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Terrarium TV not working ? Reason and Rich solutions Guide

Like most things in technology, Terrarium TV is not immune to issues. From time to time, users experience various difficulties. One of which is the Terrarium TV, not working issues that are to be discussed in this post.Terrarium TV not working

Terrarium TV APK allows you to download and stream movies, films, TV shows, and series for free in 1080p/720p without signup or subscription on Android. It contains videos from numerous online links.

Terrarium TV does not upload or host any videos, media files, or films. It also does not store media stream links on its servers. All links fetched are from secure sources and of HD quality.

On the Terrarium TV app, you can stream videos as much as you wish. However, this intention is hindered if Terrarium TV isn’t working.

Not to worry, this guide will help you fix this issue in no time and you’d return to enjoying your stream on Terrarium TV.

How to fix Terrarium TV issues when it is not working

The following solutions will help you fix whether the Terrarium TV won’t play or won’t work on the Android box.

  1. Ensure your network connection is working

In a case where Terrarium Tv keeps buffering, you may have a poor internet connection. In order to stream smoothly, you should have a 3Mbps minimum internet speed.

Since Terrarium fetches HD links from various sources, you will need a higher speed of 10Mbps.

You may be experiencing a poor network as a result of an outage or heavy network traffic. It may also be that your ISP restricted your data usage.

Since you are streaming HD videos that consume data you might have exhausted your limits hence data throttling. When the connection is poor, Terrarium can’t function well.

To fix this, upgrade to a higher plan to increase your internet speed.

  • Fixing issues after an update

Some users experience the Terrarium Tv isn’t working issue after an update. This indicates that the update wasn’t done correctly. It could also be that your device does not support the latest updates.

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To fix this, uninstall the app, download the latest one, and re-install it. you may also consider switching your streaming device, I the issue is with your device.

Updating your app helps to fix bug problems, add more content, and add more links to the app

  1. Use the recommended servers

The Terrarium TV on the Android box allows you to get unlimited streaming links but does not upload or store videos. It fetches links from servers stationed in multiple locations.

To avoid any hitch while using the app, you need to use the recommended servers. Some of these servers include Amazon Drive, Google Video, Drop Box-Fast Server, etc.

Most times, the servers determine how fast your videos will load. Furthermore, they will help to reduce buffering issues greatly.

  1. Use the MX Player

Terrarium TV app does not have a media player; hence it requests you to install a media player. Terrarium TV app usually recommends a player for you.

In this case, you need to use the “Yes Player” as the supported media player for the app. If you do not want to use the Yes Player, we recommend you use an MX player or VLC.

Most issues you experience with the app can be avoided if the right media player is in use.

  • Use a VPN

Contents on Terrarium TV appear based on the location you are in. hence, it will not load geo-restricted videos.

Since Terrarium gathers links from many sources, the sources may either be illegal or genuine.

In resolving this issue, use a VPN (Virtual Private Server). With VPN, you can stream secretly and be able to bypass the location restriction. Also, you’ll be able to avoid your ISP throttling and government surveillance.

  1. Fixing Terrarium TV server issues

You can encounter this issue if there is an issue with the server hosting the content you want to access.

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Since Terrarium TV loads you with links with which to stream, there may be a case of a bad link that will cause issues when streaming videos.

You may experience a slowdown on your server if you have a bad network connection. If this occurs, videos won’t open on FireStick. Also, you will experience buffering problems from time to time.

Also, you’d encounter a problem when the server can’t process many streaming requests at a time.

To fix this, wait for some time or open a link to a different server.

  • Clear Cache file

When you encounter this error, try refreshing your app. You can do this by clearing cache files from the app.

By doing this, you’d be restoring the app to default settings, that is, removing previous settings.

Follow these steps below to clear the Terrarium TV app cache on your android device.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Applications
  • Choose Manage Installed Applications
  • Select Terrarium TV
  • Then Clear Data
  • Tap on Clear dataagain on the screen
  • Fixing Subtitles issues

If Terrarium TV won’t open subtitles, several reasons can be responsible. One, the subtitles are not available. Also, your media player does not support subtitles. The subtitles may also not be in sync with the video you’re trying to stream.

To fix this, consider switching to a media player that allows subtitles. One of which is the MX player as earlier recommended in this guide. MX player automatically syncs subtitles when downloaded online.

Once the issue with subtitles is resolved, you can return to enjoying your streaming experience.

Luckily, this guide came in handy in fixing the Terrarium TV not working issue you experienced earlier.

Generally, a quick update can help fix most issues you experience on Terrarium Tv, provided your network is stable.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is terrarium TV safe to use?

Yes and no. There have been no known reports of any hacking or malicious code existing in the normal Terrarium TV app. However, there are some issues with the download process that can raise a few red flags. First is the fact that Terrarium TV is not available on the official Google Play Store.


How do you use a terrarium TV?

We recommend ExpressVPN for streaming. Install the VPN and connect to a server in your local region to ensure a quick connection. If you want to avoid censorship, connect to a server outside your country, sign in to Terrarium TV and start streaming!

 What devices is Terrarium TV on?

Terrarium TV is on a wide range of devices. it is available on Android, iOS, Windows, Amazon’s Fire Tv, etc. However, you need to jailbreak an iOS device for Terrarium TV, and security settings need to be modified for Amazon Fire and Android.


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