enter Email Address,
  • Enter Zipcode,
  • Review terms and conditions as applied to your approval;
  • Place a check in the terms and condition box,
  • Click on “Continue activation”.
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Step 2

You are to enter certain personal information, also, attempt the security questions.

Supply the following details

  • Name,
  • Email address,
  • Date of Birth,
  • Phone contact(s),
  • Questions like, How often do you get paid?
  • When is your next pay?
  • What is your monthly income amount?
  • State your credit score range and
  • Do you prefer a Direct Deposit?

May come up. Ensure to answer to the best of your knowledge.

Click the “Next” button to continue.

After getting your approval at, you can begin a new brand. Boost Platinum gives you a credit limit of $500 to shop exclusively with the Horizon Outlet. Shop online with Horizon at

The Horizon Outlet

If you are a Boost Platinum Cardholder, this is a shopping site for you. Shop with the Horizon Outlet online with your Platinum Cards. Here is a list of products to grind your taste:

  • Women’s clothing,
  • Men’s wear,
  • Kiddies and toys,
  • Homewares,
  • Doorbusters and all
  • Latest products.

Furthermore, the more you shop with the Horizon Outlet, the more upgraded your credit card becomes. All online purchases are at a 0% rating for card holders’ interest. However, cardholders are expected to pay $25 per month or 10% of their balance rate.

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Applicants’ Requirement

Boost Platinum doesn’t require a whole lot to make you get approved. Only qualify with the few terms below:

  • Must have attained 21 years of age,
  • Also, Must be a legal US resident and
  • Must have an active debit or credit card with the applicants’ name.

Boost Platinum Card Details

What do you want to know about Boost Platinum Cards? We satisfy your curiosity on this page.

  • Boost helps build your credit cards,
  • It has a low % interest rate (0%).
  • Boost automatically enroll you in the Horizon Outlet for membership benefits,
  • You can access my privacy protection,
  • Access my universal RX,
  • My Roadside Protect and
  • My Legal Assistance, among others.

Boost Platinum Card Fees

$24.95 for monthly services

$25 NSF

$20 for late fee compliance

$25 for returned checks or NSF

$6 monthly maintenance charge



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