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Apply Pauline Graham Scholarship For 2021 – Apply to Study in UK

Pauline Graham Scholarship is a dream come true for undergraduate students who would want to study in the UK, in the finest state-recognized universities affiliated with the Pauline Graham Scholarship award.Pauline Graham Scholarship

The Pauline Graham Scholarship is one of the world’s best scholarships designed for students who deserve to be appreciated for their brilliance and the opportunity to access the best University in the world as to develop leadership qualities in them in anticipation of tomorrow’s true young leaders.

However, your enlistment into the London School of Economics and Political Science is if you Apply for Pauline Graham Scholarship and have passed thorough extermination to ascertain or prove your merit worthiness into the Pauline Graham Scholarship award for Young Women.

Years ago, the same opportunity was given to Pauline Aviges to foster his higher learning at London School of Economics and Political Science, after graduating as one of the best students in her year, she saw the need to help empower other young African Women and even extended it to young Women in UK, Iran, and Iraq in the same university she graduated from.

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Intending applicants will be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree at the completion of their study program. This tells you that, only undergraduate students are qualified to apply. More so, the applicant must be a Female.

Pauline Graham 2020 Scholarship Info – Number of 2020 Awards Offered

It makes sense to say that Pauline Graham Scholarship has been a launching pad for many helpless women out there in society who can’t afford tuition fees to study at their choicest university. Innumerable students from Africa, UK, Iran & Iraq have benefited from Pauline Graham Scholarship’s annual awards.

As for the number of students awarded the 2020 Pauline Graham Scholarship into Bachelor’s Degree program; at the time this post was written the number of 2020 awards of the Pauline Graham Scholarship isn’t published yet. But we hope to see an update on that, as that helps to boost the hope of people who always take to skeptical too as to scholarship programs available for students to study abroad and in their dream university.

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Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicant must be a Female
  2. Pauline Graham Scholarship Award is for Undergraduates studies only, so only students seeking a Bachelor’s Degree are accepted or qualify to apply for the Pauline Graham Scholarship.
  3. Only Applicants from Africa, UK, Iran & Iraq is qualified to apply.

Scholarship Grant Amount

Each student who made into the merit list of Pauline Graham Scholarship is eligible for a grant price of 15, euros per semester.

Note: merit Students should be well informed that the Pauline Graham Scholarship awarded is subject to termination if a student’s grade or performance isn’t up to the minimum requirement.

What is required to ApplyPauline Graham Scholarship Award

Before visiting the Pauline Graham Scholarship application form or site to apply, check to see what you need to qualify for the Pauline Graham Scholarship grant.

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The foundation of your acceptance after passing the pre-excise screening and having passed all other scrutiny processes is applicant compliance to moral and good behavior in line with the affiliate institution code of conduct and socially accepted behavior and mannerism.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for Pauline Graham Scholarship Award is the 26th of April, 2020. You are expected to apply on or before the deadline date. failure to apply within the application deadline is subject to the auto-reject of the applicable application form.

How to Apply for Pauline Graham Scholarship Award

To apply for the Pauline Graham Scholarship grant, be sure all the required application document is readily available for submission alongside the Pauline Graham Scholarship Application form which can be downloaded at

Upon downloading, the form, fill it attached all necessary documents, and submit back through the web portal the scholarship opportunity is advertised.

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