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Are you a US Bank customer? If yes, pay attention to this information. Did you receive your US Bank Rewards Card in the mail? You can activate and set up your PIN online. Simply call the toll-free number on your card. You must activate your card before you will be able to use your activate

What is the US Bank Rewards Card?

The US Bank Rewards Card is a prepared card. It is loaded with funds. When the card has funds in it, cardholders can only spend what is available on it. They can spend it at merchants that accept visa.

How to Activate Your Card

  • Visit activate
  • Have you accessed the website before? You should locate the First Time Visitor section on the website.
  • Enter your 16 digits card number under the First Time Visitor
  • Click on the Continue button
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You can also use this option to activate your new card and sign up for online access. Through online access, you can register for an online account. You can also monitor your transactions online.

Returning Visitors

Are you already familiar with the activation? You will simply use the returning section of the site.

Enter your 16-digit card number under the returning visitors and click on the Sign in button.

Features of USBankRewardsCard

Activate Online

Register your card

Check your balance

View transactions

Update contact information

Cardholders should activate their cards before the “valid thru” date in front of their card.

Activate by Phone

In this option for the activation of your card, you are to call the toll-free number on the card. You are to call the number and speak with a representative. Alternatively, you can use their automated phone system to activate your card.

US Bank Rewards Card Details

  • It is not redeemed for cash
  • Can be declined for authorization of any illegal transactions or internet gambling transactions
  • Cannot be used for any cash advances or cash back at the point of sale, money order, traveler’s checks or gambling transactions
  • Additional value cannot be added to this card
  • All transactions will be declined when the card balance reaches zero
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How to Use for Purchases

  • Do you want to make purchases? You can select credit and sign or debit and enter your PIN
  • Merchants must accept VISA debit cards


  • $15 Card replacement fee
  • $15 Escheatment fee
  • $3 administrative fee after the first 12 calendar months following the issue date of your card
  • A fee will not be charged when the balance reaches $0.00

Set PIN Personal Identification Number

Setting a PIN is required during the card activation process. The PIN is necessary for making purchases where PIN is required.

You should call customer service to setup PIN.

Contact Customer Service

For lost or stolen card

Call 1-855-274-9934 within the US or 1-918-858-9782 outside the US

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